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Ah, niche sites – how I love thee!  I have always been in love with the idea of small, targeted sites that just sit out there and work FOR you.  And yep, I sure loved their results before Google unleashed all those Penguins and Pandas!  Such cute animals… why’d they have to make them have a negative meaning in our online world?

But all things change – so you either roll with it and adapt, or move on to something else.

For awhile, I spent a lot of time on “something else”.  Ever since I broke up with Google, I have been putting my content on sites that Google loves so I don’t have to worry about them so much.  However, you might have noticed that my blog here at has been very quietly lately – and like a little kid playing in her room, if she’s quiet, you know she’s been up to something!

Yes, I have been up to something (I’m always up to something…lol)

What I’ve been doing lately has been working really, really well for me – and I’ll explain all that in a moment.

Things I’ve Realized Lately

I made a list of things I wanted to change about the way I’ve been approaching niche sites.

  • #1 – Be less Google dependant.
  • #2 – Start by targeting the PEOPLE (not the keywords).
  • #3 – Put more value on my time and don’t do things I can easily (and cheaply) outsource.
  • #4 – Focus on domination of a niche market as opposed to ONE web page/site.

I slowly put all my thoughts together into a plan of action.  I knew if I could gather the PEOPLE in a niche – with no need for, or reliance on, Google – I’d be good to go no matter WHAT Google does.

That makes me quite happy.

Once I could gather the people – and then MONETIZE those people with no NEED for Google…then I could start branching out to gather organic traffic from Google (but not worry if it lasted or not).

That made me even happier.

And THEN, I could expand my reach and Google search result listings even MORE with free sites.

Total niche domination that starts with the people and gets a boost from Google – yet survives and thrives whether Google loves on me or not.

<insert big grin here>

I’ll tell you more about the “big picture” of my domination technique in a moment.

What I do want to talk about is this service I’ve been using to get my little “domination” niche sites built.

So far, I have bought and paid for 10 sites from them – and I am THRILLED with them!


It’s not an “auto-blog” – it’s REAL PEOPLE doing these things!

They buy the domain, install wordpress, set the site up, add your privacy policy etc pages, add your content, KEEP adding content for about the next 100 days, get the site indexed, AND gently build backlinks to get it ranking.

And let me tell you, the rankings happen QUICKLY!

All YOU have to do is pick your topic, then pick your niche keywords…then sit back and let them do all the work.

I ordered my first site from them on May 28th.  I literally put in the order and then we left to go out of town.

Surprisingly, my new site was ready for me the next day, but we were out of town so I couldn’t do anything until we got back.

While I was away, EVERYTHING was done (or being done) for me.


I got back in office on June 2nd.  On that day, I went in and added analytics and rank tracking.

Look at what happened:


Yep, you read that right – 10 days from ORDERING the site, I was sitting at #3 for my target keyword.


Nice, right?

So after seeing how well my first site was doing,  I ordered MORE sites to help target more of my niche keywords (and to double attack other keywords):

I can’t begin to tell you how FUN it is to have all the work done FOR you AND get results like that!

And yes, the sites are getting traffic from Google as well.  These were mid-competition keywords that I go after to totally dominate a niche.

I’m so happy with this service, that I ordered 5 MORE sites just the other day – and they’re doing awesome as well.


That’s Great, Jen, But Are You Making Any Money With Them?

It’s always gotta come down to money, doesn’t it?  lol!

Out of my original 5 sites, at this point, only one is monetized – has a little Amazon banner and AdSense.  I just wanted to get a feel for what my visitors do – and also, in the “Big Picture”, I have other plans for these sites.

But, yes, that first site has made some money.  A couple bucks – nothing exciting at this point.

Now that these first 5 sites are a bit older, indexing well, and ranking well, I plan to get back in there and “monetize” them according to my plans for them.

(here’s a hint tho:  I can tell you that DIRECTLY monetizing them is not my primary goal for these sites).

My second batch of sites for another project are doing really well.  I have a sneaky feeling that they are doing better because *I* did much better keyword research for that 2nd batch than I did for the first.

I have always loved – and highly recommended – this keyword tool.  It’s awesome, easy to use and decipher – and it’s web-based (meaning you can use it anytime/anywhere you have an internet connection as opposed to software that is installed on your computer).

And it’s a great tool – but for me, it’s a great tool for all those free pages I made that only need one focus keyword.  For my “domination plan”, I have to really dig in and choose carefully.

When you’re making web pages on free-to-use sites, it’s ok if your research isn’t as in-depth as it would be for a complete site (as opposed to making ONE page).  Mainly this is because those free-to-use sites have a lot of power with Google and tend to rank really well just by putting your keyword in the title and content on them.

