Pinterest Update Information for Bloggers and Pinterest Marketers

The latest Pinterest Update news and information as well as Pinterest tips for bloggers and Pinterest Marketers. If you’re struggling with your Pinterest results, traffic, repins, and saves – here’s what’s going on with Pinterest this month and all the Pinterest algorithm changes and updates…

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Pinterest Update Information This Month for Bloggers and Pinterest Marketers

Pinterest Changes, News and Tips


Below is a running list of tips and tricks for Pinterest bloggers who want more blog traffic from Pinterest. These are the Pinterest changes in relation to the latest Pinterest update as well as tips to troubleshoot why your traffic from Pinterest is down.


– Pinterest Analytics ‘Glitch’ on July 11th

If your Pinterest Analytics show really weird numbers (or NOTHING) for July 17th and 18th, don’t sweat it – it’s just a glitch on Pinterest’s end.


– BoardBooster Shuts Down

The Boardbooster Pinterest automation tool has announced the closing of their service effective June 27, 2018.

If you were using BoardBooster, try this approved pinning tool instead.


– Tailwind Offers SmartLoop Pinning Automation

Tailwind is slowly rolling out their new “SmartLoop” Pinterest pinning automation option.

This is GREAT news and enables us to automatically rotate popular pins and seasonal pins to boards with a LOT less work!



– Pinterest Profile Name Changes

If you go to edit your Pinterest Profile name, you will notice that we are now limited to only 30 characters.

(tip: some users report they are able to get more than 30 characters in their Pinterest Profile name by editing it via the Tailwind app on their phone)



New Pin Signals To Improve Pinterest Results

Since the latest Pinterest update, these Pin Signals are making a BIG difference for Pinterest Marketers and bloggers helping them regain their lost traffic from Pinterest.

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Pinterest Bloggers Turn To SEO

More and more Pinterest bloggers are learning how to SEO their blog posts to offset their lost blog traffic from Pinterest.

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Pinterest Slapped By Google

Pinterest lost a huge market share of Google search results and the free traffic that comes from it when Google “slapped” Pinterest in the latest Google algorithm update.

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Pinterest Pin Descriptions Update

Pinterest passed down new guidelines for RE-pinning pins and if you should write a unique description for re-pins.

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Deleting Pins – Does It Help?

Should you delete non-performing pins on Pinterest?

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Pinterest Blog Post Image Tips for Bloggers

How to hide an pin image in your blog post… how to show a small image in your post yet allow readers to pin a full size image and more…

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Converting Pinterest Traffic To Sales

Pinterest Marketers are learning how to convert their traffic from Pinterest to more sales and earnings from their blog posts.

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Manual Pinning Strategy That Works

In light of the over-use of Pinterest automation, many successful bloggers still use one strategy for pinning manually AND getting a lot of blog traffic

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Pinterest Approves This Pin Scheduler

Very few pin schedules (automated Pinterest tools) have been approved by Pinterest.

This tool is approved



Getting Paid To Pin on Pinterest

There is a specific online business model that enables you to get paid to pin on Pinterest everyday.

Learn how to make money on Pinterest



Pinterest Traffic Drop Fix

If you’re losing traffic from Pinterest, these this can help you troubleshoot your Pinterest traffic problems and get things back on the right track since the Pinterest changes this month.

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