How To Get Paid To Pin on Pinterest (yes, for real)

What if YOU could get PAID to pin on Pinterest? Wouldn’t THAT be super cool?!!?

Want some really good news? It’s totally possible to do that.

Yes, you CAN get paid to pin on Pinterest – for real.

No joke – no hoax – no B.S…. In fact, it’s brilliant!

Here’s how it works…

How to make money pinning on Pinterest

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Every single day, I am STILL amazed at just how well my Pinterest Success Strategies work.

That’s an odd thing for someone who TEACHES it to say out loud, isn’t it?

Well, I’m a bit odd so… well, there’s that =)

But seriously, just a few months of applying my own strategy and just LOOK at the crazy traffic to a “niche” site of mine:

How to get AMAZING traffic from Pinterest

Now, to be totally transparent, ALL that traffic isn’t only from Pinterest – I know how to rank in Google, too =)

But a LOT – about 80% of that traffic IS from Pinterest.

And you can totally see where I really amped up my personal Pinterest strategy – right there in September.

I did the easiest thing to do to get more blog page views and then did my thing with Pinterest.

And guess what? It Works!

I bet you’re thinking that all the content on that “niche site” of mine is all awesome content, right?

Uhhhh…. nope.

That site started as a testing ground site for me and as a site I used to show examples of effective affiliate conversion strategies for my members.

I’ve used a TON of this kind of pre-written blog post content on that site, too.

Trust me – no one was as surprised as I was at how BEAUTIFULLY it all works.

Going from only 12,289 page views a month
to over 127,000 page views a month
in such a short time is a very BIG deal.

In fact, I was SO impressed that I decided to run a little test on a client’s site.

The client is a Local Business so I wanted to know…

Would Pinterest work for a Local Business Site, too?

How to get more traffic to a local business websiteOh heck YES it does!

I made ONE post on the client’s site a few months ago and pinned it doing it all according to my strategy.

That ONE post has had 59,854 page views since it was published!!!!

One freakin’ post – crazy, right!?!?

And as you might know, local business websites don’t usually get a lot of traffic…

But look at the difference from ALL 12 months of 2016 to just 3 months into 2017:

HUGE traffic from Pinterest for a Local Business website

THAT is the sheer POWER of Pinterest done RIGHT.

That brings me to getting PAID to pin on Pinterest…

Weird thing is, I happen to really enjoy my time and “work” on Pinterest.

I have an awesome (and EASY) image tool that makes GREAT Pinterest images

and I’ve been testing this new Pinterest scheduling tool that is a JOY to work with

Other website/blog owners NEED improved traffic like that…

and they’re willing to pay GOOD money for it, too.

AND, most importantly, I really LIKE doing it all.

It’s not WORK to me.

You know what all that means?

Those things are all a recipe for a very SUCCESSFUL business.

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When you combine knowing how to effectively work Pinterest for traffic and you have the right tools, with a service that is in demand AND you enjoy doing it….

Well winner, winner, chicken dinner =)

Why not take those skills and tools and start a Pinterest VA Service as your online business? Brilliant, right!? Right!

Start a Pinterest VA business - brilliant idea!If you have the ‘Know How’, the proper tools AND you enjoy it…

Why WOULDN’T you learn how to start a Pinterest VA business and get PAID to pin on Pinterest?

VA? What’s a VA?

A VA is a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual – meaning you work from home

Assistant – meaning you assist bloggers and site owners with their Pinterest Marketing needs.

In other words,
When you start a Virtual Assistant business,
you work online from home on your schedule
and do for other bloggers and site owners
what you ALREADY DO for your OWN site(s).

VA’s (Virtual Assistants) get paid to do LOTS of things for other bloggers and site owners – not JUST Pinterest services.

You can learn all about becoming a Virtual Assistant here.

Virtual Assistants make really nice money online – and they get to work from home on their schedule.

This is how one VA’s monthly earnings quickly snowballed from her first month to just a few months later:

How much do Virtual Assistants Make?  VA earnings income report
image source

$6,503 a month is nothin’ to sneeze at – that’s a darn nice monthly income!

There is a HUGE demand for Virtual Assistants, too.

We all know as bloggers and internet marketers, that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get all the STUFF done that we NEED to get done.

That’s where VAs come into play – and VA’s are needed more and more each day.

According to these stats – There has been a 95% INCREASE in demand for Virtual Assistant services.

Talk about a business you can work at home that’s in huge demand – wow!

How Much Can You Earn Being a Virtual Assistant?

show me the money when getting paid to pin on PinterestI hear ya, in your best Jerry Maguire voice… show you the money, right?!!?

So let’s talk about the money…

From all the VA info I’ve read here, Virtual Assistants earn anywhere from $25 an hour all the way up to $100 an hour.

For stay at home moms, setting up your own Virtual Assistant business is a DREAM job.

Heck, it’s even something anyone can do that still has their “normal” job – what a great way to bring in extra money each month AND build a business at the same time.

(meaning: you’re working your way to a FULLTIME internet business so you can quit that J.O.B.)

But Let’s Get Back to How to Get Paid To Pin on Pinterest

I think that after you learn how to start and run a Virtual Assistant business, that it might be smart to “niche” your services.

That’s where learning how to start a Pinterest VA business would be really smart.

Your services would be specialized and specific and it would be MUCH easier to not only get clients, but to also plan your day.

With a great Pinterest scheduling tool, it should be pretty easy “work”, right?

Just load up your client’s pins and presto… you’re being paid to pin on Pinterest.

That would actually be FUN, in my opinion!

sidebar: this Pinterest scheduling tool I’m testing is wayyyyyyyy easier than Tailwind – unlimited pins each month AND I can add multiple Pinterest accounts and/or Facebook Pages and/or Twitter accounts so I can manage and schedule everything from ONE dashboard.

I am really loving it, but that’s a story for another day.

If you’re interested in testing it too – you can try it for free here. You’ll love it!

Interested in Learning More About Becoming a VA?

Good! You should be… it’s a pretty genius idea, isn’t it?

One of the best ways to start earning money online QUICKLY is to offer a much-needed service to other bloggers – and being a Pinterest VA, or any type of Virtual Assistant, absolutely fits the “much needed” requirement.

Here’s more info that will really help you figure out if being a VA is right for you.


PS: if you NEED a Virtual Assistant, here is a good place to find a VA to help with your blogging and online business needs.

How to get paid to pin on Pinterest - YES!  Make money pinning on Pinterest... for real!  Very smart idea!


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