The Real Reason I Broke Up With Google

My last post about me breaking up with Google caused a lot of conversation…as well as some speculation as to WHY I ‘broke up’ with Google and WHAT that means now.  Am I leaving the business?  Am I no longer …

The Art of Letting Go (of Google)

There comes a point in many relationships that one realizes that it’s time to let go… time to move on.  It’s hard – especially when you’ve been conditioned to feel as tho you NEED that relationship.  It’s a scary place …

Taking It To the Next Level – Part 3

Whether you’re still trying to make your first sale online – or get random sporadic sales to a consistent full-time income, there are some important things you should know.  Today I have a great post from someone I respect very …

Article Marketing, Guest Blogging and Panda – WTH?

Recently over in the Warrior Forum there was a thread started that questioned if guest posting could cause Google to penalize a site and trigger the oh-so-popular-now “we found unnatural links” message from Google.  The thread caught my attention because …

OMG! The Sky Is Falling!?!?!

So – blog networks are dead now, right? That means the sky is falling, right? Well, if you know me at all, you know I do NOT subscribe to the whole “sky is falling/end of the world” mentality. Changes happen, …

Taking It To the Next Level – Part 2

Ever since I started my survey asking all of you a few questions, I have realized that many of you want to take this whole “make money online” thing to the next level. Based on that, I am focusing my …

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