Let’s Talk About Backlinks (Video Post)

The topic of backlinks has been on my mind and apparently on the minds of many of my readers as well.  I rarely go a day without getting at least one email asking me about backlink building, if backlinks are …

When It Comes To SEO, Is Ignorance Bliss?

I just spent an hour or so of my life over on a post at SearchEngineLand.com – mainly in the comments section. Barry Schwartz has an article summarizing what Matt Cutts explained in one of his videos about how Google …

About Reclaiming Lens Urls

Since there’s been a good bit of an uproar over “reclaiming ” lens urls of locked Squidoo lenses, I thought I’d go ahead and make a post to clear up some misconceptions about it all. For a short background on …

How I’m Making Niche Sites Now

Ah, niche sites – how I love thee!  I have always been in love with the idea of small, targeted sites that just sit out there and work FOR you.  And yep, I sure loved their results before Google unleashed …

Death to BullSh*t and Info Overload!

First off, there is a really good reason for the title of this post so bear with me for just a moment.  Also, if you are sensitive to any bad language or you have kids near you that can read, …

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