PotPieGirl’s Traffic NOW Technique

You published your page, you submitted it to get indexed,
you pinged, and pinned, and shared, and tweeted
and ALL that STUFF we do in hopes of being found online.

And yet still, we wait…and wait.

We wait for Google to finally rank us well-enough
to get ANY traffic at all…

We wait… and wait…

But what IF you didn’t HAVE to wait?

What if you could get fast, free traffic
that kicks in very quickly?

Would that interest you?



(yep, that’s TNT for short…
because it’s DY-NO-MITE!)

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Here’s some more things you should know about TNT first…

Please read the rest of this page carefully.

8 Things You Need to Know About TNT


TNT is NOT for Beginners or Newbies
unless you have a solid understanding of WordPress.


You MUST have at LEAST one WordPress site of your own
(ie, on your own hosting) for TNT to work the way I do it.

Having Multiple sites works even better.

It doesn’t matter HOW you are monetizing your pages,
or if you’re blogging for page views…
this is about getting traffic TO your pages.

note: if you only have ONE WordPress website
and you would keel over if Google suddenly unloved it because
you believe that Google is the ONLY way to make sales online…
well, you might want to pass on TNT.

While I have had ZERO problems with Google while using TNT,
I don’t really care if Google loves my sites or not.

I stopped putting all my eggs in the Google basket
a long, long time ago – and my results are better for it.

(and so is my stress level! lol!)


If I say, “Add that code to your header” and you do NOT know what that means,
TNT is not right for you at this time.

If you do not have analytics installed on your site(s)
and know how to SEE how traffic gets to your site
and interacts with your site…
TNT is not right for at this time.


TNT will NOT be cheap – not by a long shot.

By sharing my Traffic NOW Technique, I am most likely creating competition for myself
as people copy the niches/keywords they see me having success with in the TNT training.

While TNT will work for any niche, many people like to copy what they see
instead of blazing their own path.

That means I lose sales.

How much are YOUR sales worth to YOU?
How much would an untapped traffic source be worth to YOU?

If I was really smart, I would NOT share this until AFTER the New Year because
I am making a KILLING right now being one of the only ones I can see doing
this technique the way I do.

BUT – I know many of you need an “edge” to get in quickly,
get traffic fast, and rack up those holiday sales while you can.

And I WANT YOU to have all that.

So I’ll share, but it won’t be cheap.


If you are a “nimble” content marketer and feel like you can adjust your sails
and easily flow with a new technique and a new school of thought,
you will LOVE my Traffic NOW Technique.

This is a fast-moving strategy that involves the “other search engine”
and another free-to-use site that took me years to figure out.

It will require some of your own creative thinking once you know how TNT works.

If you love unique ideas that no one else talks about,
and you’re willing and able to work it,
TNT just might be perfect for you.


There is NOTHING else to buy or pay for when using this technique.
If you have your own self-hosted WordPress site, you most likely already
have all the tools you need to do this.

Just to be clear:
TNT is NOT about paying for traffic or ads or anything like that.
TNT is my new way of getting more FREE traffic.

No, it’s not about Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest…
It’s not about Google either.

Again, it’s about working “the other” search engine
and another free-to-use site that doesn’t get talked about much.


Odds are very good that I will NOT honor refund requests for TNT.

Let’s be real for a moment.

If I buy a pdf training guide and read it, what right do I have to get a refund
on information I already learned AND I still have the pdf guide?

If you cannot accept making a purchase with no refund guarantee,
please skip my Traffic NOW Technique – it’s not for you.

note: I am not saying this to be mean – I am simply tired of the
“I’ll buy it, download it, share it will all my friends and on sharing forums…
and then I’ll just get a refund” mentality.

I KNOW that if one follows my directions, TNT will work.


How can you be sure it will work?

Let me just take a moment to be a bit boastful, ok?

If you have ever purchased and IMPLEMENTED:

– my One Week Marketing training,
– my What Works Now Guides
(either the First Edition and/or the Second Edition),
– my Reverse Attack Marketing guides,
– and/or my Pinterest Success Strategies

you already KNOW my training works.

I do NOT crank out re-hashed techniques and ideas.

I do NOT teach what I do not DO.

The training one buys from me is the kind of info that one does NOT find anywhere else.

I take a massive amount of pride in that.

Ok, All That Said and Out Of the Way…

If you are comfortable with, you accept, AND you completely understand
everything I said in the 8 points above….

==>> Access PotPieGirl’s TNT Training Here


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