Fish Giver Week – Part 3

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More Free Niche Keywords and Domain Names

Here we go, part 3 of Fish Giver Week. This week at I am giving a daily list of different niche ideas with keywords and currently available domain names – for free! I’ve had a ball digging up these little gems of niche site idea and I can’t wait to hear the results folks have after using them. If you’re looking for niche ideas and the keywords to go with it, keep reading…

Fish Giver Week

Why am I giving niche ideas and keywords away for free? ‘Cause it’s fun! It’s also nice when someone just GIVES the info you need, isn’t it? I think so. Learning is great, but getting little money-making gems for free is a nice break the norm.

How To Make Money With These Free Niche Ideas

I make niche sites with these ideas I find. If you want to know the different ways I make sites and learn the things I have learned, here are some learning resources:

Niche Site Money-Making Techniques

  • This program was really good for teaching the basics of making small niche sites that rank well and are profitable. I really like the system, I know it works, AND it also includes a simple mind-map/flow chart which I love.
  • This program is still somewhat new, but I am loving it. I bought the full program and have really enjoyed the teaching style and know what they are teaching really works (hint). I’ve also had some great conversations with the creators and these guys are top-notch. I’m very, very impressed.
  • This program was excellent for learning how to make small niche sites specifically for earning with AdSense (which is one of my favorite ways to monetize my niche sites for passive profits).
  • Speaking of “passive profits” – if you don’t really know what I’m talking about or want to learn more about my thoughts and how I build mine, you can read my free online course here: Under The Radar with PotPieGirl (it’s free, no opt-in or anything – just click and start reading).

    If you’re not comfortable making sites, or don’t want to buy a domain name with a brand name in it, think One Week Marketing campaigns (hint hint). These ideas are all good for use with OWM, too =)

    Ok, then…gotta do the disclaimer, too (sigh…lol)

    I can’t guarantee anything about these niche ideas. Every domain name could be gone by the time you are reading… some might not make money…some might not rank well….no tellin’.

    BUT, I CAN tell you that I picked these niches the same exact way I pick them for myself to turn over to my team.

    HOW I do that is part of my “secret sauce” tho….lol! (but, a hint is that I use this tool when picking terms for this technique)

    Alrighty, let’s get to today’s list of niche ideas!

    Niche Ideas – Part 3

  • 1. 10 disc cd changer
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    10 cd disc changer
    10 disc cd changer
    10 disc cd changers
    10 disc car cd changer
    kenwood 10 disc cd changer
    10 disc cd mp3 changer
    kenwood kdc c719 10 disc changer
    audiovox 10 disc cd changer
    jensen 10 disc cd changer

  • 2. deep cycle battery
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    deep cycle battery
    deep cycle marine battery
    12v deep cycle battery
    deep cycle battery charger
    deep cycle marine batteries
    agm deep cycle battery prices
    batteries deep cycle
    deep cycle lead acid batteries
    best deep cycle battery

  • 3. evaporator pad
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    evaporator pad
    humidifier evaporator pad
    evaporator pads
    evaporative pad
    990 13 evaporator pad
    humidifier evaporator pads
    skuttle humidifier evaporator pad

  • 4. fryer cooker
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    fryer cooker
    cooker deep fryer
    fryer slow cooker
    pressure fryer cooker
    cookers fryers
    cookers fryers
    fryer cookers
    deep fryer cookers
    cajun cooker fryer
    king cookers turkey fryer
    betty g cooker fryer

  • 5. car battery terminal
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    battery terminal cleaner
    car battery terminal
    car battery terminals
    positive battery terminal
    negative battery terminal
    battery terminal connectors
    clean battery terminals
    side battery terminal
    battery terminal post
    battery terminals cleaning
    gold battery terminal
    cleaning battery terminals
    battery cable terminal
    battery terminal accessories
    battery terminal cover

  • 6. double cassette deck
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    double cassette deck
    double deck cassette
    stereo double cassette deck
    jvc double cassette deck
    double deck cassette player
    double deck cassette recorder
    technics double cassette deck
    double auto reverse cassette deck

  • 7. ice cream chairs
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    ice cream chairs
    ice cream chair
    ice cream table chairs
    antique ice cream chairs
    ice cream shop chairs

  • 8. caller id modem
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    caller id modem
    caller id compatible modem
    caller id modems
    caller id voice modem
    caller id fax modem
    caller id modem software
    modem with caller id
    usb caller id modem
    pci modem caller id

  • 9. motorcycle bluetooth headset
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    motorcycle bluetooth headset
    motorcycle headset bluetooth
    motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset
    bluetooth motorcycle headsets
    motorcycle bluetooth headsets
    bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset

  • 10. electric smoker reviews
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    electric smoker reviews
    electric smoker review
    electric smokers review
    masterbuilt electric smoker reviews
    electric smokers reviews
    cajun injector electric smoker reviews
    old smokey electric smoker reviews
    brinkman electric smoker reviews
    bradley electric smoker reviews

    There ya go – 10 fresh niche ideas with keywords and currently available domain names!

    I will have one more list tomorrow so be sure to stop back.

    If you missed the previous niche keyword lists, you can find them here:

    Free Niche Ideas – Part 1
    Free Niche Ideas – Part 2

    Have a great day!

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