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Hi! I'm Jennifer - known as 'PotPieGirl' online. Welcome to my blog! I just want to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links which means, at no cost to YOU, that I might receive compensation if you purchase something through a link on my site. In the blogging world that's called "affiliate marketing", and it's a very common way bloggers make money by sharing products they love (like I do). Yes, that's how many blogs make money. For example, This blogger makes $50,000+ a MONTH with her blog - blogging is solid home-business idea for just about everyone.

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Making money from blogging isn’t rocket science, but it certainly can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. My friend, David Bullock (of Squidoo Blueprint fame) has developed a way to monetize your blog in minutes and ensure that you will make money every time someone visits it. That’s right, no catch either.

“…This is the real thing. This method has the potential for anyone that is working from home on the Internet to make money online. This is long term, this is short term, you only need to decide which way you want to go with it. Additionally, the ideas this has generated has my mind reeling and I am immediately implementing this into the foundation of all my Internet marketing endeavors. Bum Marketing step down there is a new kid in town…”

The 20 minute video included in Instant Blog Cash is exactly what it promises to be…and more. David “wow-ed” me with Squidoo Blueprint and I can’t believe it, but he has done it again!

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