When you’re making NEW sites, it doesn’t work that way.  Your new sites start with an authority of ZERO (as opposed to sites like Squidoo which have a VERY high authority ranking).

With new sites, you have to find the right keyword to find where your new site with no authority can squeeze in on the first page of Google, get some traffic, and start sending those authority signals to Google.

Based on all that, I knew it was time to get back to a “grown up” keyword tool that showed me what I needed to see and know – and didn’t overwhelm me with data I could care less about.


So off I went, looking for it.

By golly, I found it – this is the new “grown up” keyword tool I am using.

I loved it so much that I pleaded with the owner to let me offer y’all a big discount on it.

And he did!

 You can save $50 thru this link only (but it’s only good for the next 10 days).

It is an amazing keyword tool!  If you’re ready to take the next step, I highly recommend it!

So anyway, that’s what I think the big difference is between my first batch of sites from this service – and my second batch.  Quoted search results are NOT a dependable way to go about choosing keywords for a new site – in fact, that has next to nothing to do with it.  Perfectly fine for making single pages on free-to-use sites, but not for your OWN new site(s).

Check out the keyword tool and watch the video – you’ll see what I mean.


How These Niche Sites Fit in My Domination Plans


So, ya wanna see my mind map/diagram for world domination?  Ok, not world domination – but niche domination….lol!

Here it is – and basic steps/instructions are below it.

If you look at the things I link to, and see what I’ve learned/been doing – I bet the lightbulb will go off and you’ll totally get it.

and don’t ya’ll get all ga-ga and impressed by my awesome graphic and art work skills, either….haha!

It looks a mess, I know, but hang in there….

Here’s the steps:

and yes I know step #5 is missing…you’ll see why in a moment…


PotPieGirl’s Niche Domination Plan

1.  Targeted Group of PEOPLEStart with this and get the targeted crowd FIRST (Google has absolutely NOTHING to do with this what-so-ever.  If you want to learn more about this, there is some great free training right here.)

2.  Money Site – Now that you’ve got a group of people who all want something (or some things) build them a site and give them the things they want.

Crazy idea, isn’t it?  Find a group of people who all want/need the same thing(s) – and offer it to them.  Nuts!

I use this amazing and easy wordpress theme/plugin combo to make these money sites (there’s another style here as well).  It’s so easy to use and the sites look really nice – and I’ve been getting some sweet CTR on them as well.

REMEMBER:  It does NOT matter what GOOGLE thinks about your money site!

You already HAVE people – and get more people every day, from Step #1.

If Google sends traffic to your money site – great.  If not, oh well.  Brand this money site to be what the PEOPLE want and like.

3.  Research Timeuse this tool to find related keywords (now we’ll let Google come in and play…lol.  Be sure to use this tool to do this part right.  Keyword research for a new site is super important.)

4.  Supporting SitesOrder 5 supporting sites from here based on keywords found.

5.  Chill-lax! Sit back, relax a bit while work is being done FOR you. (hence the reason there’s no #5 on my diagram above)

6.  Link It Up/Monetize – When your 5 supporting sites are ready for “Prime Time”, monetize, link to site from step #2, and add widget for step #1

7.  Leverage, Expansion, and Domination -Now write – or hire out (don’t forget to value your time as soon as you can afford to)- unique content to make free 2.0 pages to push traffic to your supporting sites and to your step #1 page to gain additional exposure in Google and send more people to your step #1 and step #2.

Those of you who are One Week Marketing members know exactly what I’m doing here in step 7 (if you’ve read the Module 7 training inside the Training Center).

On a quick sidenote to my One Week Marketers – If you’ve been doing stuff from Module 7 as well as your normal Daily Action Plan – you’re in really good shape to do this Domination Plan above (if you’ve found some themed products that convert for you).  You already have many Step 7 pages out there and they all can be edited on the fly to direct traffic wherever you’d like it to go.

I also imagine that some of OWM’rs are looking at my diagram above going, “Oh wow, we’re starting with the orange stars (the free to do stuff) – NOW I see how it all fits together!”

So there ya have it – my Total Domination Strategy Plan including what I learned, where I learned it, and the services I use to do it all.

It works great for Amazon products, Clickbank products, AdSense, – heck, any kind of monetization.  And for the list builders – wowzers, you could and WOULD be everywhere and totally dominate.

In short, #1 is your people and #2 is your money site – those two sites cross-promote each other.  Then, the purple diamond #4 sites each promote the #1 and #2 pages (that’s all those red lines).  The orange star #7 pages all support and push traffic to the purple #4 sites (and can very well promote your #1 and #2 pages as well).


