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I love getting email from my readers! It is so refreshing for me to meet others who are truly inspired and serious about using their computer to make some extra money online. Every now and then, I talk to someone who wants not only extra money, but wants to turn this into their sole income source. I love it! (and for the record, YES, it CAN be done!)

Anyway…I received a great email today and I’d like to share it with you.

This reader had read every word of the How To START Making Money Online series and I could tell she really understood where the earning potential is with these GPT programs. The way to maximize your earnings is by not only doing the free surveys, zip submits, email submits, and offers, but also in spending equal amount of time referring others to your programs. This way, you not only earn direct income for your efforts, but you also have passive income that comes in whether YOU work, or not! How cool is THAT?

Here is the email I received:

hi jennifer

just want to let you know that i am so glad i found your blog. i’ve been looking for a way to make money with my computer to help me and my husband pay bills so i don’t have to go back to work. i’ve signed up for the two programs you like and i’ve already started making money. i’m so happy! i want to make blogs and squidoo pages to help build my team, but i’d like to offer more than 2 of these sites. i think i can really make much more by telling about more sites than just 2.

do you know of other sites like these?

thank you

a.r. – Good For You! You totally “get it” and I bet you’ll do great! You also made me get back to my research on GPT sites to get a list of other “get paid to” sites for you (and anyone else who “gets it”). I agree, two sites are good, but MORE is BETTER… wayyyyyy better!

Let’s get you set up!

Below are a few GPT sites to take a look at. I’ve also made note of special terms for each site. We all already know that I love Cashcrate and GangsterGreed, so I won’t repeat them (again! haha!)

  • Media Dollarz
  • No Min. Payout – Instant when Requested
    3 Referral Levels (15%, 3%, 2%)

  • Pocket Cash
  • USA and Canada Only (13 yrs old+)
    Min Payout $10 – Monthly
    2 Referral Levels (12%, 5%)

  • Deal Barbie Pays
  • $5 Sign Up bonus
    Min Payout $20 (whenever $20 or more)
    USA Only ( 18+)
    3 Referral Levels (15%, 3%, 2%)

  • Anything Free 4 You
  • $2 Sign Up Bonus
    USA or Canada(13 yrs old+)
    Min Payout $20 – Monthly
    1 Referral Level (10%)

  • Pay Cage
  • $2 Sign Up Bonus
    18 yrs old +
    Min Payout varies by Payment Method – Monthly
    3 Referral Levels (18%, 4%, 2%)

  • Buck Fever
  • USA Only
    Min Payout $20 – Monthly
    1 Referral level (10%)

  • USA Gets Paid
  • Brand New
    $2 Sign Up Bonus
    USA Only (18+)
    Min Payout $15 – Monthly
    5 Referral Levels (12%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%)

  • Dollar Pays
  • All Paypal Supported Countries OK (13 yrs old +)
    No Minimum – Pays Nightly
    Referrals – Pays .25 per each completed Referral offer
    This one interests me. It doesn’t have a “traditional” referral program, instead it pays you .25 every time a referral completes an offer. Also, this site pays out EVERY NIGHT !!! Niiiiice!

    There ya go, a.r., eight more GPT sites to add to your GPT Empire! The income potential from these sites is very, very real. Best part is, it takes very little time and computer knowledge to make these GPT sites work for you! Seriously, how many businesses could you own for free?

    I will add more sites later –

    Best of luck!

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