eBay Affiliate Stats – How to Find Out What You Sold Thru EPN

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Even though the migration of eBay links has been extended until May 31st, I still went ahead and changed out all my Squidoo lenses that had the eBay RSS affiliate feeds with the new eBay Partner Network tracking. Now, let me be clear right up front, I don’t make a ‘killing’ off eBay affiliate sales, but I had gotten fairly used to daily sales activity when we were with Commission Junction.

I changed out these links to start May 1st. While I’ve seen steady impressions and clicks… I wasn’t seeing any sales. I was getting concerned. Today, I logged in to my EPN affiliate account and saw that finally, I’m making sales again. I also scooped an ACRU – which pleases me =)

How do You Figure Out WHAT You Sold as an eBay Affiliate on EPN?

While we were with cj, you could download a csv file and put it into one of those online tools to figure out exactly what you sold with your eBay affiliate links. The new ePN links, tho, don’t appear to work there anymore.

I wanted to know what I sold to make that commission, so I thought I’d play with the affiliate reports some and see if I could figure it out. Many of you may already know this, which would be par for the course in my world… I’m always last to know…lol.

So, if you know this, just ignore me. If you don’t … keep reading!

6 Steps to Figure Out eBay Affiliate Sales

Step 1. Log In to your ePN affiliate account.

Step 2. Click “reports”

Step 3. Click “Transaction Download”

Step 4. Select date range

Step 5. Click “Download Text File”

This will open in a .txt notepad file and will look like this:


As you can see, I had commissions from two winning bids, and an ACRU (new user bonus). On the left side going down, you see a date, under that is my account number (blurred out) and then under that is a long number (which I am pointing to with my fancy-dancy red arrows…lol).

Step 6. Highlight that auction ID, paste into eBay search tool, and click ‘search’.

If you highlight and copy that number on my EPN transaction download – and then enter that exact number right into the ebay.com search bar, the auction my customer won is shown =)

In my example, for auction #370048371222, my customer bought two Aeron Office chairs at $579.00 each (hence the 1158.00 amount you see to the right of my transaction download). Nice!

While this is far from a high-tech and sophisticated way to find out what you’ve sold on eBay, it works… and it’s quick.

How Often Does eBay Report Sales to Affiliates?

This was my other question – how long does it take for sales and ACRUs to show in our affiliate area after an auction is won? From this eBay forum post, I learned that clicks and impressions are reported within 4 hours. Winning bids and ACRUs are reported and shown on the eBay affiliate’s dashboard by midnight of the following day.

So folks, we’re not ‘real time’ in our eBay/EPN affilate stats, but at least that is an answer, right?

Edit to Add (5-14-2008) – I just knew that sooner or later, someone would make a tool (or ten) that would make finding out what you sold thru your eBay links a bit easier. Sure enough, I found two new tools today.

MyEPNReport.com – (web-based) New tool. Simply download your sales report as shown above and then upload it to the MyEPNReport.com tool. It will then show you what you sold and how much the auction was won for. I’ve tried it and it appears to be accurate.

TropicalWebWorks.com – This is an EPN report tracker script/program that you host on your own server. I haven’t even tested it yet, so I don’t have feedback on it at this moment. I’m interested to try this one out.

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