Fish Giver Week – Part 2

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More Free Fish!

Wow, yesterday’s post full of free niche ideas, domain names, and keywords sure went over well! I did a little check a bit ago and most of the domain names are already taken! That is so exciting to me – I love seeing folks take action…and I can’t wait to hear their results so please, be sure to let me know how things work out. Today, Part 2 of Fish Giver Week and MORE free fish!

This Is Fun!

First off, I just want to say that I am having the best time doing this! I love digging up new niche ideas and the goodies to go with them – it’s like a treasure hunt for me – and apparently y’all love getting them. I’d say this is working out perfectly!

Before we release the fish, let’s recap some things…

What Do I Do With These Niche Ideas?

I make niche sites with these ideas I find. If you want to know the different ways I make sites and learn the things I have learned, here are some learning resources:

Niche Site Strategy Ideas

  • This program was really good for teaching the basics of making small niche sites that rank well and are profitable. I really like the system, I know it works, AND it also includes a simple mind-map/flow chart which I love.
  • This program is still somewhat new, but I am loving it. I bought the full program and have really enjoyed the teaching style and know what they are teaching really works (hint). I’ve also had some great conversations with the creators and these guys are top-notch. I’m very, very impressed.
  • This program was excellent for learning how to make small niche sites specifically for earning with AdSense (which is one of my favorite ways to monetize my niche sites for passive profits).
  • Speaking of “passive profits” – if you don’t really know what I’m talking about or want to learn more about my thoughts and how I build mine, you can read my free online course here: Under The Radar with PotPieGirl (it’s free, no opt-in or anything – just click and start reading).

    If you’re not comfortable making sites, or don’t want to buy a domain name with a brand name in it, think One Week Marketing campaigns (hint hint). These ideas are all good for use with OWM, too =)

    Ok, then…gotta do the disclaimer, too (sigh…lol)

    I can’t guarantee anything about these niche ideas. Every domain name could be gone by the time you are reading… some might not make money…some might not rank well….no tellin’. BUT, I CAN tell you that I picked these niches the same exact way I pick them for myself to turn over to my team. HOW I do that is part of my “secret sauce” tho….lol! (but, a hint is that I use this tool when picking terms for this technique)

    About Brand Names In Domains

    Some of these “fish” have brand names in them. Whether you use them or not is totally up to you. I’ve heard of marketers getting Cease and Desist letters from having a brand name in their domain name and the marketer had to take the site down. That has never happened to me as of yet. If it ever does, I’ll take the site down with no issues. That’s my thoughts on that- not to be mistaken for advice or legal counsel =)

    We talked more about using brand names in the comments area of yesterdays post… you can read that discussion here.

    Let’s get to the fish…. Some of these are pretty good – I was tempted to keep them. One of them tickles me (#9) – I never woulda thought of that without my handy-dandy little keyword tool…lol!

    Ok, let’s throw some fish!

    Fish Giver Week Part 2

  • 1. sunroof glass
  • domain:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:
    sunroof glass replacement
    glass sunroofs
    autoglass sunroof
    panoramic glass sunroof
    sun roof glass

  • 2. darkroom timer
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    gralab darkroom timer
    darkroom equipment
    darkroom supplies
    darkroom light
    darkroom safelight
    darkroom kits
    darkroom lights

  • 3. small appliances kitchen
  • domains:


    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    appliances for small kitchen
    toasters small kitchen appliances
    small kitchen appliance
    kitchenaid small kitchen appliance
    small electrical kitchen appliances
    kitchen aid small kitchen appliances

  • 4. car graphic equalizer
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    graphic car equalizer
    car graphic equalizer
    car graphic equalizers
    in car graphic equalizer
    car stereo graphic equalizer
    kenwood car graphic equalizer
    graphic equalizer for car

  • 5. numark ttx
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    ttx numark
    numark ttx
    numark ttx usb
    numark ttx turntable
    numark ttx usb turntable
    numark ttx turntables
    numark ttx review

  • 6. britax booster seat
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    britax booster seat
    britax booster seats
    britaz booster car seat
    britax parkway booster car seat
    britax booster car seats

  • 7. seashell bath
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    seashell bath
    seashell bath accessories
    seashell bath towels
    seashell bath rug
    seashell bath rugs
    seashell bath mat
    seashell bath decor
    seashell bath sets

  • 8. solar tube light
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    solar tube light
    solar light tubes
    solar tube lights
    solar tube lighting
    solar tubes lighting
    solar light tube
    solar lighting tube
    tube solar lights

  • 9. turkey decor
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    turkey decorations
    turkey decoration
    turkey decor
    turkey decorating
    decorating a turkey
    turkey home decor
    turkey table decoration
    decorating a paper turkey
    turkey decorating ideas
    wild turkey decor
    turkey cake decorating

  • 10. panasonic electric shaver
  • domains:

    Check Domain Name Availability

    other keywords:

    panasonic electric shaver
    panasonic electric shavers
    panasonic es2218vc electric shaver
    panasonic mens electric shavers
    panasonic wet dry electric shaver
    panasonic women’s electric shaver
    panasonic electric shavers reviews

    There ya go… 10 more free fish for ya – now run with it!

    There will be a new list tomorrow (Thursday) and the last one will be on Friday so be sure to come on back for more free fish!

    Here is part 1 in case you missed it.

    Have a great day!

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