New eBay Partner Affiliate Program Is Now Live

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I’m sure I am one of the first “April Fools” who are already signed up for the new eBay affiliate program. Just a little bit ago, the new eBay Partner Program opened it’s doors for affiliate registration. I’m already registered and confirmed…and have had just a few minutes to poke around the new affiliate platform

Registering with the new program was easy enough. Go here to sign up for the new eBay affiliate program, fill out all the requested info, submit, then check your email. Once your confirmation email comes through, click the link in the email and be sure to verify your account. That link will also take you straight to the log-in page so go ahead and log in.

First things first, make sure you can get paid! Fill out the required W-9 information and then choose your payment method. I had the choice of direct deposit or PayPal.

So, What About All My Old eBay Affiliate Links?

That is the BIG question on everyones mind. Sorry to break it to you, but they will all need to be switched out. I don’t see an easier way other than to re-do them all from within your new affiliate account admin area. Information from eBay about migrating your existing affiliate links to the new ones can be found here.

Creating New eBay Affiliate Links

Seems that the new affiliate toolbox will be pretty good. The basic banner and creatives links are available, but it seems the RSS feed and widget generators are ‘coming soon’.

One very cool thing I noticed is that when you sign up for the Partner Program, you are signing up for ALL of their affiliate programs. From your affiliate admin area, when you are creating links you have the option of something called “geo-targeting”. What this means if you choose this when creating your links, that the link will recognize where a viewers ip address is from and give them the appropriate eBay store links. For example, if a reader from France views a link on my blog, the smart banner will show them, and take them, to the French eBay affiliate store.

Very cool.

Click Here

The reports area in the affiliate admin area seems ok though I am not sure if they are tracking clicks yet or not. I installed one quick banner link and clicked it a few times, but the clicks are still not showing on my stats (30 minutes later). So, either a) they aren’t tracking yet, or b) they won’t track clicks from MY ip address, or c) the tracking is time delayed. Of course, I may have created the banner incorrectly, too! haha!

My over-all first impression is positive….even though it is 3 am for me. I have to say that I am NOT nuts about having to replace ALL the eBay links I have online, but at least I have a month to get it done.

You better get started, too!

Sign up for the new eBay affiliate program.

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