Fish Giver Week – Part 1

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Can I Just GIVE You a Fish?

You know the saying that goes something like: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”? I’ve spent the past few years here at trying to help others learn how to fish – and well, I’m a little bored of it and feel like switching it up this week. This week, I want to be a fish GIVER. Instead of telling you HOW to find little niche markets, I’m going to GIVE you ones I have found. Ok with you? Can I give YOU a fish? If so, keep reading….

Teaching To Fish

I like teaching to fish. I also firmly believe that by teaching HOW I am doing a better service to others than by simply giving fish away.

But that gets so old, doesn’t it?

I mean, c’mon, don’t you ever wish someone would just GIVE you some niche ideas and some keywords to use? I know *I* sure woulda liked it back when I was trying to figure all this out.

So, this week, I’m giving fish away. If you don’t want a fish, ya better leave now…lol!

I’ve just come back from a great vacation with my hubby and followed by a wonderful weekend with my family (kids, grandbaby, daughter-in-law, the whole she-bang). During the 9 days or so of vacation with my hubby I NEVER TOUCHED A COMPUTER.

That is an AMAZING feat for me. But I’m gonna tell you something, I feel good – really good! Refreshed, excited, and ready to roll. I highly recommend time away from the computer to everyone and anyone who is tangled up in this internet marketing mumbo-jumbo – but I know just how hard it is to do.

Thankfully, I finally have come to the point where I can get help and I have some amazing outsourcers in my corner that make my life SO much easier. I also highly recommend help as soon as you can manage it =)

Ok, enough of my talk about time off (but, forgot to mention that we saw the new Shrek movie, too – it was real cute…. I love that donkey….lol).

Let’s get back to fish giving….

I’ve been doing my research to get my projects together for my team and realized that I found a LOT of little gems for niche sites (or One Week Marketing campaigns) and I was going to snow them under if I kept adding projects faster than they could even read them.

So I said to myself, “Self, Why not share the little nuggets I found with y’all?”.

“We” thought it was a great idea 😉

Fish Giver Week Details

Here’s what’s going to happen:

Today, tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday there will be a Fish Giver post here on Each post will have a list of niches I’ve found along with available domain names and other related keywords.

I will give them to you just as I give them to my team. Now, my team knows my “secret sauce and top-secret techniques” for making my niche sites, but I’ll share places I’ve learned different techniques I use with you if you’d like to check them out.

(note: all the links will open in a new window/tab so you don’t lose your place here)

Recommended Learning Resources

  • This program was really good for teaching the basics of making small niche sites that rank well and are profitable. I really like the system, I know it works, AND it also includes a simple mind-map/flow chart which I love.
  • This program is still somewhat new, but I am loving it. I bought the full program and have really enjoyed the teaching style and know what they are teaching really works (hint). I’ve also had some great conversations with the creators and these guys are top-notch. I’m very, very impressed.
  • This program was excellent for learning how to make small niche sites specifically for earning with AdSense (which is one of my favorite ways to monetize my niche sites for passive profits).
  • Speaking of “passive profits” – if you don’t really know what I’m talking about or want to learn more about my thoughts and how I build mine, you can read my free online course here: Under The Radar with PotPieGirl (it’s free, no opt-in or anything – just click and start reading).

    Otherwise, you can do what you want with these “fish”. The domain names I show as available when I type this are a strong hint – and the “other keywords” are another hint as to what other posts/pages to have on your site or what other pages to have for your One Week Marketing campaign. How you monetize the site is totally up to you, but I will hint and say that for many of my sites like this I start with AdSense and Amazon =)

    Recommended Hosting

    If you want to make your own sites from these “fish” and don’t have hosting, I highly and strongly recommend HostGator. I’ve been with them for years and they are fantastic. I have a couple hosting accounts with them all the way from small add-on hosting accounts, reseller accounts, and fancy-dancy hosting and I have never had a problem with them. Also, you can pay month-by-month instead of having to fork over a years worth at one time. For less than $10 a month you can be up and running and have all you need to get started as far as hosting goes.

    This is my link to sign up with HostGator. If you choose to use it, THANK YOU!!!

    Under each domain name(s) hint(s), there will be a link to check and see if that domain is still available and to purchase it if it is. I have recently fallen in love with a new domain registration company…. they are super easy to use AND they offer free private registrations (which is awesome!).

    One last thing before I release the fish….

    Yuppers….a disclaimer (even tho I know y’all know all this already…lol)
    I can’t guarantee anything about these niche ideas. Every domain name could be gone by the time you are reading… some might not make money…some might not rank well….no tellin’. BUT, I CAN tell you that I picked these niches the same exact way I pick them for myself to turn over to my team. HOW I do that is part of my “secret sauce” tho….lol! (but, a hint is that I use this tool when picking terms for this technique)

    Some of these “fish” have brand names in them. Whether you use them or not is totally up to you. I’ve heard of marketers getting Cease and Desist letters from having a brand name in their domain name and the marketer had to take the site down. That has never happened to me as of yet. If it ever does, I’ll take the site down with no issues. That’s my thoughts on that- not to be mistaken for advice or legal counsel =)

    Ok, then – let’s start releasing some fish!

    Fish Giver Week Part 1

  • 1. nickel metal hydride
  • domain:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    nickel metal hydride battery
    nickel metal hydiride batteries
    rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
    rechareable nickel metal hydride batteries
    nickel metal hydride rechareable batteries
    nickel metal hydride battery charger

  • 2. conair steamer
  • domain:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    conair fabric steamer
    conair compact steamer
    conair garment steamer
    conair professional steamer
    conair handheld fabric steamer
    conair uprighty steamer
    conair facial steamer

  • 3. viking cooktop
  • domain:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    viking cooktops
    viking electric cooktop
    viking induction cooktop
    viking professional cooktop
    viking designer cooktop
    viking 6 burner cooktop

  • 4. angels statues
  • domain:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    cherub angel statues
    angel demon statue
    cherub angel statue
    half angel half demon statue
    angel statues and figurines
    black angel statue

  • 5. all in one remote
  • domain:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    all in one remote codes
    all in one universal remote
    all in one remotes
    all in one tv remote
    all in one remote controls
    logitech all in one remote

  • 6. flight sim controls
  • domain:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    flight sim controller
    flight sim controllers
    google flight sim controls
    flight sim x controls
    helicopter flight sim controls

  • 7. waring pro waffle
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    waring waffle pro
    waffle maker waring pro
    waring pro waffle maker
    waring pro belgian waffle maker
    waring pro professional waffle maker
    waring pro professional belgian waffle maker
    waring pro waffle iron
    waring pro waffle makers

  • 8. polaroid film
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    polaroid 600 film
    polaroid instant film
    polaroid camera film
    polaroid film cameras
    polaroid 600 instant film
    buy polaroid film
    cheap polaroid film
    polaroid 500 film
    polaroid instant camera film
    cheap polaroid 600 film

  • 9. canon lens converter
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    canon wide converter lens
    canon wide angle converter lens
    canon wide angle lens converter
    canon lens converters
    canon lens mount converter
    canon telephoto converter lens
    nikon to canon lens converter

  • 10. home graphic equalizer
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    home audio graphic equalizer
    home graphic equalizers
    home stereo graphic equalizer
    home equalizers
    home audio equalizers
    home equalizer
    equalizer home audio
    graphic equalizer home
    home stereo equalizer
    home stereo equalizers

    So, there you have it…. lots of fun little niche ideas to use or get your brain going.

    Have a good time with them and look for a new “fish list” tomorrow!

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