How To Profit From Automatically Updating Niche Content Sites

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In this quick post, I’d like to show you how you can quickly and easily build niche content sites that require you to do a little setup work in the beginning but will continually update themselves on autopilot. First let’s talk about what a content site is. We’ll then get into how to build then, and finally how to profit from them.

A content site is a site that is targeted to a specific niche. Usually it’s a smaller niche and not a huge niche like, for example, animals. Instead a content site would be on a smaller niche like dogs. All the content on the site is totally on that one smaller niche. I’m sure you’ve visited many content sites without even knowing what type of sites they were.

The great thing about niche content sites is that anyone can easily develop and profit from them. many people think this is a hard task but with some simple tools and knowledge it can be very easy to do. So let’s dive right into creating niche content sites and the steps you’ll need to follow.

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick a niche for your content site. It can be something your interested in or something that you just think of off the top of your head. Don’t let picking a niche take up a lot of your time. It’s really easy to do. Just pick something as your first niche as a “practice run”. Once you’ve learned how to set them up then you can worry more about selecting the right niche.

Once you’ve picked your niche you’ll then need to do some keyword to build your content site around. This can easily be done with any type of keyword research tool. If you search online you can find many different keyword research tools both free and paid. Do some research and pick on that will fit you and your budget.

Now here’s where the fun begins. Pick a template to use for your content site. You can also find both free and paid templates online by searching around in any search engine. By using a template, you can choose how you want your site to look without having to know how to actually design and build a site. Once you have a template, load it up to your site and get ready to add your automatically updating content to it.

This automatically updating content will come from RSS feeds that you add to your site. You can search for RSS feeds by going to blog directories or RSS directories around the web. Even some article directories will provide you with RSS feeds. These are probably my favorite feeds to use because the content is usually very good. Be sure to use your keywords to find RSS feeds related to your niche.

The best thing about using RSS feeds is that you don’t have to create the content. Other people create the content and by using their RSS feed the content is placed onto your site. Each time they add new content your site gets new content without you having to do anything. But how? That’s a good question…

In order to add an RSS feed to your site, you’ll need to use some kind of RSS aggregator. You can find both free and paid ones online that will give you instructions on how to use them to add RSS feeds to your site. Most are very easy to use, so don’t let this big “techy” term scare you.

After you’ve your site setup with the RSS feeds added to it, you’ll have complete automatically updating content site.

Creating automatically updating content sites is a great way to create a nice income stream quickly and easily. I encourage you to take what you’ve learned from this quick guide and do more research so you can get started right now!

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