Baby Got PR!!!

Looks like we just had a Google Page Rank Update, and I am quite pleased to announce that this little blog of mine has established a PR3 in the ol’ Google toolbar.

I just moved this blog from Blogger on January 4th and have been patiently (?) sitting with a great big ZERO for a PR since. Today, a gift from the powers-that-be in Google-land. Thanks Google!

And also – darn you, Google!

I was about to go to bed when I noticed the pretty green color on my page rank bar. That got me all fired up and off I went to check my PR on my niche sites (35+) and all my Squidoo lenses (100+)

While it was QUITE a fun trip around PotPieGirl World, I am exhausted!

So Goodnight, Google! PotPieGirl has left the building….