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Secrets of Success

by PotPieGirl on December 12, 2008 · 8 comments

Who Is In Your Way?

We are not born programmed to be negative thinkers. Self doubt is something that is learned. Yes, for some of us, outside influences help confirm that doubt in our minds, but the ultimate responsibility for that self doubt falls on each individual. This sounds harsh, I know. I also know that once we assume accountability for our own feelings of worth and finally conquer the negative feelings we have gathered about ourselves, we are then capable of achieving great things. No matter what your background is, no matter what your story is, 99% of the time, the only one standing in your way is YOU.

The Smallest Changes Can Make The Biggest Difference

I don’t do many strictly motivational posts. I also hesitate to do these posts because I don’t want anyone to think that I believe that success comes only from your thoughts. Success comes from hard work. Going one step further, success comes from structured hard work. Success also is generally the result of a lot of failure, too. Those lessons learned in business – and in life – can be powerful educators, can’t they?

But today, I want to talk about the ultimate power behind the hard work part. I get many emails from people who tell me that they are not smart enough, or they’re not good enough, or they can’t this or they can’t that. For me, this is absolutely THE hardest part about my going public with all this.

How can I help people who don’t even believe in themselves?

How can I teach others how to believe and have faith… how to keep moving forward – keep trying – when THEY are telling ME that they can’t?

This bothers me to no end. I struggle with this constantly.

A genuine question I get from others is why do I keep trying to help those that don’t believe in their own capabilities?

Because it’s my nature.

Because of my own life experiences, I KNOW that people ARE capable of so much more than they ask of themselves. I KNOW people are capable of so, so, SO much more than those in their lives think they are capable of. I learned this about myself and I want others to KNOW this about themselves.

One of the biggest turn arounds in my life was when I started playing golf. I started “late” in life compared to kids these days. My second child has just started kindergarten and I had some time on my hands during the day. I wanted to learn how to golf.

NOT the easiest sport to just decide to pick up – and I am not really a physical/sports type person. But I was determined.

I do believe that my golf experience is something that really helped me while learning internet marketing.

I wasn’t afraid to screw up. I knew each time I totally screwed a shot up, that I would learn something and hopefully not do it again. Also, golf is one of the few sports that YOU are completely accountable for your results. Sure, you’d get a bad bounce here or there, but ultimately if that putt didn’t go in the hole, or that tee shot went 500 yards dead right, it was ME.

The Funny Thing About Golf And Internet Marketing

To me, golf and internet marketing are very, very similar. Each time I totally screwed up a shot in golf, I KNEW I was inches…maybe even millimeters away from success. With internet marketing, I also knew that each time I screwed up by choosing the wrong keywords or bad copy or bad marketing angle, that I was so, so, so close to doing it right. I also knew that I could then cross that OFF my list and I was now that much closer to learning the right ways and doing it RIGHT.

I have never before come across a speaker who articulated this the way I see it – until today. And go figure that it is Tony Robbins that has a great motivational mini-video on the golf/success analogy and how small changes can make such a HUGE difference in the outcome of ANYTHING you do.

I hope y’all will watch this. To me, the conviction that Tony Robbins has is contagious and that is probably why he is one of the most successful motivation speakers in the world. Whether I agree with everything he says or not, I am motivated by the overwhelming belief he has in what he is doing. I admire that to no end.

Just a quick note to those at work or with children in the room – he says two words that are not overly offensive (to me), but may not be suitable for an environment with kids around to hear – or the boss around to hear…lol.

At the end of the video there are some words on the screen that I want you to read and take to heart. It starts off with “When it seems impossible…..”

Starting today… starting RIGHT NOW… stop worrying about everything that can go wrong, and open yourself up to the possibility that something great can happen to YOU.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Internet Marketing Help December 13, 2008 at 12:28 am

Hey Jen,
You hit it right on the head, and the video did an excellent job of making it very clear.

I bookmarked it, because I’m sure I’m going to want to watch it again!!

My sister is going to a Tony Robbins seminar this weekend, now I can see why she likes him so much . ;)



Party Plan Pat December 13, 2008 at 1:44 am

I loved this! I have been reading a most interesting book, titled the one command. I have enjoyed it immensely and in it it discusses the very strategies that Tony details for how he got out of the rut. It is so true that we are only just one mm away from what we want or don’t want.

Well I am glad for this video, because as I have practicing incantations, I find myself getting frustrated with myself. It is true, I am the one standing in my way or paving my way! I also need to learn that it is a process, that goes down to the cellular level…the DNA of success if you will! Great video, how in the world did you find it? I am loving getting your updates on twitter and I love the blog too!

Party Plan Pats last blog post..Direct Sales and the Fruits of the Spirit

Trish Oleary December 13, 2008 at 6:01 pm

I have been listening to Tony’s tapes and reading his books for years and I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to go and see him live.

I just ordered his newest 10 day class and can’t wait.

He is amazing!!

Trish Oleary

Trish Olearys last blog post..trisholeary: "We must do that which we think we cannot."n– Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady

Anne December 13, 2008 at 7:27 pm

Hey, Jennifer, I tried to Twitter This — think the link’s got a bug; may want to check it out.

Jolene Christopherson December 14, 2008 at 4:58 am

I just wanted to say great post! I couldn’t agree more. How we think and feel about ourselves and our own capabilities is probably the number one key to our success. My hope is that the more people start realizing this, the more people will start making changes in themselves and start achieving their success..

That’s one thing that I try to do with my site is to help everyone see that we were meant to do great amazing things. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

I am novice internet marketer who been trying her hand at this field for several months now. My results have been less than desirable but that’s not to say I haven’t made progress. I just know as long as I keep trying and keep working hard…eventually my dreams and goals will come true. I will be successful.

P.S. Your help through the information you provide I know will move me forward by leap and bounds so thank you.


Keith B December 14, 2008 at 10:49 pm

First I want to apologize for the length of this comment. I just watched Tony’s video clip and something finally hit me. I have been a part of WA for about a month now and I seem to be on information overload. That’s not an excuse but a realization that I need to stop taking in info and start implementing. I have alot more to learn but I need to stick to the 8 week course and get the ball rolling so to speak. I have been working in sales for a Budweiser wholesaler in Jacksonville florida for 21 years. I know the industry inside and out and I am constantly keeping up with the changing trends in the industry. I started at the bottom and I have worked my way into senior management. When I go out and do Sales presentations for existing or new customers, I have a confidence in what I do and I feel like I can almost make the customers buy my products just on my word alone. I am trying to find another career and I began dabbing in Internet marketing about 3 years ago. I am embarrassed to say exactly how musch money I have wasted. I purchased One Week Marketing abot 30 days ago and I feel that Jennifer has changed my life. I have also joined WA and I am studying hard but I have yet to right an article or finish a squidoo lense, Why? Because of ME. I have to realize that I am going to fail a few more tim before I really succed at Internet marketing. Thanks Jennifer for the help, I am going to get off my but and try. I am a little scared of failure but wat the heck.
Thanks again Jennifer

Agolf Cartson December 28, 2008 at 9:34 am

Tony is incredibly inspiring and whenever I am feeling a little down or aren’t able to find the energy to drive me forward I see his videos or listens to his audio programs and almost every single time they’ll get me fired up and ready to go (again).

Agolf Cartsons last blog post..Sun Mountain Golf Cart

PotPieGirl December 29, 2008 at 7:19 pm

I completely agree – Tony Robbins has a way of getting me fired up. Whether I agree with everything he is saying or not, his over-whelming passion and belief in the message he is trying to share is very motivating for me.

Thanks for reading!

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