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Under The Radar - by PotPieGirl

Day 2


Welcome to Day 2 of my series - "Under The Radar".  If you missed Day 1, you can read it here.

In Day 1, I talked about knowing what I wanted from an online business, but not knowing how to get there.

However, I also had another MAJOR issue...

Sure, I could learn how, but...

I had no money to make it happen.

I didn't have money to make snowballs.



Yes, Snowballs.


Know how you can scoop up some snow and pack it into a ball, and then roll that ball of snow on the ground....and it keeps getting bigger?

Then, you could get that snowball rolling downhill and it would pick up speed and traction, and start getting bigger on its own?

Guess what?  Online marketing is exactly that way.

The more you work, the more you create, the more you get online, the bigger your snowball gets.

The snowball effect.

Things start to take on a life of their own and work for YOU when YOU are NOT working.... or when you are working on something else.

Which, in the beginning, working on something else is exactly what you should be doing while you're waiting for the snowball effect to take place.

For people like us, who sit at home and are a one-woman/one-man show, internet marketing success is not the result of ONE anything.

No ONE article, no ONE Squidoo lens, no ONE website, no ONE blog...

No ONE anything - period.

It is the result of everything working together, building up traction, and snowballing.

So, as I said, I had no money.

How in the world could I make snowballs if I didn't have any snow?

So, I had to figure out how to make it snow for free.

I had to figure out a way to make it snow so I could somehow bend down and scoop up some of those flakes and begin to build a snowball.

Ya know, looking back, I always wonder why I didn't just give up.

I had NO CLUE how to do this... and I had NO MONEY to make it happen for me.  I didn't have the money to buy things, let alone the money to spend on learning my mistakes and learning the basics.

But deep inside I knew I could make it happen.



There is nothing "overnight" about a business you don't understand yet, you don't know how to implement, AND you haven't taken massive action to even BEGIN to understand and implement.

If you want a chance at overnight riches, please.... stop reading my words right now because I am NOT the person you need to be listening to.  Then, go buy a lottery ticket.  That's the only chance of overnight riches that I can think of  =)

Ok, back on topic...

To me, a true "snowball" was something I owned.

But owning something meant BUYING something and I didn't have the financial means to do that (let alone the knowledge to do it).

So, off to make it snow - for free.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is where One Week Marketing came from.

One Week Marketing is MY way of making it snow for free.  That simple little action plan was my own plan that took me a LONG time to narrow down and figure out so that I could get money coming IN - WITHOUT money going OUT.

And while money is cool (and very necessary), One Week Markting also helped me learn how the basics of the snowballs I REALLY wanted would work.

The snowballs I really wanted?

Niche websites.  Lots of them.  Lots and lots of small, targeted, profitable websites.

And I HAVE a lot of them today.  Lots and lots - all thanks to the money my free snow-makers made, and the niches they uncovered for me, and the resources those steps of each campaign created for me.

I made it snow.

One Week Marketing made it snow for me.  Well, naturally it was my effort that made it snow, but the action plan itself gave me the steps to take to get that snow falling.

Many of you reading this are already there.

You made it snow for yourself, too...and I am SO proud of you!

You've made a bunch of One Week Marketing campaigns... you've got money coming in, you've uncovered niches that work for you....

And now YOU are ready for snowballs.

THAT is why I am writing this.  

There are so many of you out there that are currently in a position I was once in....and I want to help you grow past it.

It's possible that YOU are ready to start your own collection of snowballs.  If you're like I was a few years ago, you totally understand that OWNING websites is the true path to passive income success online.


The concept of it seems so simple, doesn't it?  Buy a domain name, make a website, get traffic, move on.


But again, if you're like I was a few years ago, once you get ready to actually START that process, the simple steps become full of details you don't understand.  One roadblock after another.  Oh, I've so been there.


In fact, learning the process of creating niche websites with WordPress had such an effect on me that I decided to make an entire site to help others learn and push thru the learning curve of all those roadblock details.

It took me forever...loads of coffee...to learn each little detail that needs to be done in order for those sites to be effective and profitable.  I realized it sure would be nice to have at least the basics of those details all in one place online.

That's why I created 6StepNicheSites.com - to walk others thru the details, show them where help was found, share the resources I found and that I use.  And all that info is there for free in hopes that others will find it and say, "Oh thank goodness!  It's all in one place!"


And maybe, just maybe, there will be others that read that info...and follow it...and then realize that creating snowballs is something they CAN do....and WILL do - over and over.


I'm not the only one that can - and DOES - make it work for them to reach their financial goals.


You can, too!

Yes, creating snowballs can be time-consuming.  In fact, if you're not familiar with all the things that can go in to it, it can be down-right hard, too.  But ya gotta do the tough stuff to get to the money stuff - marketing your snowballs and get them to gain traction so they get to work for YOU.


But it's definitely "do-able".  Later I'll tell ya a way to shortcut some of the "tough stuff" and get straight to the "money stuff".  I've learned a great short-cut from someone very, very successful in this method.

I love learning new things - ESPECIALLY when they save me time and headaches!


Anyway...we'll get to all that later in this Under The Radar series.

It's time for me to wrap up for the day.

A Great Big Thank You!


One of the very best things about being PotPieGirl is that all of you have helped ME learn that I am not the only one who came to work online under the circumstances I was under.


Broke and Clueless

I felt like I was the only one in the world who had to figure out how to make it snow.

I felt like I was the only one in the world that didn't know how to make a link, or what FTP was, or any of that mumbo-jumbo.

I felt like I was the only one who struggled constantly with the little details that kept me from doing the "money stuff".


Now I know that I am NOT the only one who feels or felt that way...whew!

I'm not some freak of nature....thank goodness!  lol!

I'm not alone... and neither are YOU!

Thank you to all of you that asked me questions when you were afraid you'd look "stupid" for asking (trust me, I had the same questions, too).

Thank you to all of you that answered MY questions and didn't make me feel stupid for asking.

We're not alone.

And when we learn together and support each other...we are stronger and better....and closer to our goals.  That's what I LOVE about Wealthy Affiliate - the community support and help.  Working online can cause you to feel very alone - it's nice to know you're NOT alone and have a community to answer your questions and help you work through your problems to find a solution.


See ya tomorrow!


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