Premeditated Q&A

Call it my “spidey-sense”, but I already know a lot of the questions I am going to get – so let’s see if I can proactively get them answered and out of the way.


1.  Will you teach all this inside the One Week Marketing Training Center?

No.  One Week Marketing is about free-to-use techniques to make money online and it designed for the newest of new to get started doing it.  These methods in my Domination Plan here are not free and they are way outside the scope of OWM. This Domination Plan really isn’t for those totally new to all this unless you’re ready to tackle a learning curve.

If there is enough interest, I’ll look into creating new training for this technique.


2.  What About Backlinks?  Where?  How?  How Many?  How Often? (insert any backlink question here)

Believe it or not, this has very, VERY little to do with backlinks.  Any initial backlinks for your Step #4 sites will be done FOR you by this service.  Don’t do any link building to those sites – let the service do it’s work.

You can do Step #6 to your #4 sites as soon as you get access to your new site(s). When you see your Step #4 sites have settled in as far as Google ranking and indexing well, then do our Step #7 web pages.  Don’t build any EXACT match anchor text at this point either.  No need for it.  Link in ways that will get people to click – NOT in an “SEO”/ Google Please Love Me way (’cause they WON’T love you – so don’t do it now).

You don’t need any backlinks to your Step #1 or Step #2 Money site.  Google will find them – and you don’t need Google at all for Steps 1 and 2.

If – IF – after a month or so you feel you need a tiny bit of High PR linkage to give your site a little boost, there’s a decent service here IF you are comfortable doing it.  Easy does it – more is NOT better in this case.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that.  As I said, this is not for those brand new.  Do your research and know the risks – and always test for yourself regardless of what ANYONE says works or does not work.

Again, One Week Marketers – if you’re read Module 7 in our training center, you know what *I* feel are the best kind of back links to have these days.  If you can recall what I said, and then look again at my diagram, I think it just might click.

Above all – don’t over-complicate this by over-analyzing it or over-thinking it.  The only REAL thinking is in Step #1 (but they give you a cool tool to use that helps) and in Step #3.

Use good tools for your keyword research and be willing to spend some time on it.  For my last batch, I spent a few hours narrowing down the niche…and then picking ALL keywords I wanted to use.  I mapped out which would be on my money site…while would be my Step #4 sites….which would be my Step #7 pages too.  I literally mapped it all out on paper.  Then, I ordered my sites and ordered my content for my other pages all at one time.

Speaking of content – if you don’t like the content that the Step #4 service uses for blog posts (which are fine, by the way, and totally great to train Google to come when you post), if you are a member of this content service, for a little extra, you can enter your keyword/post titles you want, and then someone will go and post a totally unique/original post to your site each day (or however often you tell them to).  LOVE that option!

I know my new site is updated with fresh, unique content that is GOOD and informational – and *I* don’t have to do it!


3.  Any Other Keyword Tool You Recommend – One That Is Web-Based?

This is another great keyword tool that is web-based.  It’s a quality tool as well – I just happen to prefer and get better results with this one.  I imagine it’s just a personal preference.

They also make a cool tool to track your Google rankings.


4. How Many Words Do My Articles Need To Be?  What Keyword Density? Insert other like questions here

Write as much as is needed to cover the topic of your target keyword.  As a general rule of thumb, the more searches per month for my phrase, the longer my article is.  Also to mention, a “normal/made for people” site would have posts of all different word-counts.  Don’t go having ALL your posts be exactly 500 words or whatever.

As far as keyword density (which I wish we would all stop asking about) – get your phrase in your title and then write normally and on-topic.  If you really feel you need to have the phrase again in your content, sure, go ahead and do it.

I KNOW everyone says Content is King (and all those other “content” cliches) – but you know what content is for?  It’s for TWO things…

1.  For PEOPLE

2.  To help you rank for other related and longtail phrases.

Google does not count words – at least not in the sense that many in random forums seems to think they do.  One person can write 10 words in ONE sentence and totally out-rank and out-perform another person’s page that has 3,000 words on it.

In fact, many times when I am building a new site, I will do some really good keyword research, get my keyword list and put the order in for my content, and then go do what I call “shell out” my site.  Meaning I set it all up, make and publish all the keyword pages with NO content on them yet, and let Google find it.

Believe it or not, blank pages with keyworded titles do rank – especially if you’ve done your keyword research well.  Try it some time.


Alrighty – there we go – right about 3,000 words about me and my niche site strategies these days.  I think that is PLENTY for now.

What are you doing different for niche sites these days?  Are you using this Step #1 Technique as well?  Is it working out awesome for you, too?

Share in the comments!



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