3 Article Marketing Strategies

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3 Ways To Use Article Marketing

After posting my article marketing strategy the other day here at PotPieGirl.com I realized that perhaps we need to talk about article marketing in general. There are 3 “types” of article marketing strategies – each accomplish something different and are done differently. When trying to make money online it is important to understand each type of article marketing, what each does to help your online business, and be clear about why you are writing articles in the first place. Let’s talk about the three unique styles of article marketing so you can choose which strategy will be best for you.

Understanding How Article Marketing Works

The term “article marketing” can mean many things and each can have a different result when done properly. The problem is, that term “article marketing” is all bunched together into one lump concept and it causes a LOT of confusion.

The 3 main types of article marketing are Direct Article Marketing, Article Marketing for Traffic, and Article Marketing for Backlinks.

Let’s look at each one.

1. Direct Article Marketing

Direct article marketing is the process of putting your articles online and having each article link directly to the page that makes you money. In other words – the link goes straight to the sales page via your affiliate link.

direct article marketing strategy

In that graph, A= your article and $= the page that makes you money (the sales page).

In short, you are writing articles with the sole intention of getting people to read your articles and click straight through via your affiliate link to the page that makes you money. In most cases, this is the sales page – but in all cases it is the page you want the reader on because that is the last step before they buy something.

Pros of Direct Article Marketing

1. Easy.
First off, direct article marketing is easy… not just easy to do, but it’s easy to understand and perfect for those that are new to this whole “make money online” thing.

2. Free.
You can do direct article marketing for no cost what-so-ever.

3. Uncomplicated.
This is one of those great techniques to make money online that is very basic. No need for a website, no need for a long, drawn out, and complicated learning curve. Just write, submit and go (and then repeat, repeat, repeat).

4. “Noise-Free”.
What I like about this technique is that it is not nearly as “noisy” as all the other things we can do to make money online. You don’t need other tools and learning programs… you don’t have to keep up with the “latest and greatest” – you just write on your own time and as often as you can. The more you write, the more you can earn.

Cons of Direct Article Marketing

1. A Lot Of Writing.
You need to write often and submit articles as often as you can. This is not a “write one article and get rich” thing by any means.

2. Affiliate Links.
Many good article directories will not allow the use of affiliate links in the articles they publish. There is a totally ok way to get around this, but it can cost a little bit (less than $10 a YEAR).

I have a completely free online course that teaches all about Direct Article Marketing and it teaches how to get around the “no affiliate link” rule that many article directories have.

If you are brand new to all this, or are just wanting a “no fuss, no muss – and no NOISE” way to work a few hours a day and make money online, this would be perfect for you.

The name of my free course is The DAM Way and you can find it at theDAMway.com

(and no, I’m not saying bad words… DAM stands for Direct Article Marketing 😉 )

2. Article Marketing for Traffic

Article marketing for traffic is a bit different. There is another web page involved that DOES allow affiliate links. This “other” page is called a “Landing Page”.

This Landing Page can be a page on your own website or a page on a free-to-use site (like Squidoo or Blogspot, etc). In short, you make a landing page and then write articles to push traffic to your landing page in hopes that those people will take whatever action your want them to take (ie, sign up for something, buy something, join your mailing list, etc). For this example, we will be writing articles to push traffic to a landing page that has our affiliate links.

article marketing for traffic

In this graph – A= Your Article LP = Your Landing Page and $= The Sales Page

The immediate goal of this type of article marketing is to bring traffic to our landing pages. We put our articles on high-authority sites that are free to use because those sites rank well in Google. When someone searches in Google for the things we write about, they find out articles, click through the link and end up on our landing page. At this point (we hope) the reader clicks one of our affiliate links and buys something (earning us a nice juicy commission).

While we tend to write things in our article to encourage people to WANT to click and see our page, these articles are not promotional. They are general interest/informative articles that would appeal to someone who would be interested in the product we are promoting (same as Direct Article Marketing).

