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Where I Get Pre-Written Content – And What I Do With It

From the moment we walk through the “let’s be an internet marketer” door, one thing becomes perfectly clear… You’re gonna have to write. Writing articles is probably THE task that we all dread, but we have to do it. I’ve been online for quite a few years now, and I can’t GET enough content and articles. Virtually everything I do online requires some sort of content. If I didn’t take proactive steps to have content ready at my fingertips when I need it, I would go insane. Thing is, I really do love to write – but not when I HAVE to write…and not about topics that don’t interest me — anyone else that way? So let’s take a few minutes and I’ll share how I get all the content I need on a daily basis.

Why Is Content Important?

This might sound silly, but Google and other search engines need content to know what a web page is about. You need content to give to Google – you need content to give your readers too so they can take whatever action you have planned out for that web page.

There really isn’t any way around one simple formula:

Yep, that’s right… at the heart of it all… content (articles) + links = money.

Ok, wait, let me rephrase that…

Good content plus good links = good rankings in Google which should = money.

And that is the heart of working online with ANY project that involves the organic (free listings) in Google – and wanting to rank well for free traffic.

Sadly, people tend to really over-complicate this with whatever the latest “trend” is for generating traffic and making money online. I can imagine (from a “been there/done that” place) that it is easy to overlook the obvious of content + links because most of us would rather do ANYTHING – but write more articles.

Now, I’m not talking about plain ol’ article marketing (ie, Bum Marketing or what I teach in The DAM Way) – I’m talking normal day-to-day life of an organic internet marketer. Whether you do affiliate marketing, sell your own product, make AdSense sites, or do local SEO – you need content both for your sites and to get back links TO your sites.

You need really good content on your sites…and then you need good content to use to get links BACK to your site so your site can rank better in Google.

Nothing fancy about it – it’s a boring “rinse and repeat” process that has to be done.

Now, I’ll talk about getting backlinks and all that link-building stuff another time. Today I want to talk about content.

Where do you get it? HOW can you get it?

The Time Factor

It didn’t take me long after starting this “make money online” thing to realize:

a) I needed to write A LOT to get things going the way I wanted them to (ie, ranking and making money), and
b) There was only so much time in a day – and only so much I could STAND writing each day.

Once money started coming in, I reinvested into my business and made it so I had access to lots of articles whenever I needed them – and *I* didn’t have to write them – yay!

Let me tell ya this – it made a WORLD of difference for my earnings, my productivity, my rankings, AND my sanity.

Where I get Pre-Written Content

The first place I go when I need really good and really unique content is to my article writer. I hired a full-time article writer over a year ago and she is awesome! I highly recommend this, but I realize that hiring someone fulltime is not financially feasible for many of us.

So, where else do I get content?

I have and I am subscribed to many programs and databases that send me or give me access to the kinds of content I need for all my types of projects.

Some may think they are too expensive, but for me, they are WELL worth their money. At any given moment – whether I am making a lens… a new niche site…or doing a campaign for backlinks – I have content right at my fingertips to work with.

This past weekend, I emailed my lists and asked them to please make time over the weekend to watch this free video. This video talked about 7 ways to use PLR content (which is what a lot of my services offer).

PLR stands for Private Label Rights – meaning, you can edit it, put your name on it, and do many other things with the articles that have already been written.

You can watch that video here if you didn’t already get to see it (it’s free to watch, but from what I understand, the video will be gone early Thursday morning – 5/26/2011 )

Yes, others have access to this PLR content too – but in all reality, it does not take much effort at all to put a few tweaks in a pre-written article to make it work very well for you.

Simple things like a unique title, re-working the opening paragraph, and maybe changing out the target keyword in the content can go a long, long way and be very effective.

In the video I talked about above, you saw him log into a database of sorts where he has access to thousands and thousands of PLR articles right at his finger tips.

Also interesting to note is that this database also has a built in spinner making it easier to get unique versions of each PLR article…and you can make as many unique copies as you might need (one for your site, one for article directory abc, another article directory xyz, one for a lens, etc etc etc)

Anyone remember my article marketing strategy? If so – think I really really like this database? You bet I do! Being able to get tons of unique versions of ONE article is totally up my alley!

But it also gets better – you can automatically publish your articles to your WordPress sites from right inside that members area! Isn’t THAT cool?!?! And let me tell you, that is a HUGE time-saver.

You can also schedule multiple posts to “drip” out on your sites, too. Pretty darn nifty!

