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Dear Mr Squidoo Cash Machine – PLEASE Don’t Raise The Price!

by PotPieGirl on July 29, 2008 · 17 comments

Ok, this is TOTALLY out of the ordinary, but I feel obligated and compelled to do this. You all know how thrilled I am with Squidoo Cash Machine, right? How could you NOT know? I’ve been rambling about it for quite a few posts now, all over the internet, and even on a Squidoo Cash Machine lens …hahhaaha! Wait til you see my Clickbank screen shots! Anyway, the price is supposed to be raised today as the product comes out of early launch. I don’t want it to be raised. I think it is TOO important that this information be obtainable within a reasonable cost for ALL lensmasters. So, I am drafting this open letter to Karl… Mr Squidoo Cash Machine himself.

Clickbank Sales With Squidoo From SquidooCashMachine.com

I am not a big fan of all those guru-like screen shots of all their accounts that seem to be over-flowing with money. Heck, I stink at graphics, but I THINK even I could dress one up somehow. (Maybe…. I am really bad with graphics…haha!)

Thing is, people want to SEE proof. They want to SEE results. So, I fumbled my way around this morning to take some screen shots of my Clickbank account for the product my Squidoo Cash Machine lenses are promoting.

Yes, I am going to let you see in my Clickbank account (but just for ONE product…haha!)

I took these screenshots this morning of my Clickbank account (7-29-2008)

Ten sales.. of ONE Clickbank product. Just ONE of these set-ups making just ONE sale a day could get someone half way to making $50 a day online. And this was achieved from about 4 hours work… and what if I chose a product with a higher commission? Nice!

Here is my Squidoo Dashboard stats today. As you can see, I haven’t touched these lenses (see last edit date). For a detailed history of the last few days of these lenses read this post.

They are progressing SO nicely… and I’m not doing anything else to them!

I really think that if someone is trying to make money with affiliate marketing…and is using Squidoo as a method to MAKE that money online…..they need to read this Squidoo guide.

If they don’t, they are leaving money on the table.

Karl, PLEASE Don’t Raise The Price Of Squidoo Cash Machine!

While this is great information to learn how to make money (or MORE money) on Squidoo with affiliate marketing, this is also valuable information that needs to be shared.

You see, if others learn how to make quality and traffic-pulling marketing lenses on Squidoo, it will improve the Squidoo site as a whole and make it even better. If the site gets better, we ALL benefit.

Pre-selling via a Squidoo page is somewhat of an art. You can’t just say, “Buy This!” or throw banners up all over the page.

Pre-selling is not about selling. It is about giving quality information and leading to more information. Squidoo Cash Machine teaches you how to do that properly.

However, I am afraid that if the price is raised, that this information will be taken out of reach of folks that need it. And not just any ol’ “folks”…. MY readers.

Karl, I know we talked about finding a way to continue to give my readers the early launch rate. But we just couldn’t find a way that worked with the system and didn’t mess everything up. I understand that.

But now I am going to BEG you to please, Please, PLEASE keep the current rate for as long as you possibly can. Squidoo Cash Machine has only been available for a week…can we give it more time at this rate?

I noticed that as of right now, the rate has not changed (thank goodness!) – perhaps we can keep it that way for a bit longer?


This could be the way some of my readers finally get to making steady money online….

PotPieGirl.com Readers…. Add Your Two Cents!

Ok, folks, if you have something to add…comments to make…questions for Karl…. Or, even if you want to beg him, too…

Go for it!

(Note: Don’t forget that if you get Squidoo Cash Machine thru me, to email me and I will send you my personal ten Squidoo bonus tips. You can use the contact form up top. Please give me your name so I can verify.


Karl Pemberton July 29, 2008 at 5:53 pm

Hi PotPieGirl

Squidman here again :)

Firstly let me say that no matter what there will always be the better price for your readers :)

You and they have given me some great feedback and support…. much needed support I may add!

I will hold off for a while on that price increase as I totally agree with your logic. Its more important to make this an affordable book for as many people as possible and thus have lots of lensmasters make great money making lenses.

I still have lots of tricks up my sleeve for ways to help those that have got the book… so watch this space.


PotPieGirl July 29, 2008 at 6:00 pm

Karl -

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I KNOW so many lensmasters will benefit from your knowledge. This will also help bring even more people to Squidoo.

I’m so excited!

Also, I have to add that it is SO nice to meet and work with a product creator that is NOT motivated purely by money.

You’re one of the good guys!

With much respect,


PotPieGirl July 29, 2008 at 6:02 pm

…. wait a minute… You have MORE tricks up your sleeve? When do I, errrr… I mean WE get to see them?

ian July 29, 2008 at 6:18 pm

Hi Jennifer –

Thanks so much for the nice words – enjoy your blog – and while I’m never sure how “smart” my advice is – I’m actually FAR happier if I make people laugh….:-)



ians last blog post..Crazy, Sexy, Beautiful. Why I love Nutty Women

Karl Pemberton July 29, 2008 at 6:51 pm


one thing I am thinking of I can create and give it away for free.

