Video Update

Checking In With You

Hey everyone! Made a video tonight so I could share what’s been going on in with me lately (as in, where the heck I’ve been). As many of you know, I’ve got “something new” coming out and we’ve been hard at work. What is the something new? Who is the “we”? What’s in Boise? All those questions are answered plus some college football talk are in today’s video (but, please don’t judge me for how I look – I am exhausted!)


  1. Darryl Brashier
  2. Darryl Brashier
  3. Deb H
  4. Sumaya Kabbara El Ayoubi
  5. Wid
  6. George
  7. nette
  8. Alexa
  9. rich
  10. Charlu
  11. maz
  12. Mark
  13. mary
  14. Patricia
  15. Bud Corwin
  16. Joe
  17. Richard
  18. Sunshine
  19. Bo Larsen
  20. Linda
  21. Daniel Rice
  22. Al
  23. Tom
  24. Susanne
  25. Al
  26. Louise
  27. Al
  28. Kat