PotPieGirl’s Beach Vacation Pictures

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Finally got my daughter to download pictures of our family vacation to the beach so it’s time to share the whole PotPieGirl family! I don’t know who else has the experience we had trying to get just ONE good family picture…but Lordy, Lordy…. it took us awhile!

PotPieGirl and Family At The Beach Pictures

(left to right)

Trey, 20 – Hollis, 17 – Lee (my WONDERFUL Hubby) – Me (PotPieGirl) – Ansley, 4 – Darren, 8

We had two more with us….

My daughter, Hollis brought her best friend, Morgan.

My son Trey, brought his wonderful girlfriend, Carissa.

These two young ladies might as well be my daughters, too! They are such a big part of our family!

All 8 of us stayed in a BEAUTIFUL 3-bedroom condo right on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. View over the ocean from one balcony… view over the bay on the other balcony. Simply amazing!

TRYING To Get Just ONE Good Family Picture

It took a LOT of tries for Morgan to be able to grab a good shot of all 6 of us. Either Hollis was talking, Trey was messing with his hat, Ansley was rubbing her eyes (the sun was BRIGHT), or…. yes, even I was talking to Darren. The ONLY one that behaved the whole time was my husband. In fact, it doesn’t look like he even moved a inch throughout all that chaos!

Believe it or not, I LOVE these “oooops” pictures… those pictures are the REAL us.

We’re just a real family…real people…who are really happy and REALLY BLESSED.

There are more pictures on various cameras – I just haven’t gotten my hands on them yet.

As I get them, I will share them in upcoming blog posts.

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