BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy


BoardBooster Has Decided To Close Their Doors and Their Service Will No Longer Be Available Effective June 27, 2018.

From the BoardBooster owner:

“We have some sad news to share. BoardBooster will shut down on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 after four exciting years. We were always focused on listening to our users and helping them succeed on Pinterest. Unfortunately, BoardBooster’s approach to pinning is no longer allowed. Our attempts to obtain the official partner status for BoardBooster did not work out, so it’s time to move on. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause to you!”

In light of this news, this training is no longer available since the BoardBooster Pinterest Automation tool is no longer available.

To Learn How To Automate Your Pinterest NOW, take a look at Pin Signals.

Even when applying my BoardBooster Strategy below to a small Pinterest account
(my PotPieGirl Pinterest account),
you can see a MASSIVE increase in the clicks and
free traffic FROM Pinterest TO this site,

How to use BoardBooster - How Does BoardBooster Work?  This Pinterest Scheduler tool is AMAZING - when you use it properly.  Here's how I use it.

That graph above is showing how my Pinterest pins to this site
went from barely 150 clicks a day

To almost 800 clicks a day from Pinterest!

Oh, how I L-O-V-E Free Traffic!

And my Free Traffic from Pinterest improved like that VERY QUICKLY.

I have a LOT of websites… and multiple Pinterest accounts.

But naturally, my own PotPieGirl Pinterest account was the LAST one I went to work on.

“the cobblers children have no shoes”? lol!

By using my basic Pinterest growth techniques that I share in my Pinterest Success Strategies
AND THEN applying my BoardBooster strategy below,
I saw an immediate and drastic increase in clicks to this site from Pinterest.

So let’s talk BoardBooster…
and how to make the BoardBooster Pinterest Scheduling Tool work for YOU.

note: you can try BoardBooster for Free here

What IS BoardBooster?

BoardBooster is a Pinterest Pin Scheduling Tool.

It is a very inexpensive way to auto-“magically”
keep your Pinterest pins in front of Pinterest users.

When you keep your pins circulating on Pinterest
your pins get more REPINS and, most importantly, your pins get more CLICKS to your site(s)

BoardBooster also saves an ENORMOUS amount of TIME.

Pinterest requires a good bit of daily pinning
in order to get the best results FROM Pinterest.

BoardBooster does that daily work FOR you.

But – Here’s the Problem with BoardBooster:

BoardBooster is SUPER confusing to figure out!

It offers scheduling, looping, campaigns…
and all of those options can be set up
in MANY different ways.

ALL those options – how the heck do you USE it?

Plus – I’ll be the first to say it out loud…
Just one quick look at the BoardBooster platform and one might think,

“There’s NO WAY that basic looking tool could work to help me get more traffic from Pinterest!”

Am I right?

I can tell you that I definitely thought that when I first logged into BoardBooster.

When I first started trying to figure BoardBooster out
I ended up feeling (and looking) just like this cat!

Please tell me I’m not the only one
who suffered from BoardBooster confusion!!

Naturally, I went around online reading “BoardBooster Reviews” –
and needless to say, about 98% of those “reviews” just repeated what one can read
right on the BoardBooster site (that frustrates me!)

There were a few ideas for BoardBooster Strategies that were ok,
but they all left out something that is SO important-
ESPECIALLY right now.

So I did what I always do:

I figured BoardBooster out for myself!

If you’re someone, like me, that loves to test, tweak,
break, and bend tools and strategies
to MAKE them work the best way possible,
you’re gonna love what I have to share with you today.

And if you LOVE free traffic from Pinterest…
well, THIS is for YOU!

Want to learn my BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy?

Trust me, you’re gonna love it!

My BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy is all clearly explained,
inside an info-packed 40+ page pdf Guide.

Learn exactly how To use BoardBooster for more Pinterest traffic. PotPieGirl's BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy WORKS and it's so easy to do. Try it - you'll LOVE it!

No upsells, or OTO’s, or downsells, or anything wonky like that…

Just low payment, one offer – and the sooner you purchase,
the cheaper it will be for you.

It Took 40 PAGES to Explain This Strategy?!?!

Yep, sure did….but it is NOT hard to do at ALL.

