Squidoo Conference Call – Recap

Hey everyone!  I just got off the conference call that Seth Godin, Bonnie, and Gil from Squidoo HQ held for Giant Squids so thought I’d recap some highlights here for everyone.  As most Squidoo lensmasters know, Squidoo has been going …

Quality Content – What IS It?

Ever since Google sent their black and white animals out to get us, the term “quality content” sure has become a THING.  I hear so many definitions of ‘quality content’ all over the place while traveling the internet.  I also …

50 Shades of PotPieGirl

Yep, I did it – I just used a ’50 Shades of Grey’ Reference… feel free to slap me…lol!  It’s the cold meds.  I’ve been pushing through the cooties that’s going all around here lately (I think I have my …

Can You Really Make Money Online For Free?

I started making money online using all free methods.  However, that was back in 2007.  Is it STILL possible to make money online for free?  Do those type of strategies still work?  Let’s talk about that – and talk about …

Affiliate Nexus Tax Law Coming To Georgia?

Well, it appears that the “powers that be” in the great State of Georgia have hopped on the band wagon and passed their version of an Affiliate Nexus Tax law (nicknamed the ‘Amazon Tax’). What started out as H.B. 983 …

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