Autopilot Earnings From Squidoo Lenses

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Don’t you just HATE headlines like that? “Autopilot Earnings” – ugh! But – isn’t that the point of all this make money online stuff? Don’t we all want to create web pages, nurture them, love them, tweak they just a bit…and then… kick them out of the nest to let them fly on their own? “Flying on their own” – “autopilot”… is there a difference? Nope! Let’s check in and see how my auotpilot Squidoo lenses are doing.

Don’t Ya Just LOVE It When A Plan Comes Together?

I love ideas, techniques, and systems for online marketing that actually WORK! It gets me all fired up to find things that really are profitable – and effective – and well, just GOOD. Y’all know I went nuts over and I set out to implement the techniques just about immediately.

Them dang lenses just took off! In my last post about my Squidoo Cash Machine lenses, I showed proof that I made TEN sales in the first week or so of BRAND NEW lenses! I couldn’t believe it! Just by using this little pea brain of mine and applying the techniques in the guide, I actually created a VERY profitable Squidoo campaign.

So, here we are now, 18 days after these lenses were created… How are they doing NOW?

These Lenses Are Unbelievable!

Folks, I haven’t even touched these lenses since before the last time I showed the screenshot of that Squidoo dashboard.

Here is the stats I showed from these lenses from the dashboard on 7-29 (stats are from 7-28-2008)

Here is the screenshot I took of that same dashboard just moments ago – notice the ‘edited’ dates are still the same =)

Pretty sweet, huh?

How About The Sales From These Autopilot Lenses?

Ohhhh, yes…. the sales. Sales have remained strong and consistent.

18 days… 18 sales!


Sorry, I had to make the font a bit smaller to get everything on one screen (yup, I am a total graphics GENIUS – NOT!)

In 18 days, those lenses earned me $397.62 (no returns either lol). That means that little autopilot Squidoo campaign will most likely make me about $660 – $680 a MONTH.

Just goes to show what can happen when you find a hungry market in an ‘evergreen’ niche…and get an optimized Squidoo campaign running for it. No PPC, no costs at all….nothing but your time.

It took me a few hours to set up that Squidoo Cash Machine lens campaign..and I have built quite a few more since (with products that have higher commissions). 😉

I am starting to crank out days on Clickbank like I have NEVER had before. It is so wonderful when things come together! To all those that emailed and asked how my lenses were doing, THANK YOU for asking!

And folks, If you are ready to take your Squidoo lenses to a new level like I was, get Squidoo Cash Machine.

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