He will be opening the membership/database to new members soon…and you can find that info here.

How I Use That Database

I have a site that is in the insurance niche. It’s NOT a topic that interests me – and it’s a simple AdSense site while I am working to getting it ranking well. I have also been making videos as I do things to that site as a case study for future training use.

One the best ways to get a site to rank for your main term – and for lots and lots of long tail terms – is to publish often on your site.

All I had to do was log into this database, find a few articles on my topic or very closely related, make a few tweaks, and then schedule them post to my insurance blog.


Very easy AND my site is getting new content all the time, my traffic is picking up, and I am gaining rankings for new keywords every day.

And, I can use OTHER articles in the database to get out there into my nifty back link system so I have content to submit and put my links in the content.

Content + Links = $$$$ , right?

It just doesn’t get easier than that.

I don’t know how much each of you pay to have one article written – or how much of your TIME you take to write one – but this database can save you a lot of money AND time.

Oh, wait… there is something else you can do when you get pre-written articles from this database…

You can pick a handful of pre-written articles on the same topic and turn them into a pdf very quickly and easily. And then, use that as your “sign up for my list and get my amazing guide on _____________” list builder.

That is a GREAT idea and very simple to make happen with this program. Heck, you can even use some more articles as your follow up series which is an even better idea!

I highly recommend this pre-written article database to anyone who needs content.

Writing is a necessity online, but at least with this, it is MUCH less stressful and much, much less time-consuming.

Where Else Do I Get Pre-Written Content?

Also on my computer I have this program… it is a library of PLR articles that I am free to use as I wish. I turn to that software quite often too. It’s also created and supported by the same folks that have this AWESOME keyword tool so you know it’s high-quality.

I also buy PLR from one place in particular – Tiffany Dow’s PLR Store.

Why buy PLR when I have access to my own article writer AND I have access to two large databases of PLR?

Simple, I know her writing and I know her quality of work – it makes perfect sense to me to go to her when I need a group of articles on a specific topic because I know it will not only be very inexpensive BUT it will be very, very good.

Also, I know that if Tiffany says “only 50 packages available” on one of PLR packages, she means it.

She really has great article available at even better prices. If you’re ever in need of a one-time bunch of articles, totally stop by her site and buy PLR from Tiffany here.

How I Use PLR

There are TONS of things you can do with PLR to make money online (as you saw in this video), but I figured I’d just SHOW you an example of me working with PLR articles for a site of mine.

Now, this video is just one little piece of an entire series of videos that I have been putting together for a case-study or training series (haven’t decided what to do with it yet).

The videos before this go into all kinds of things starting with a fresh WordPress install on the site.

This video picks up after I have shown how I find my first target keywords for the site and shows me going off to find content to use (since it was a case-study, I wasn’t going to bother my article writer with it. Plus, not everyone HAS an article writer so teaching that wouldn’t really help anyone, now would it?)

In this video you see me using this software I have and then heading off to Tiffany’s store to get what I am looking for.

In all honesty, I didn’t want to write the content myself. Naturally, as a consumer, I know a bit about the topic, but I would still have to do a good bit of research to be able to provide content that truly HELPS a reader who lands on my site. I know Tiffany has already done that research so why do it myself?

I also didn’t have access to this new PLR database so I had either the software on my computer…or go out looking for it.

Something New I Am Trying

The last place I get articles is something new I am trying – and I am falling in love with it. Now, this service is a bit pricey, but so far, it has been worth it’s weight in gold.

Imagine getting just ONE really, really well written article that was already spun with all that spin syntax stuff in place so all you had to do was pop it into a program that has a spinner and get tons of unique versions of that excellent article – and every single version read perfectly.

I know that may not sound very exciting at first thought, but for me, this has been a BIG time-saver. I don’t like to submit spun up crap-ola all over the internet. But these spun articles are really, really good. I have a funny feeling, that although it’s a bit pricey, that this service will stay in my tool box for quite some time.

I have a very intensive back link strategy – a very meticulous system that I follow to build back links to my sites (and to my back links – yes, I link to my links.)

A lot of time and money has gone into developing my back link system – both from various software programs I use and the time and expense of having my OWN link building network out there on the web.

You know how I talk about SEOLinkVine and Unique Article Wizard? How I love them because they submit unique versions of my articles to sites in their own blog network? Well, I have my own personal network like that – and it took me a long time to test and tweak, test and tweak, etc etc etc to finally get it right and working like a charm. The hosting costs and domain names are enough to create a lot of overhead for my business – but they are SO worth it.