These articles CAN be used to help our landing pages rank better in Google if we make the links to our landing pages clickable words that we want our landing page to rank in Google for, but that is not the primary goal for writing these articles.

Pros Of Article Marketing For Traffic

1. Can be totally FREE.
You can do this entire system using all free sites.

2. Repeat Readers.
Enables you to build a readership for your blog.

3. Lists.
Also gives you the opportunity (if you want) to build a mailing list of your visitors so you can communicate with them long after they are gone from your page. Email marketing (list marketing) is a very powerful part of internet marketing.

4. Pre-Selling.
This article marketing strategy enables you to “pre-sell” readers on your product better than sending them straight to a sales page (like you do with Direct Article Marketing). You can review/compare more than one product, talk about your experience with a product or in a situation where someone might need that product… whatever, it just gives you more opportunity to connect with the reader.

Cons Of Article Marketing For Traffic

1. There aren’t any Cons.
Seriously, it’s a great technique that can be done for your own sites or with free-to-use sites. The more you write, the more traffic you can bring to your landing page. You don’t have to worry about getting around affiliate link usage either.

In fact, many people make a nice extra income (or more) from this simple strategy alone. Here is a video about a woman who makes over 100k a year doing this simple article marketing technique.

Article Marketing for Traffic using free sites is how I started making money online. The cost to start and do this technique is ZERO. Once you understand the basic concept of Direct Article Marketing taught in The DAM Way, you’ll be set to learn my way of using free sites to make money online.

I teach how to make money online using free websites and free techniques in One Week Marketing (OneWeekMarketing.com).

3. Article Marketing for Backlinks

The third type of article marketing is when you submit articles in order to receive backlinks to your web page and those backlinks help your web page rank better in Google and other search engines.

article marketing for backlinks

In this graph – A= Your Article, LP = Your Landing Page (lens, blog post, website, etc), SERPS = Search Engine Results Pages (ie, Google).

The primary purpose of this type of article marketing is to get backlinks to your web page from many different sources. We don’t particularly care if these articles rank well or if they bring us traffic. We want these articles to help OUR web pages rank well

The basic concept is that you write quality and useful articles on some topic that is related to the theme of your landing page. Within these articles (or in the author bio box) we are permitted to have links. We make those links clickable words that we want our landing page to rank in Google for.

The higher you rank in Google, the more organic (free) traffic your landing page will get. Theory is, more traffic means more sales.

Also, backlinks to your sites/landing pages help build authority and trust for your site/web page.

The “secret” is to get your articles syndicated to as many different sites as possible. We want as many links from as many different domains as we can get.

Now, this can be done with the exact same article all over tons of websites – but that is not the best idea in my opinion. I have done a LOT of article marketing for backlinks and have tried all kinds of ways to get my articles syndicated across the web.

Note: these articles are NOT monetized – meaning, there are no affiliate links or anything promotional about them. You are giving other sites free, quality articles to put on their site in exchange for a link (or links) to your site (or page).

I have narrowed down my own personal article marketing strategy that I use to gain back links and make my sites/web pages rank higher in Google. My system requires only ONE unique article…but gets you many, many quality backlinks from all over the web.

If you’d like to learn my article marketing for back links strategy, read this post here.

Summing It All Up

These are the 3 main types of article marketing and what each can achieve for you.

You can combine #2 and #3 so your articles both help bring you traffic AND help you rank better in Google. But #1 (Direct Article Marketing) is a system that is not used for any other purpose than to make money directly from your articles.

Many, many people ask me “Should I do…… {this, that or the other thing} when article marketing?” “Does article marketing work?” “What is the best way to {insert anything} with article marketing? etc etc etc.

My main answer is always – “WHAT do you want to achieve with your article marketing? What is your goal?”

Once you know your goal, deciding which article marketing strategy is best for you is easy.

Just pick one 😉

One Last thing… If you haven’t gotten any of the cool free stuff that’s listed at the top of this post (in the red box) you might want to hurry and get it. All these cool pre-launch freebies will be gone starting tomorrow.

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