Can You Really Make Money Online For Free?

I started making money online using all free methods.  However, that was back in 2007.  Is it STILL possible to make money online for free?  Do those type of strategies still work?  Let’s talk about that – and talk about …

Affiliate Nexus Tax Law Coming To Georgia?

Well, it appears that the “powers that be” in the great State of Georgia have hopped on the band wagon and passed their version of an Affiliate Nexus Tax law (nicknamed the ‘Amazon Tax’). What started out as H.B. 983 …

Holy Sh*t! Please Don’t Link To Me!

So I’m strolling through my Twitter feed today catching up with what’s going on. Suddenly this tweet comes thru that made me laugh…then kinda want to cry because it is SO sadly real in regards to Google and back links …

My New Survival Guide

I’m an “underdog” – a bootstrapping underdog, at that.  Who woulda guessed that I’d have a chance in all this “make money online” mumbo-jumbo.  I was at a total disadvantage when I got the big, hairy idea to make money …

OMG! Look At These Search Results!

I know, I know – it’s not like me to post again so soon, but I just saw something in the Google search results that makes me laugh my a$$ off.  Let me show you just how bad things have …

A Tale of a Tornado…and a Penguin

This is yet another one of my posts that will start out with something that seems totally unrelated to the topics I normally talk about.  But, if you hang in there with me you will (hopefully) see my connection and …

8 FATAL Pinterest Mistakes-

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