It will take quite a bit of work on my part. So if the readers want me to do this, please let me know. You prob want to know what it is… its top secret at the mo ;)


PotPieGirl July 29, 2008 at 7:11 pm

This was sent to me via email….

“Hi, PotPieGirl:
About SCM, I didn’t know how to comment on your post about the pending price increase. But…
I second your plea! There are so many of us like me which you referenced, those just trying to find a way to put our learning and efforts into an effective medium, and with the review you’ve given, though I’ve read a decent amt about Squidoo before, I definitely will be purchasing this. The problem is

Money is unprecedentedly TIGHT currently and it’ll be all I kind do to get this at the current price in the next week or so. Increase the price, and while I will still make the purchase, it may be weeks.

I look at it this way:
The economy is really dragging–we make our living as painting contractors, both res. and comm., new and re-paints, and it is SLOWWW, and we’re not
as bad off as many we know in the trades.

The more economic activity all the way around, the better business will be for everyone, online/offline/retail/ trades, etc. Won’t this benefit all of us, not just in the long term, but NOW, even in the short term? By supporting even a small number of people overall who might use the SCM to actually earn some money, money they will spend in
their communities and online, the more likely a turn-around in the economy will happen.

That’s having empathy and compassion and doing good to others–and that is always rewarded in the long run. So, in raising the price, though it may seem a small thing to most, it might just be one more stone grinding the economy just a little bit slower, BUT it all adds up-

or, by the same token, it all adds DOWN.

If you feel comfortable passing this on to the author of Squidoo Cash Machine, please do so. If not, please know that I only sent this message as
support of your comments on your blog.

Thanks much for reading~

No, no.. Thank YOU Sharie, for your well thought out and important opinion.

Good news is…. Looks the price of SquidooCashMachine.com will stay As It for a little while longer!!!!

Thank you for your support and for your feedback!


Di July 29, 2008 at 11:59 pm

Yes Please Karl,
WE want whatever you can give us for FREE PLease. BTW.I have bought the squidoo cash!

Leo Hanes July 30, 2008 at 11:07 am

Hello Jennifer

Karl talks about adding a clickable button, instead of an aweber form for example…..but nowhere does he show how to do that….I am having a DUH moment apparently……misplaced that brain cell again…..LOL Any ideas? I mean about th ebutton not the cell…..sheesh

“Add an opt-in form and display it prominently. It should be either an image of a form
that when clicked takes the visitor to your landing page with a real optin form or a
button that does the same thing. If you don’t capture your leads you are missing an
opportunity to make potential additional sales.”

Karl Pemberton July 30, 2008 at 8:48 pm

@ Leo

Can you send that Q to my support email?

I can help you, but dont want to divulge too much about the book on an open blog.

@ All

I am putting together a free gift for you all. I will do the work and let you know what to build a lens on each and every day. Yes those clients will get a little bit more help.

I am thinking of calling it Lens A Day


PotPieGirl July 30, 2008 at 10:13 pm

Karl- Thank you for answering Leo’s questions!


My apologies!

I have been without internet for the last 24 hours (bad storm came thru the NE Atlanta area last night).

Good news is – I’m back…. and I have a million emails to get thru. If you are waiting for me to respond, I am truly sorry for the delay and I will get to you just as fast as I can.


Nancy Oram July 31, 2008 at 2:53 am

I bought the book and for me it was well worth the cash. For those that can’t afford it, without going into details or sounding sorry for myself, nobody can afford it less than I can right now. But on your recommendation I did it knowing I could always get my money back if it couldn’t easily make me more than my investment.
I also found your extra tips information that is absolutely crucial to know and I haven’t seen anywhere else. Who knew?
Thank you so much for your help through emails as well. I’m always energized afterwards and ready to go get em.
To the rest of you, don’t delay. Karl is very helpful (responded immediately to a question) and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to keep your money if you felt it wasn’t worth it.

Karl Pemberton August 1, 2008 at 2:55 pm

@ Nancy

Thanks for your support!

So glad you like it.

I am working hard to provide more things to add greater value :D

Added LensADay

Mimi August 7, 2008 at 2:55 pm

Hi Jen, I can’t get the SquidooCashMachine link to work. The site won’t open. I want to buy the ebook and need help.

Thanks for all you do for us….

PotPieGirl August 7, 2008 at 3:29 pm

Hi Mimi -

Hmmmm…. links are working fine for me.

Try this one -


Thanks for reading!


cowy August 8, 2008 at 4:28 am

Hi Karl and Jennifer,
I bought your book via Jenn’s affiliate link.. I must admit the method works! I refresh my was-profitable lens (but become stall) with the method taught in the book and now it makes 2 sales! The Clickout increase too, woo Hoo!! Fyi, I promote physical product which return $47 investment for this book, and some profits too, hee hee… Now I create another account with another lens with digital products, but haven’t make sale. But I think it’s getting steady traffic and I hope it will make sales too.

Again, thanks for Jenn and Karl who introduce me to this book, I was afraid to buy this ebook , but now it paid off and I like it.. Thanks again :)

cowys last blog post..Mario and Luigi Wired Golfing

Fast Ways To Lose Weight October 19, 2008 at 4:23 am

Squidoo Cash Machine REALLY helped me! Thanks for the recommendation!

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