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Fish Giver Week – Part 4

by PotPieGirl on June 5, 2010 · 12 comments

More Free Keywords AND a Special New Guide From Me Today marks the last day of Fish Giver Week here at PotPieGirl.com. All this week, I have been giving away a daily list of niche ideas with keywords and available domain names to go with them. Today is the last list. I’ve had a ball […]

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Fish Giver Week – Part 3

by PotPieGirl on June 3, 2010 · 10 comments

More Free Niche Keywords and Domain Names Here we go, part 3 of Fish Giver Week. This week at PotPieGirl.com I am giving a daily list of different niche ideas with keywords and currently available domain names – for free! I’ve had a ball digging up these little gems of niche site idea and I […]

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Fish Giver Week – Part 2

by PotPieGirl on June 2, 2010 · 15 comments

More Free Fish! Wow, yesterday’s post full of free niche ideas, domain names, and keywords sure went over well! I did a little check a bit ago and most of the domain names are already taken! That is so exciting to me – I love seeing folks take action…and I can’t wait to hear their […]

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Fish Giver Week – Part 1

by PotPieGirl on June 1, 2010 · 29 comments

Can I Just GIVE You a Fish? You know the saying that goes something like: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”? I’ve spent the past few years here at PotPieGirl.com trying to help others learn how to fish – […]

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3 Free Gifts For You

by PotPieGirl on April 30, 2010 · 33 comments

I Found Cool Stuff! I have 3 free things I’ve come across lately and they all get the “cool beans” rating from me. One is free training, one is a free tool, and the other is a free e-course from little ol’ me =) I’ve been a busy, busy girl behind the scenes lately (yes, […]

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How To Use Alexa For Research

by PotPieGirl on March 28, 2010 · 21 comments

Getting Keyword and Niche Ideas from Alexa.com I’ve been crazy busy lately working on my husbands windshield repair business website for his new company. Exciting times for the PotPieGirl family, that’s for sure! In the process of my local search research, I found some cool stats that Alexa is now offering to those that have […]

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When I Was a Newbie

by PotPieGirl on March 17, 2010 · 62 comments

…It Bothered Me, Too Once upon a time, I was a newbie – a broke newbie at that. I absolutely absorbed any and all free information I could get my hands on. I was on tons of lists in hopes that they would each give me one more little piece of the internet marketing puzzle […]

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Should We Censor Blog Comments?

by PotPieGirl on March 15, 2010 · 253 comments

What Do YOU Think? An interesting, and somewhat painful, situation happened on a fellow marketers blog recently. A comment was made about me by a blog reader that was uh…not so nice. The situation sparked conversation and a follow up post from the blog owner. In my opinion, the conversation and opinions were very interesting […]

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How To Make Money On Google

by PotPieGirl on March 8, 2010 · 32 comments

How I Make Money On Google For Free If I’ve been asked once, I’ve been asked a thousand times – “Jennifer, How do you make money on Google?”. When I first started making money online, no one really paid much attention to what I was doing (or they thought it was a scam…or it wouldn’t […]

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Back From Vegas

by PotPieGirl on March 8, 2010 · 29 comments

I Attended The Wealthy Affiliate Private Super Affiliate Conference I just got home from a week in Las Vegas for the private Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference. If I had to sum up the entire experience in one word, it would be “WOW!” Can you imagine sitting in a posh luxury suite table with some […]

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Give More – Make More?

by PotPieGirl on February 24, 2010 · 52 comments

Can You Make More Money Online By Giving? As many of you know, I started internet marketing in early 2007. For the first few months to almost a year, I was doing it wrong. I thought, “I am an internet MARKETER now. Marketers sell – so I must SELL”. And as much as I detested […]

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Time or Money?

by PotPieGirl on February 22, 2010 · 80 comments

Which Can You Afford? I get so many emails and questions asking me if I think someone should do PPC, or outsource articles, or purchase a pre-made website, or buy this program or that program, or do article marketing, or….or…..or…..or…..(you get my point). I know it can be difficult trying to decide where to start, […]

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Happy Anniversary To Me

by PotPieGirl on February 18, 2010 · 65 comments

…And a Happy Birthday, Too! What a busy week or so it’s been! I don’t like it being this long between posts, but time flies by before I even know what’s happened! I figured I’d take a break and let you know (and see) what I’ve been up to. Besides, if your email inbox is […]

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