It’s an easy read – and an easy strategy to replicate.

Do it once, and you got it.

You’ll be all set to have BoardBooster working for YOU
24 hours a day, 7 days a week… auto-magically.

Heck, I even share a way to make my BoardBooster Strategy
even MORE powerful (I love advanced tips, don’t you?)

I work HARD to put out unique, original, and highly effective training
that outlines strategies that *I* use in my own day-to-day business.

When I teach something, odds are VERY good that
you are NOT going to find anyone else teaching it.

This is not a strategy I’ve seen anyone else share…

and yes, there are LOTS of pictures to help you along the way =)

Now, please believe me:

There is not an ounce of FLUFF
inside my Strategy Guide…

I not only explain, and SHOW, each step of my BoardBooster Strategy,
I also INSIST on sharing WHY it’s done that way.

Getting an awesome and effective strategy for free traffic is awesome,
but LEARNING more in the process will make you even better with Pinterest.

Want my BoardBooster Strategy Guide?

Then grab it right now…
This is set up as a “Dime Sale”
meaning: the price goes up after EVERY purchase.

Ok, let’s get back into talking about all this…

and let me show you some stats and results
from using my BoardBooster Strategy.

As we already discussed, BoardBooster has a LOT of options –

And there’s very little UNIQUE info to help you figure it out,
let alone learn which way works BEST!

It took me months to figure it out – but I did!

Now BoardBooster is working FOR me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….

and my Pinterest Traffic keeps growing and growing.

When it comes to BoardBooster, there are 2 main things you need to understand
before trying to figure out how to make it work for YOU.

1. BoardBooster is used best when you set it up to repin your OWN pins.

2. When you dial in on getting BoardBooster to help amplify what is already working for you,
THAT is where the pure magic of BoardBooster shines through.

Now, let’s add one more thing into the mix:

The Pinterest algorithm.

Back in mid February of this year, I was testing and tweaking and analyzing Pinterest
in my own weird (yet effective) way I’ve been doing for years.

Right in front of my eyes, Pinterest rolled out a pretty major algorithm tweak.

I saw a lot of people complain about their loss of traffic from Pinterest,
but I didn’t see anyone talking about
WHY their traffic from Pinterest was on a steady decline.

I dug in and dug deep to analyze that algorithm change to figure out WHAT exactly
Pinterest needed now in order to get massive traffic from my pins.

…and I kept waiting for SOMEONE online to even mention the pretty big change Pinterest had made.

Not a peep.

Folks blamed Group Boards saying they aren’t effective anymore (nope!)

Folks blamed Spring Break and seasonal factors…
(nope, most likely not the reason either).

Heck, I have a pin going viral RIGHT NOW (at Easter time)
and it’s a THANKSGIVING pin!

That’s the magic of my BoardBooster Strategy =)

Meanwhile I was testing and tweaking and working my BoardBooster Strategy,
and my free traffic from Pinterest kept going UP!

I had my BEST traffic months EVER in February and March…

PotPieGirl's BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy

and April is shaping up to be even better than that!

All thanks to… Pinterest.

AND thanks to the 2 things I’ve figured out:

1. Live Pinning:

If you spend a little time actually logging in to Pinterest and “live pinning”
as opposed to letting auto-pinning tools do ALL the work,
you will see better results.

2. My BoardBooster Strategy:

The big “tweak” in the Pinterest algorithm requires a certain method for pinning
to get the best results.

BoardBooster is the ONLY tool I’ve found that really does it properly.

Other tools might claim they do the strategy needed,
but if you test them (like I have)
and look deep in the source code of a pin page (like I have),
you will see that those other tools do NOT do it properly
based on how Pinterest does things NOW.

(note: this is not about GROWING a new Pinterest account,
this IS about IMPROVING and getting MORE from your existing pins)

So, What’s The Secret Way To Use BoardBooster?

Is it their “Looping” option or repinning from Secret Source Boards?

Nope – neither of those BoardBooster options.

“Looping” is fine – might get you a repin or two – but that’s not it.

