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Fantastic New Squidoo Tool!!! Thanks, Squidoo!

by PotPieGirl on March 7, 2008 · 5 comments

I was poking around on my Squidoo dashboard tonight and came across something so wonderful. Looks like we Squidoo lensmasters now have some MORE flat out awesome analytic tools to play with! I sure love stats and tracking the progress of my Squidoo lenses. Now I have more stats than I have time! I’ll NEVER get anything done now!

I’m in heaven!

Introducing a New Squidoo Tool: Squidaholic

Have you seen the tools and lens info you can get on any lens over at Squidaholic?


From the site:

“Squidaholic is a spunky little sister site for Squidoo’s smartest lensmasters. (Say that 3 times fast). It’s a tool for those of us who are curious to see how our lenses stack up online, who want an easier way to track conversations about our topics of interest, and especially for those of us who wished for a way to find new places and people that might want to hear what our lenses have to say.”

Kids, I am a stats FREAK… I could get lost in this Squidoo tool for hours on end!

Here’s is what Megan Casey had to say about Squidaholic.com on the SquidBlog -

“If you’ve wondered things like: what page does Google list your lens on, for which search terms; or how many sites are linking back to you, compared to your competition; or what blogs have recently posted on your topic; or who has bookmarked you in del.icio.us and StumbleUpon; or how did all those top 100 lenses get there?”

The folks at Squidoo created this little program for us ‘smart lensmasters’…heehee, I think they mean me…..

Smart Lensmasters… Gather ‘Round

What kind of stuff can you find out about your lenses? How about daily traffic? How about a list of any Top 20 keyword searches your lens can be found for on Google (way cool! uses one of my all time favorite tools, SEODigger). How about who is linking to you? If your lens is listed on Digg or StumbleUpon? How about being able to PRINT out all that info, too!

Now you can!

Hop on over to Squidaholic…. you will LOVE it, too!



Sunshine March 13, 2008 at 2:02 pm

Hey Jennifer,

Your blog is very helpful. Thanks for this great resource.

All the best,


Mitch April 9, 2009 at 10:38 pm

Hi, Jennifer
Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Just “found” you a while back and had a real good feeling then, liked your approach and quality atttitude. But it just doesn’t end I have found. I had distilled a “short list” of marketers who seemed to have their act together and put good, helpful, and wise advice online (with integrity). You hit that list on day one, and have picked off a few more places since.

Many of us understand we have to change to effectively change our circumstances, and some understanding of Natural Laws is helpful. Looks like you are a big believer in “You reap what you sow”. Very true. Just saw your helpful and encouraging traffic stats for your blog, and it reminded me (I’m a country boy) of another Natural Law – “The cream always rises”.

With Gratitude,

for free May 6, 2009 at 5:38 am

?Great Post Thanx.

Jo July 18, 2009 at 2:11 am

As always your help is invaluable, thanks!

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