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How Do You Twitter? Finally, I Learned How to Use Twitter

by PotPieGirl on May 7, 2008 · 3 comments

Want to learn how to use Twitter? Boy, have I found a great deal for you! Y’all know me… I’m not all about “hurry and go buy” anything online, but now and then, a really great deal comes available and I just have to share it.

Using Twitter to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Twitter is THE thing lately, but if you’re anything like me, you’re a bit clueless as how to capture and utilize the power of this super web 2.0 tool. Twitter is a BIG source on traffic for your blog or website – IF you use it properly. Now that Squidoo has added a Twitter Follow module, the potential of traffic generated from Twitter is unlimited!

I’ve admitted that I am a twit when it comes to Twitter and I knew I needed some way to tackle the learning curve. While I am a big fan of learning everything I can for free, I am also a REALLY big fan of saving time.

Learn Twitter CHEAP

Today, I came across some wacky sale for a 36-page How To Twitter guide. It’s good.. really good. It also comes with a second ebook on learning to harness the power of MyBlogLog (another great source of traffic for all you bloggers). Using social sites is so important these days. Whether your blog has good organic rankings or not, social traffic can be a virtual goldmine.

Just How Cheap is this Twitter Guide?

This is crazy, but you will see why I’m all fired up about sharing this with you today. You can get this Twitter guide AND the MyBlogLog guide for the great, big price of….


Yes, less than four dollars. Total no-brainer in my book!

Here’s the thing… the distributor offers a crazy sale each Wednesday so I have no clue how long this great deal will be available.

If you want to learn Twitter and learn about MyBlogLog, you better go take a peek and see if you’re interested.

Click this link for special price on this Twitter Guide.

$3.95…. haha… that’s just sick.

Have a great day!


Denise Hall and Kathe Lucas May 8, 2008 at 4:18 pm

Hi PotPieGirl,

Allow us to introduce ourselves -we’re the Wacky gals who run the weekly sales that you mentioned here. :)

Just wanted to say thanks for the plug!

Denise and Kathe

P.S. Yes, we are a little wacky and we run some really crazy deals weekly. :) We hope you’ll ‘stay tuned.’

PotPieGirl May 22, 2008 at 2:39 pm

Denise and Kathe -

Thanks for stopping by! You two put out some really great products for WACKY prices! I love it!

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