However, that is a very advanced topic so let’s move on.

With this one article a day I get from this service, I can pop it into SEOLink Vine – submit…then take 3 spun versions from that and pop into Unique Article Wizard. Within a few moments of only those 2 simple steps, I have set my site up to get back links now…and for a while in the future since these articles “drip” out. I’m not into sudden blasts of lots of links. I believe link building needs to be a gradual and CONSISTENT process. Those 2 tools along with these articles make it much less work to accomplish what I absolutely need done.

That is just a piece of what I do for backlinks, but if that is all you choose to do for YOUR strategy, you’re in really good shape.

Putting Those Articles To The Test

So, when I first signed up to get these daily articles, I decided to put them through a BIG test.

The first article was a really good product review. I did some keyword research and then picked 8 target keywords that I could get as a .com domain name…. and then took 8 spins (unique versions) of that article and made EIGHT sites.

Yes, I made EIGHT sites in about 2-3 hours late one night. As my teenagers say, “That’s how I roll”…lol!

Each site has a home page with a spun version of the article and a privacy page. Yep, two pages…that’s it.

I made those 8 sites about 11 pm on May 17th to about 1 am on May 18th… meaning these sites are only about 8 days old now.

8 sites… each are only 8 days old – got it?

Then, since it turned into a new day as I finished up the sites, I got my next daily article from this service. I then took THAT article and used it in my back linking system. Simple copy/paste for the most part.

Then, I let it go…let is “simmer”…let it do its thing…kicked it from the nest – however you want to say it 🙂

In eight hours, all eight sites were indexed AND ranking – most came out in the mid 20’s or so rankings-wise.

In the eight days since, this is what my rankings have looked like:

Yep, you’re reading that right… brand new site with one piece of spun content is ranking #3 for its target keyword in only 8 days. Well, actually, it got to #3 in only SIX days but has hung there since.

Oh, AND they’ve made a few sales already, too! Cool, huh?

If unique content is truly a big thing now Post-Panda, this service has you hooked up!

For those that are curious, I currently use this program to track my rankings. You can get a free version, but I think the ranking tracker part is only available on paid versions.

If you’re not sure of all the possibilities of these spun articles or not sure how you can work it into your business, they have a really, really good free training program about building product review sites like I did. Totally free, no opt in required or anything.

Get that free training here – just click and start reading.

Summing Up

Whew! This brings us to the end of a VERY long post about getting content for your sites, your article marketing efforts, and any other reason you could use some content while working online.

I know full-well that when you’re starting out in this crazy and wonderful business, that money is usually tight – meaning you get to write it all YOURSELF.

But as soon as some money starts coming in, invest in content sources. There is nothing worse that hearing someone say, “I’m gonna start that site/list/article marketing run/One Week Marketing campaign/list/give-away ebook {etc etc etc} just as soon as I write the content”.

For many folks, that “as soon as I write it” day never comes.

Make it easy on yourself to build up resources so you can get the things you need RIGHT WHEN YOU NEED ITespecially if it’s something you really can’t stand doing.

Writing can be fun – at least for me it is…. well, that is until you have to crank out 20-40 articles every single day – ugh!!!!

Here’s the things I’ve mentioned in this post:

Content Sources:

  • Free Video Training about using PLR to make money online (I think it’s offline Thursday – not positive tho)
  • HUGE PLR Database where you can spin and publish to your sites (will be open sometime tomorrow I think)
  • PLR Software Database
  • Great place to buy PLR articles
  • Really great spun articles
  • Article Marketing Networks I Use:

  • UAW
  • Other Mentions:

  • Rank Checking Software
  • Great Keyword Tool
  • Free Training – Making Product Review Sites
  • By The Way….

    Being someone who PROVIDES and SELLS PLR is a GREAT business model (yes, have your own PLR store just like Tiffany does). You can literally work ONCE to write the articles, and then get paid over and over again as they get bought by online marketers like me 😉

    It’s a SOLID online business model too. Think about it – as long as there are online marketers, we’ll need content AND we do NOT like to write it ourselves!

    Learn how to open a PLR store here.

    You’ll learn from someone who has the PLR business down to a fine science.

    Questions? Comments? Leave it in the comments area. Also, if you like this post, please feel free to “like” it on Facebook – or post it to Twitter.

    Thanks – Have a great day!


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