The way I use BoardBooster, I get repins like what you see in this screenshot:

See that “25”?
That’s how many repins that pin got quickly
after using BoardBooster my way on that ONE pin that ONE time –

and my BoardBooster Strategy has that happening over and over and over (and all on auto-pilot).

I’m having pins with repin counts like this:

and like this:

And oh YES, that certainly helps my blog traffic from Pinterest too =)

Even using my BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy on my small PotPieGirl Pinterest account
I’m seeing a drastic improvement on pin clicks to my blog like this:

Which has led to a BIG improvement in Pinterest traffic to this site:

And – my PotPieGirl Pinterest Account only has maybe 1,000 followers now.

yes, I have multiple Pinterest accounts, don’t you?

So, it must be BoardBooster Repinning from Secret Boards, right?

Don’t even get me started on repinning from Secret Boards –
that simply does not work now with Pinterest’s algorithm change.

In fact, that is a horrible way to use BoardBooster to boost the effectiveness of YOUR pins on Pinterest.
WHY would you do that?

Now, repinning from Secret Boards is all fine and good if you’re wanting to
drip out OTHER pins to your Pinterest boards over the course of the day,
but that’s still not the best use of your pinning limit each month on BoardBooster.

Since I have perfected my BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy,
I have had such a DRASTIC improvement in the traffic my pins send to my site(s).

Take a look at this Pinterest Traffic graph from inside my Google Analytics account:

Note: this is traffic to ONE blog post!

Pinterest traffic INCREASE to ONE blog post by using this BoardBooster strategy

(can you tell where I started implementing my Power Pinning Strategy?)

Or how about this traffic increase from my BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy to another single blog post:

I’m telling ya, my Power Pinning Strategy is working GREAT!

I even managed to impress myself with this…lol!

If you’d like to learn the easy,
yet SUPER effective way
I set up BoardBooster to work for me…

Grab your copy of my
BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy Guide now:

Remember, this is a “dime sale” – meaning…
the price goes up a little after EVERY sale!

Questions & Answers:

Q – What Do I Need In Order To Do This Strategy?

A – Well, first off, you need a BoardBooster account.

(this IS a BoardBooster Strategy, right? {grin})

However, if you read my BoardBooster Strategy Guide and understand the technique
you very well could replicate it by pinning manually
(ie, without a pinning tool)

Now, that is a good bit of work, but it can be done manually
if you absolutely insist on no pinning tools.

This strategy works best for established Pinterest accounts
that are already getting decent traffic from Pinterest
and have access to pin to Group Boards.

Having access to Pinterest Analytics for your site is really preferred,
(and why WOULDN’T you have Pinterest Analytics??)

but if you have other analytics on your site,
you could probably “tweak” my strategy
and make it work for you.

Q- Does It Matter How Many Pinterest Followers I have?

A – Nope, it does NOT matter how many Pinterest followers you have.

In fact, this strategy works even better
when you have a lower number of followers
(as opposed to TONS of followers)

As a side benefit of my Board Booster Strategy,
Once it all starts kicking in, you will probably notice
your Pinterest followers count growing quicker than normal.

Q – How Much Time Does This Strategy Take to Implement?

A – Once the initial set up is done
(which could take you 20 minutes, or 2-3 hours – depending on you),
it all runs FOR you automatically.

I suggest a monthly “check in” for optimal performance.

Q – Is This BoardBooster Strategy Endorsed by BoardBooster or Pinterest?

A – Nope – this is MY personal BoardBooster strategy.

I’m generously sharing my personal strategy that works so well for ME with you –
However, it’s totally up to you if you want to seize this opportunity to learn it.

If your Pinterest traffic has declined,
or it’s leveled out and won’t seem to improve…
or you simply want MORE traffic from Pinterest the easy way…

Then you’re gonna love knowing – and USING
my BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy =)

Don’t forget, this is a “dime sale” – meaning…
the price goes up a little after EVERY sale!

Odds are very, VERY good that this BoardBooster Strategy Guide
will NEVER be as cheap as it is RIGHT NOW.

If you’ve never used BoardBooster… here’s what it does.

Free Pinterest Scheduler Tool

How To use BoardBooster for more Pinterest traffic. PotPieGirl's BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy WORKS and it's so easy to do. Try it - you'll LOVE it!

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