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I get the best emails from my readers. I thank each of you for taking the time to email me and ask your questions about Squidoo, SEO, internet marketing, and the like. Your questions challenge me and bring me OUT of my ‘comfort zone’….for that, I am so appreciative.

Today I received an email that really got my attention. It was a short email with a very specific question:


I was just wondering if it is possible to make money online in 7 days or less with no list, no website and no money?”

confusedWow! What a question!

IS it possible to make money online in seven days without a website, without a list…and without any money to invest? When I wrote back, the first thing I asked was, “How much do you need to make online?”.

Apparently, this reader needed to make $350 in 7 days to pay a bill. This is FAR from an uncommon situation. I have to say, if you need money, why not turn to the resource you have right there in your home… your computer?

So, I brainstormed.

How to make a quick $350 online without a website.

If this was me….could I do it? Remember now – no list, no website…and not a dime to put towards the effort.

The problem is, if I promoted Clickbank or Commission Junction products, it could take a month plus to actually GET the money…and I need the money NOW.

How can I make FAST money online without a website, without a list…and without money? That is the real question, right?

Ok, here’s my plan.

My Plan for Fast Money Online

I would go to All the products listed on offer 100% commission paid INSTANTLY into an affiliates Paypal account. When you click on a product listed there, take note of the url to that product and then add:


to the end of the url. Obviously, ‘YourPaypalAddress’ would be replaced with your Paypal address. =)

To test, enter the url of the product into your browser followed by your affiliate code. Go to that page and click the ‘buy now” button as if you were going to buy the product. When the Paypal screen loads, you should see your Paypal address in the top left corner of the online invoice. That means YOU will be paid for that sale.

I would then get myself to Squidoo. Pages on Squidoo are free to make…so this takes out the need for a website (ie, a ‘landing page’). I would make Squidoo lenses to promote these products. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would work hard to make sure they are good Squidoo lenses full of high-quality information. Since I have no money to spend, I certainly didn’t buy the product and review it, so a dishonest review is definitely out of the question. Hard to recommend something I haven’t read or used (at least that is my opinion on that matter).

Also, hear me clearly, I will NEVER promote spamming the Squidoo community. ADD VALUE, or don’t do it…period.

What I CAN do on my Squidoo lens is talk about the subject matter and then point the reader to the product for ‘more information’. Get me?

I would crank out these Squidoo lenses. I am obviously short on time and simply creating the Squidoo lenses is only the beginning of my attempt to make money online.

I would then go to Associated Content to write articles on my subject matter. If you are US-based, you can get paid for these articles ($3-$10 each), and you can also add the url of your Squidoo lens as a “reference”. The payment for your articles (if approved) will be paid directly into your Paypal account within a week.

Now, I would get out there and promote the fire out of my Squidoo lenses. I’d be Digg’n, and Stumblin’, and tagging, using Only Wire and ALL of that like crazy. Remember, no list to promote to…and no money to buy traffic. I’d have to take advantage of every free traffic source I possible could and the social networks have a tendency to bring more immediate traffic.

I would do this 24/7 since I absolutely HAVE to have this money.

CAN you make $350 in 7 days WITHOUT a website, without a list…and without money?

Yes, I think you can. Is it guaranteed? No, nothing is guaranteed but death and taxes =)

However, if you needed money ASAP and you have a computer – this would be a good way to try and raise your funds.

Need Help?

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Have more than seven days to make money online? GOOD! Get started the RIGHT way and read how I make money online.

Author edit – Just a note to my readers… there is a follow up post regarding the circumstances surrounding the origination of this post.   Please read it here.

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