7 Simple Ways To Get Profitable Blog Post Ideas (even when your brain is completely blank)

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It happens to all bloggers from time to time – we open the create new post screen, see that big BLANK white space we need to fill with words and then:  our mind goes completely blank.

What happened to all those great post ideas you had as you were falling asleep last night?  What happened to that amazing idea you had in the shower?

WHY can’t you think of ANYTHING to blog about today?

Sound familiar?

If so, read on and I’ll share 7 simple ways to get great blog post ideas right now.

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How to find profitable blog post ideas? Try these 7 easy ways. From PotPieGirl.com

1 – Look at Your Amazon Sales

This is one of my FAVORITE ways to get post ideas for any of my “niche” blogs.

I simply open up my Amazon stats and pick the most-expensive product I sold the day before.

Tip #1 - Look in your Amazon stats for ideas on what to blog about today

Yes!  I WOULD like to make more Amazon sales like that  =)

This technique is something I do every, single day.

I love finding sales of products I don’t promote already – and I’ve never seen before.

What people BUY is a huge clue as to what you should blog about.

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What if it’s a product I already promote?

That’s a great question!

In the case of that sale above, it IS a type of product I already promote on that niche blog.

BUT, I don’t link that that specific product.

So, there are two choices I have in this situation.

  1.  Edit the current post to add that product to the page, or
  2. Make a NEW post with a unique angle and include that product.

Or…. both.

And “both” is my choice in this situation.

I added that product to my current post AND I see a unique angle for a NEW post.

For example, say you have a post about red shoes.

And the product you found in your Amazon sales stats is a pair of red boots.

I would make a new post about red boots and then go edit my post about red shoes, add a link to the red boots AND link to my new post about red boots.

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2 – Ask Pinterest

Yep, I said to “ask Pinterest” what you should blog about today.

If you click your mouse inside the Pinterest search bar, Pinterest will tell you topics that are trending.

Tip #2 Ask Pinterest What You Should Blog About Today

What better idea to blog about than a topic that people are looking for?

Thanks, Pinterest – you’re my favorite!

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3 – Brainstorm with This Tool

When my brain is totally blank, I’ll head on over to BuzzSumo.com and use their “Most Shared” tool.

Then, I simply type in some random “idea generator” search strings, like…

Tip #3 - What to blog about today? Find popular ideas with this tool


If I were in the shoes niche of foot issues niche, that would be a great blog topic.

You can also use the * symbol to get more ideas:

Tip #3 - Unique way to get blog posts ideas


You can get TONS of ideas just sitting there and using that * wildcard trick.


4 – What’s Trending on the Web

Using the same tool, just click the “Trending Now” link and you’ll see what is popular now in all kinds of categories.

Tip #4 - how to find good ideas for new blog posts

That right there would be an awesome post idea for me to write about on my blog since my new What Works Now guide is all about my proven ways for Amazon affiliates to improve their clicks and sales.

And with the Holiday shopping season quickly approaching, we ALL want more clicks and sales  =)

Ready to increase your clicks and sales on your posts? Read this.


5 – Find What People Want To Know

I love this free little tool called AnswerThePublic.com.

You just type in a word or phrase… (I typed in best gifts for ) and the tool will generate lots of ideas that people DO want to find.

Tip #5 - How to get ideas for blog posts

Pretty nifty, right?

ENDLESS blog post topic ideas in there!


6 – Find Products People Are Looking For

Another free tool (though I use their paid version because I love this tool):  MerchantWords.com

This tool tells you what keywords people are using in the search bar on Amazon.

In other words, things people are looking to BUY.

I type in seed word or phrase:

Tip #6 - How To Find Profitable Blog Post Ideas

And then the tool gives me real keywords that real people are using to find things on Amazon.

Tip #6 - Find keywords people use on Amazon to find things to BUY

And yes, those are search volume numbers you see there  =)


7 – Use What You Have

I love this idea – and it works really well AND is great for your internal linking.

Lets say you do have a blog about shoes.  You have a post for red shoes and  a post for brown shoes and a post for black shoes and and a post for boots, etc etc.

So, do a post about something like Best Shoes For Your Fall Outfits This Year.

Then, you link to all your posts that work for that topic.

Easy AND effective  =)


And a Bonus Idea

One simple thing you can do to instantly increase your Amazon affiliate earningsMany times, you’ll have a little bit of time to work on your site, but you don’t have enough time to create a completely new post.

In those situations, pick a post that made a sale yesterday, or recently, and make sure the products you sold are linked to from your post.

This can be a very simple way to up the earnings from that post.

For example, let’s use that example of a post about red shoes again.

You might show a lot of red shoes that are all high-heeled shoes, but when you look in your Amazon stats, you see they are actually buying red flats.

By simply adding and linking to red flats, you could instantly increase the earnings from that page by being more inline with what your readers really want.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Tip: Instantly increase your Amazon affiliate earnings by doing this. ” quote=”Tip: Instantly increase your Amazon affiliate earnings by being more inline with what people WANT”]

Ok, YOUR turn.

Do you have any clever ways of coming up with ideas for your blog posts?



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