How To Transfer A Lens – Video

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Moving Or Selling Squidoo Lenses –

I get this question a lot from my readers and from my One Week Marketing Action Plan followers – “How do you transfer a lens from one Squidoo account to another?” Today, I made a quick video showing you exactly how to transfer a Squidoo lens.

How To Move a Squidoo Lens To a Different Squidoo Account

Not only will this post be short, but the video is a quickie lesson, too! See, I AM capable of brevity! haha!

Many of you are either creating new Squidoo accounts or are selling Squidoo lenses and need to know how to move a lens from one account to another. Transferring a lens from one Squidoo account is easy-peasy.

I think the only “rule” about transferring a lens is that the Squidoo account that the lens is coming from must have at least 2-3 lenses on it before you can move one of them to another account. Other than that, it is:






Yes – it’s that easy.

How To Transfer a Lens – Video Lesson From PotPieGirl

If the video doesn’t show here for you, feel free to view the How To Transfer a Lens video here.

Hope that helps!


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