How To Make 100 Dollars a Day Online From Home

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Once people find out I make money online from home, the next question is always, “How Can *I* Make About $100 a Day online?”

For all of you that have asked – this post is for you!

Here are my 7 unique ways to earn 100 dollars a day from home.

How To Make $100 a Day Online From Home

Those that know me, also know that I blog to make money online (in fact, that is my best tip for how to make $200 a day from home).

In my opinion, everyone should have a blog.

Blogging is a wonderful (and profitable) home-based business idea that you can work on YOUR schedule.

Of course there is a “learning curve”, but I can help with that!

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Ok…. let’s talk about 7 MORE ways you make 100 dollars per day from home online.


7 Ways To Earn an Extra $100 a Day


#1 Make Money Taking Surveys

Getting paid to take surveys is one of the most popular ways to make extra money online.

You can take these surveys on your own time (many take them when they’re watching TV, waiting in the carpool line, etc)

While surveys are a flexible way to make some cash online, each individual survey you take doesn’t pay a lot.

BUT, if you stay focused and consistent, you can make some really great extra spending money in your spare time by reviewing free products, participate in online focus groups, take phone surveys, influence brands, watch videos, play online games… and yes, take surveys.

There are a LOT of survey sites out there, but these are the only 2 I have experience with:

#1 – Vindale Reasearch (pays via PayPal)

#2 – SwagBucks (pays with gift cards)


#2 Get Paid To Test Websites

Getting paid to test websites is a popular way to earn a hundred bucks or so a day online from home.

There is a website called that says it will pay you $10 through PayPal for each website test you perform.

It takes about 20 minutes to perform one of their website tests – meaning you could possibly make around $30 an hour.

That can add up very quickly.

Now, I have not done this, but from all I’ve read, it’s a very reputable company.


#3 Make Money Selling Your Pictures

If you take pretty decent pictures, you can make money selling your pictures online to various stock photo sites.

If you’re interested in how to sell your pictures online for money, here are some sites to look into


#4 Become a Virtual Assistant

Getting paid to be a “Virtual Assistant” is such a GREAT idea for earning an extra $100 a day (and it can turn into MUCH more than that).

A “Virtual Assistant” is someone who works from their own home helping others who work online and getting paid to do it.

=> This free video explains how it works

In short, you can be a virtual assistant for one other person or company – or for many people and/or companies.

You could be doing anything online business-related for them from editing blog posts to handling their email to writing quick product descriptions to handling their social media etc etc etc.

You can even get paid to pin on Pinterest!

Wouldn’t THAT be a fun way to make an extra 100 bucks a day?

Virtual Assistants are VERY in-demand these days and tend to make very good money doing it.

=> Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant

sidenote: if getting paid to pin on Pinterest sounds really interesting to you and you’d like to know more, this post explains how it works


#5 Sell Your Stuff Online for Money

To make $100 (or more) online quickly, many people sell their stuff.

Look into Facebook ‘Buy Sell Trade’ Groups, sell your stuff on eBay or Craigslist or even now there are apps like “Let It Go” where you can easily sell your stuff for fast money.

I have many friends that sell their unwanted stuff on those Facebook Groups and it works really well for them.


#6 Make Money Writing

You can make at least $100 a day online right from home by getting paid to write.

“Freelance Writers” are VERY in-demand!

If you enjoy writing, learn how to get paid to write online.

It’s one heck of a good “side hustle” idea!

Not sure what to write ABOUT?

Struggle with finding your “niche”?

This free info is VERY helpful


#7 Get Paid To Listen To Music

This is one of my favorite ways to earn extra money online from home.

This website will pay you to watch commercials, give your opinion on brands and logos and… pay you to listen to music!

How cool is that?

Artists submit their tracks for real people, like you and I, to review and offer our feedback.

And yes, you get PAID to do it!

They pay via PayPal, too =)

Learn how to make money listening to music


There ya go, 7 pretty easy ways to earn $100 or more a day online right from home.

Naturally, my favorite idea is blogging for money (that’s what *I* do).

My Secret Page here shares how you can get TWO free blogs AND learn all about blogging for money.


Have a great day!


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