Blogging My Butt Off – blogging burnout for this niche blogger

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I have been blogging my butt off. Seriously – I don’t think my butt is there any longer. Or, my butt is just numb from sitting here at this computer for hours on end as I’ve been creating my empire of niche blogs.

But (butt?), no matter how burnt-out I am right now, I am loving niche blogging. Each niche blog is a different niche. I opted to not do the whole “tie all your blogs together in a niche network” method. I like variety…don’t tie me down to one subject. Besides, if all the niche blogs are closely related in topic, wouldn’t it get boring and repetitive? I know it sure would for me!

I really put off getting into blogging. I knew it was a powerful free resource that I was ignoring. I also knew it was the perfect platform to tie article marketing and Squidoo together, but I still didn’t do it.

Why? I think some of it may have had to do with “learning burnout”. Coming into internet marketing there is SO much to learn, and I taught myself so much. It seemed every step I took I found more to read and a heap that I didn’t know that required me educating myself about.

I think I got tired of learning =)

Finally, I took the plunge and took my own blogging advice for new bloggers. Then, I delved into niche blogging.

Basically, niche blogging is blogging about very tightly focused topics and gearing the reader towards one, or two, affiliate products or monetizing actions. Adsense is a common blog monetization technique, but I’ll tell ya what… I was in NO hurry to try and make another $3.50 a month from adsense ads (sarcasm intended…thank you for noticing). Finally, I gave in and learned how to earn money from adsense on niche blogs and actually see results of it working. Each niche blog I add to my collection justs adds more revenue to my pocket now that I “get it”.

I know there are professional bloggers out there that make really good money from one individual blog. However, I don’t think that is a reality for the average joe (or jane). Blogging for profit for those that want no overhead and very little investment takes a LOT of blogs.

And that is exactly what I’ve been doing – making a LOT of blogs…and each blog takes a LOT of content and keyword research.

So, I’ve been blogging my butt off. But, by golly, I can already see results! When you combine niche blogging, article marketing, and Squidoo….wow…. total niche domination.

I’m hoping that by blogging my butt off now and getting all the seeds planted, that I will be able to golf my butt off more later while my niche blogs make money for me with a lot less work.

I’m all about this computer of mine generating long-term passive income for me. If that means a case of numb-butt for a few months in exchange for a healthy, low-effort income coming in later – I’m all for it!

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