PotPieGirl’s Affiliate Program Information

Many people have asked me HOW to become an affiliate for my training courses.

If YOU are one of those people…

First off, THANK YOU!

Secondly – this page is for YOU =)

All my training courses run on either SendOwl or on the JVZoo platform. If you’re already a JVZoo affiliate and know how to find products within the JVZoo system, you’re good to go.

For my SendOwl products, sign up to become an affiliate here.

Otherwise, all needed info for the PotPieGirl Affiliate Program is on this page.

PotPieGirl's Affiliate Program Info - How To Be a PotPieGirl Product Affiliate

Please note: I do NOT ever pay commissions when you use your own affiliate to purchase for yourself as a way to get a discount – period.

As a business owner yourself, I’m sure you can understand that.

The Rules

Along with all other applicable FTC and online marketing rules/regulations, PLEASE do NOT be one of those crappy affiliates that love to promote with the whole Product Name Scam garbage.

Promote genuinely with integrity, ok?

It’s rare for me to blacklist an affiliate from all my products now, AND in the future, but I’ve done it – and will continue to do it whenever necessary.

In short, if you respect me and my business, I will absolutely respect you and your business. Deal?

Do You Offer Review Copies?

Ugh, my least favorite question ever in this business!

As an affiliate myself, AND as someone who TEACHES affiliate marketing, the best thing you can do is to plop down your own money to purchase a product and THEN decide to promote and/or review it.

With your own money being on the line, you truly are able to promote and/or review from a place of “is it worth the money?”

That said…

When it comes to “review copies”, I’m sure almost all other product vendors will agree with me…

If you have a large email list and/or you’re a person of “influence” in this industry – sure, you can ask for a “review copy”.

But, if you’re asking for a “review copy” to avoid paying for it and only intend to use said product for your own personal use…. please, just don’t be that person, ok?

If you don’t feel as if you’re a “person of influence”, yet you’d love to review said product without paying for it…

Get approved as an affiliate and make a few sales BEFORE asking for a “review copy”, ok?

My training is NOT expensive and any genuine marketer would gladly accept that business expense to review something genuinely.

PotPieGirls Products:

Below are links to the affiliate request page for each of the following PotPieGirl products.

All links *should* open in a new tab/window so you don’t lose your place.

What Works NOW 2019

Time-Saving Tips & Tricks That Work NOW For Better Blogging Results While You Work LESS

Sales page

Affiliate Request/Info Page

Google Pleaser

Are you ready to finally learn how to quickly and easily pick the RIGHT keywords for massive success in Google?

Sales page

Affiliate Request/Info Page

Niche Post Conversion Strategies

13 Easy Strategies To Double – or TRIPLE – Your Affiliate Sales. Simple tweaks to make MORE affiliate sales from your existing blog posts even if you get very little traffic

Sales page

Affiliate Request/Info Page

What Works NOW 2018

This is THE guide that everyone is excited for me to release each year – and now, it’s ready!

Sales page

Affiliate Request/Info Page

10 Step SEO for Pinterest Bloggers

This little guide has made a HUGE difference for many bloggers who struggle with keywords and ranking in Google.

Sales page

Affiliate Request/Info Page

Pinterest Improvement Master Plan (P.I.M.P.)

Experienced Pinterest users LOVE this training!

Sales page

Affiliate Request/Info Page

Pinterest Success Strategies

More of a “Pinterest 101” training.

Training Sales Page

Affiliate Info/Request Page

Pin Signals

note: this is NOT an “Instant Commission” product. This product (and a few others) are on my new favorite product delivery platform and it’s MUCH better!

Training Sales Page

Affiliate Info/Request Page

If you need any help, have questions, etc…

My Help Desk is:


Thanks SO much for your interest in promoting PotPieGirl Products!!


How to promote PotPieGirl's Training for INSTANT PAYPAL COMMISSIONS.  All info on this affiliate info page.

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