Google Is Rubber – and YOU’RE Glue

One day you’re ranking awesome in Google – the next day you’re not.  POOF, those good rankings disappear and you don’t even rank for your domain name anymore. What the heck happened? There are many reasons this could happen, but …

How To Find Buyer Keywords FAST

Finding keywords that combine commercial intent with products that people are REALLY buying online is that ‘sweet spot’ for affiliate marketers. Keyword search volume is fun and all, but not nearly as fun as hitting the sweet spot between traffic …

Let’s Talk About Backlinks (Video Post)

The topic of backlinks has been on my mind and apparently on the minds of many of my readers as well.  I rarely go a day without getting at least one email asking me about backlink building, if backlinks are …

When It Comes To SEO, Is Ignorance Bliss?

I just spent an hour or so of my life over on a post at – mainly in the comments section. Barry Schwartz has an article summarizing what Matt Cutts explained in one of his videos about how Google …

About Reclaiming Lens Urls

Since there’s been a good bit of an uproar over “reclaiming ” lens urls of locked Squidoo lenses, I thought I’d go ahead and make a post to clear up some misconceptions about it all. For a short background on …

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