Lenses for Sale

Squidoo Lenses for Sale

Pre-made “lens packs” for sale from PotPieGirl. These Squidoo lens packs are ideal to boost your exposure in the search engines, to help improve the PR of your site with powerful back-links, and for additional revenue opportunities for your online business.


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Squidoo Lenses for Sale – New Lens Pack Now Available

These Squidoo Pages for sale Added 2-26-2008

Created a lens pack two weeks ago in a cool little niche that shows real promise. High search volume and not too much competition in the search engines .

All the details can be found in this .pdf information pack for these Squidoo lenses for sale.


Buy a Squidoo Lens 5-Pack | Health, Fitness, Weight Loss Niche


Click Here to Download a .pdf of the Complete Stats and Details for these 5 Squidoo Lenses for Sale

The Squidoo Lens Pack currently for sale is based on the weight loss niche. The weight loss niche is a very competitive market and extra exposure with Squidoo lenses could do your business a lot of good.

This weight loss Squidoo Lens 5-pack has five lenses that are keyword optimized around long-tail search terms enabling your site or affiliate marketing campaign to enjoy a stronger presence in the search engines. Squidoo.com is currently a Page Rank 7 and each lens earns its own PR over time, too.

To further boost the power of this lens pack, an article distribution process has already been initiated to further increase the optimized backlinks to these Squidoo lenses which will help with traffic and future Page Rank. This article distribution process was done under a pen name that will be disclosed to the new owner.

These 5 lenses for sale are inter-linked but none have reciprocal links to better enjoy the power of one-way links.

For those that are interested in these Squidoo lenses and do NOT have a web site to promote with them, each lens is currently monetized for an example of how to use Squidoo as a stand-alone platform for earnings potential. There is one Amazon co-op lens that will transfer to the new owner and there is one Clickbank product that can be switched out with your affiliate id very easily.

For those that would like these lenses to further enhance their weight loss focused web sites, the content on these lenses is well optimized and ready to link out to your site with strong anchor text. This allows not only income potential from the Squidoo lens itself, but also enhanced traffic to your site.

Squidoo Lenses for Sale

These are the 5 lenses currently available for sale from PotPieGirl.

Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 30

Lose Weight Fast Diet Tips

Natural Weight Loss Tips

The Easy Weight Loss Diet

Click Here to Download a .pdf of the Complete Stats and Details for these 5 Squidoo Lenses for Sale

The price for this custom Squidoo lens pack of five lenses is $500. Lenses are available for single purchase at the rate of $150 each. This lens pack is designed to all go to one good home, but I will allow individual lenses be sold for that rate.

Payment through PayPal only. Once the payment is complete, these 5 lenses will be transferred to your Squidoo account.

If interested, please email me directly at potpiegirl(at)potpieworld(dot)com.

Why buy your Squidoo lens from PotPieGirl?

I am one of the Top 100 lensmasters on Squidoo, have been awarded the “Giant Squidoo” badge for successful lensmasters, and I am also the developer of the Squidoo Profit System.

Any questions? Want lenses custom made for your needs? Email me – I’ll get back to you asap.


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