This Is Going To Be The WORST Sales Page EVER


Probably Because I Really Don't Care If Anyone Buys Or Not

(nice, huh? but at least I DO still have a tacky red headline!)

After talking with my readers so much about the power of little niche sites and my love of making these sites, I realized it just might be time to release my own guide on how I do this.

You see, I have my own simple little system that I repeat over and over again for making small, targeted niche websites - and it works pretty darn well for me  =)

All of my system is backed up by my own testing and case studies - and those little tips and tricks I do to make things work even better.

Thing is, by letting others have a copy of my system, I am in fact, creating more competition for ME.

I'm not thinking that is too smart, are you?

Reality is, there is more than enough to go around, so as long as sales of this guide don't go haywire on me, it will all be fine.


While I am excited to share this information - and it's sure been a long time coming - I am not overly excited about making more competition for myself.

Therefor, I'm not all "gung-ho" about making sales...


Guess that makes me the worst internet marketer ever?  With the worst sales page ever?


It just might.

So, here's the thing - there are two ways to get this guide - one is free, the other is not.

If you're interested, keep reading.

if you're not - Thank you for stopping by and taking a look.

Please Note:  This is NOT a "beginners guide" or what some refer to as a "newbie guide".

This is NOT about article marketing, nor is it about using free sites or buying traffic (I hate buying traffic....I like FREE traffic!)

In order to put this technique into use immediately, you will need understanding of buying domain names, hosting, adding sites to your hosting, and installing WordPress (if you choose to make your sites with WordPress).

If you do NOT already understand these things, you will need to learn them before you will be able to take action with this guide.  I do not teach these basics in this guide.

Please do not buy this guide with the thought that you'll just get a refund if it appears too hard for you, not what you wanted, surprised because it takes effort, or any of those other reasons.  There is no affiliate program for this guide so all refund requests will go through me - and I'm gonna be hard-pressed to issue a refund when you have the information you purchased.  It's hard to return knowledge, isn't it?

So please, if you're going into this guide with the forethought of "I'll just get a refund", please just don't buy it, ok?  I don't want to sound mean, but anyone who has been in the internet marketing world for an extended amount of time knows what I am trying to prevent.

One last thing before I move on:

I can not and I will not guarantee any earnings or rankings, or anything else about your results with this guide.  Nor can ANYONE else.  Your results are purely up to YOU and YOUR actions.  I believe in this technique and I use it all the time, but I can't promise you anything about how YOU will do with this technique.

Alrighty... all that said and out of the way, let's take a look at what is in the guide.

Here is the table of contents - topics followed by the page number:

PotPieGirl's Mini Sites

Table of Contents

Welcome! 2

What Does It Take To Rank in Google? 3

Domain Name 5

What about hyphens in the domain name? 6

So..... Should I Get a .com? .net? ,org? ,info? 6

Case Study #1 6

Case Study #2 8

What about the domains with the hyphens in them? 9

In Summary - 9

About using .org 10

About Title Tags 10

About Back Links 10

Getting Indexed 12

Ranking Back Links 14

So, how does a link pass ranking value? 15

So, how do you know if your back links are passing ranking value? 16

Summary 19

Case Study #3 19

Mid-Way Check Point 20

Finding Keywords For Your Niche Site 20

When it comes to my system for niche sites, all I really want to know is: 22

So, What Am I Looking For When Researching a Niche Site Keyword? 23

Seed Keyword: 23

Modified Keywords: 23

What Kind Of Search Volume? 24

Exact Match and Phrase Match 26

Are Keyword Tools Right? 27

Making Your Niche Site 28

About WordPress Themes 29

Adding To your Site 30

Getting Google To Find You 31

Monetizing Your Site 32

Building Back Links 32

What About Anchor Text? 33

How Many Back Links Will I Need? 33

The Simple Steps - Review 35

What About.......(common questions) 36

How Often Do I Need To Post/Add New Content? 37

What About Buying Domain Names With Brand Names In Them? 38

What Happens If I Buy A Domain Name With a Brand Name In It? 39

Why Don't You Have Us Searching Google With Our Keyword In Quotes? 39

What About Competing With Old Web Pages/ Ones With High Page Rank? 40

Does That Mean All The Good .com's Are Taken? 40

The Beauty of This Technique 41

Things I Use: 42

In Closing 43

That's about all I am going to share about what is INSIDE this guide.  For those that are looking for a way to make profitable small niche websites, you most likely will really enjoy this guide.

If you are NOT into making websites, then that table of contents probably did nothing for you  =)

How To Get This Guide

There are two ways to get this guide if you want it.

1.  Pay For It and get instant delivery, or

2.  Join Wealthy Affiliate thru my link and get a copy of this guide for free.  Those that join Wealthy Affiliate thru me will get a free copy of this guide on June 8th INSIDE the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Details will be on my WA blog on June 8th with instructions on how to get your free copy.

If you choose to get the free copy, please do not email me or open a support ticket asking to get your copy before June 8th, ok? 

Everyone getting the free copy will get it at the same time, in the same place on June 8th. 

If by June 9th you didn't get a copy, THEN open a support ticket, ok? 

Option One - Buy Now

If you'd like to buy your copy now, the price is $43.

Why $43?

I suppose this is where I am supposed to be a good little marketer and list all the benefits, show earnings screen shots, tell you how it will change your life, and all that other fun stuff like a "good" sales page does....but I'm not.

The price is $43 because...

1.  I am 43 years old and it seemed like a good number.

2.  $43 is really not enough for this information, but $93 seemed to take this information out of reach for many folks - and I don't want to do that.

If you'd like to buy this guide, payment is thru PayPal only.  Click the Buy Now button and be sure to click "return to merchant" after completing your payment so you can get your download.


Pay Here:

(note: If you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you joined thru me - do NOT buy this guide.  You will be getting a free copy inside Wealthy Affiliate on June 8th)

Option Two - Get This Guide For Free

If you'd like to get a free copy of this guide, all you have to do is join Wealthy Affiliate thru my link.  A free copy will be available for you on my Wealthy Affiliate Blog (inside Wealthy Affiliate) on June 8th

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Ok, that's all there is to it.  If you have any questions please re-read this info page and be SURE I didn't already address your question.

If you still have questions, please feel free to open a support ticket at my help desk -

Thank you for dealing with this unusual and not so "warm and fuzzy" sales page!

Have a great day - and have fun building little niche sites!