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My Readers ROCK!

by PotPieGirl on June 23, 2008 · 2 comments

It’s been just a bit over 24 hours since I released my free site that teaches others how to make niche websites with WordPress over at 6StepNicheSites.com – and folks, you all are the best! I sent out one quick email to my newsletter subscribers, then later did a quick blog post here at PotPieGirl.com…. Wait til you see what happened!

6StepNicheSites.com has been brewing in my brain for some time. Yes, I considered making it an ebook and selling the information. I also considered making it a membership-type site and/or offering some sort of mentor program. But something about charging for this information just didn’t feel right to me. I have been SO blessed and the folks I have met in this online marketing world have all been so wonderful… why is it ‘bad business’ to give information I have for free? It’s not really about business to me…

Why My Readers Are THE BEST EVER!

I believe in trying to give more than I get – but folks, you… each of you that are readers of PotPieGirl.com… have absolutely blown me away!

Do You Know What This Is?

That is a traffic graph for 6StepNicheSites.com. The first part represents the past few days before I “finished” the site, and that last HUGE leap in color represents what happened the last 24 or so hours since the site was announced!

Holy Cow!

Believe it or not, I was actually getting ‘accidental’ traffic to that site the past few weeks – and actually had some wonderful emails and comments from folks that stumbled across the few steps that had some content on them. But all-in-all, the site was getting maybe 30 or so organic visitors a day. I haven’t done any real off-site promotion or back link building for it… heck, Google didn’t even index it right at first… but a few visitors trickled in anyway. (Why is that when you WANT traffic, it feels hard to get it, but when you are hoping no one will find a site yet – PRESTO, there they are? LMAO!)

But yesterday, as tired as I was, I couldn’t tear myself away from my stats as I watched the traffic pour in… I couldn’t stop opening the wonderful emails I was receiving, either. This little 11-page website was getting some love =) Y’all are so wonderful!!!!

What People Are Saying About 6StepNicheSites.com

“… Wow, what a great site that turned out to be!!! I am going to blog about it on monday. You are awesome…. This is a great resource and I will add it to a bunch of my internet marketing lenses on squidoo as well. “

Thanks for being YOU!!

-Jackie from Internet Marketing Strategy for Moms

“I’m signed up but I gotta say I love it when women ‘talk straight’ like you do! There was a time when nobody on the net was talking that way. Nowadays, a few do, but not nearly enough…”

-Art from Wandering Salsero

“You rock. I love your http://www.6stepnichesites.com. I’ve purchased material from you before, and have been nothing but happy about the results they have brought me. I appreciate your straightforward and easy-going writing. So I’ve decided to follow your plan on that website, and document every step in my first niche blog….Thanks for being such a reliable resource. All the best,Brian (a huge fan)”

-Brian (follow Brian’s progress on Twitter)

“Oh boy, I am SO ready for this…you’re the best, Jennifer!”

-Cheryl from Lake Mary Musings

“I have just luckily run into your “thesis” on 6 Step Niche Sites. I don’t know if it is new or old, just that it may have kept me from throwing in the towel after trying for two months to get started.”

-Saul (Saul found my site LONG before it was finished. Thank you, Saul – you let me know I was on the right track!)

What’s Next for 6StepNicheSites.com?

I’ve already had some questions emailed to me that have set me to work creating some tutorial pdfs for readers. It looks like there are some areas that need to be expanded on – but its info that doesn’t need to go into each actual step/blog post.

But what else? Seriously, I am asking YOU. What would make 6StepNicheSites.com better? What information did I miss? What info was I too vague on when I covered it? What else would be helpful – another blog? a forum?

All you long-term Squidoo’rs out there – I’m sure you’re ready to make the next step into online marketing… what would help YOU?

I want to hear what your thoughts are. I want to make 6StepNicheSites.com the best resource for creating WordPress niche websites around.

Also, I’ve had inquiries about a potential affiliate program (wow, thank you!). Would anyone be interested in that if I can dream up a good program? I’ve tossed around the idea of paying to advertise on other sites….not just ‘other’ sites, but your sites. Those blogs and websites where people ‘like us’ really hang out. Naturally, I can’t pay a ton to advertise on your site….but, well, would anyone be interested in that?

I’m just tossing ideas out there, but what I really want to hear are YOUR ideas.

Go on, throw ‘em at me… Let’s see if something ‘sticks’!

To all of you…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nancy Oram June 23, 2008 at 1:35 pm

Jennifer, again, the timing is incredible. I had just loaded WordPress to an existing site trying to refurbish it, was working on the bugs of integrating it, when I found your information before it was announced! Now I have a checklist and don’t have to recreate the wheel. Would definitely be interested in promoting this information. Here is a question (with more to follow). How will subdomains work with these minisites. I know you’ve blogged about subdomains, just wonder if you would use them yourself with this particular model.
Thanks again,

PotPieGirl June 23, 2008 at 4:31 pm

Hi Nancy =)

Personally, I have not used subdomains on my own niche sites. I buy a domain name – install wordpress, fill it with content, and let’r rip =)

However, I imagine that sub-domains will work fine.

Keep this in mind – Google indexes and ranks web PAGES, not web SITES. Also, the over-all domain name is not as important as the file/sub-domain name seo-wise.

Think Squidoo.com, HubPages.com, or EzineArticles.com – both sites have tons of individual pages that rank for many individual phrases. As does this blog right here….. PotPieGirl isn’t exactly a keyword…haha! Or, at least it didn’t used to be a keyword.

The key is optimizing and promoting each individual web page – regardless of what the site name is.

If anyone is using sub-domains – speak up. We’d love to hear.

Thanks for reading!


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