How Long Will It Take for Google to Find My Squidoo Lens?

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After the response I had on my last post about how to get Google to index your Squidoo lens, it appears I need to keep going with this discussion. Since rambling is my specialty, let’s ramble some more about Google and getting that lens into the Google index…. and how to totally screw it up.


Update on My Lens/Google Index Test

  • I published two new lenses about 11 hours ago.
  • I did NOTHING to promote the lenses other than blog about them here on


Within 30 minutes, both Google Blog Search and the Google Web Index had the above mentioned post indexed (approx 10 hours ago)


After that blog post was indexed, I did the following:

  • Used Mixx to bookmark the blog post
  • Used Digg to Digg the blog post
  • I added a link for each new lens within the blogroll of a PR3 niche blog I have


As you can see, I still have done NOTHING directly to the two new Squidoo lenses. I haven’t Dugg them or lensrolled them, or any of that. The two new lenses have been pinged, they have been “talked about” on an off-site blog (here), and they have been linked to from another PR3 blog.

It’s been about 12 hours since these two lenses were published, and no, they are still not in the Google index. Yes, I am impatient – Yes, I keep checking – Yes, I am weird that way.

I will report back on this as any changes are made or as things progress.


A Guaranteed Way For Google to NOT Index YOUR Lens

Yup, it’s time we talk about this. Promoting your new lens on the Squidoo site is a surefire way to screw things up. This applies to a new lens that is not already indexed by Google. By saying ‘promoting a new lens on the Squidoo site” I am referring to leaving anchor text in guestbooks and lensrolling your new lens to other lenses. Joining groups appears to be fine.


Ok, here comes the question….

Why Shouldn’t I Promote an Un-Indexed Lens on the Squidoo Site?


Quick answer – Because the lenses you drop anchor text/HTML links on will rank for your targeted keywords before YOUR lens does.


Long answer (and proof)

One of my more popular lenses that folks like to leave links to their lens on is my Squidoo Lens Exposure lens. I took a scroll through the comments on that lens and found a comment that was left on April 19th. Considering today is May 8th, plenty enough time has passed to allow the visitors lens to get indexed by Google… agreed?

I Googled the url of the lens that was left via anchor text in a comment on my guest book. The lens is NOT indexed.

Next, I copied the exact anchor text the commenter left on my guestbook and put those words, in quotes, into Google to search. I chose those anchor text words because, theoretically, those are the keywords that lensmaster is targeting and wants to rank for with his/her lens. Make sense?

Next, I put that exact anchor text into Google and searched.


  • 7 Returned Web Pages
  • 6 of which were “filtered”
  • 0 Were the lens in question (which we already know isn’t even in the Google index)
  • 1 of the web pages returned for this query was my Lens Exposure lens
  • All 7 results were Squidoo lenses where the lensmaster of the lens in question had left anchor text comments in the guest book.





Pretty interesting, huh? For the lensmaster this happens to, this is damn annoying!


Moral of the Story:


Do Not Go Dropping Links to Your Lens All Over the Squidoo Site



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