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Just a real quick post today to let everyone know that they can get the first 18 pages of One Week Marketing for FREE by visiting the site and signing up on the pre-notification list. Yes, a TOTALLY free sneak peek inside The One Week Marketing Acton Plan!

Already Signed Up For One Week Marketing?

No problem! I am about to broadcast the link out to all current subscribers so keep an eye on your email inbox!

WHEN Is One Week Marketing Going To Be Released?

I am shooting for Wednesday, October 1st at 12 noon EST (I am in Atlanta, GA, USA). Let’s all cross our fingers that I don’t blow anything up as I stumble thru this newest learning curve! =)

Just a note: Only the PUBLIC launch of One Week Marketing will be announced here at Only those that are the OWM pre-notification list will be informed of any pre-launch specials.

Not Signed Up?

What are you waiting on? Get to now and get your FREE sneak peak!

Back to work for me. Y’all have a GREAT day!


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