Pin Party! I Need Things To Pin To Pinterest – Can I Pin YOUR Post? (share your post in my comments)

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

For the next 7 days, I will be asking my readers to share a blog post of theirs in the comments here so I can pin it to one of MY boards on Pinterest.

That’s right, for the next week, I’ll be having my own little Pin Party  =)

Interested?  If so, keep reading and I’ll give you all the details.

PotPieGirl's Pin Party - How To Get PotPieGirl to Pin YOUR Blog Post on Pinterest

Those of you that are members of my Private group for my Pinterest Success Strategies already know that I am a “student” of my own training.

My PotPieGirl Pinterest account is NOT the Pinterest account I used in that training.

I had to use an “undercover” account for testing and learning.

So, I’ve been following my own training to grow my PotPieGirl Pinterest account.

Kind of a novel idea, isn’t it?  Someone who DOES what they teach?  😉


Can I Pin YOUR Blog Post?

Here’s the deal – I have secret boards that I fill with pins and then I use BoardBooster to drip those pins out and repin them for me all during the day.

I have been simply finding random pins I like by surfing on Pinterest, but then it hit me:

Why not pin things from my favorite people – my blog readers?

{yes, I occasionally have a stroke of genius…lol!}

I set up a brand new Pin Party Pinterest Board just for this first PotPieGirl Pin Party – and if it goes well, I’ll try and do them at least once a month. Please follow that board.


How You Can Get Me To Pin YOUR Post

Here’s how it’s gonna work.

The comments in this post will be open for the next 7 days – so you only have 7 days to share something with me that you’d like me to pin to Pinterest, ok?

I have enabled CommentLuv in my blog comments.

When you enter your name and website address to leave a comment, and then click in the box to type a comment, a little magical drop down box will appear showing your last 10 blog posts…

Pick one of those to share with me…and if I like it and it fits in with things I pin about, I will pin your post to my secret Pin Party board and then BoardBooster will pin your pins for me all throughout the coming days.

Easy, right?

And it’s a win/win for both of us.

I get cool stuff to pin for my followers to check out,

and YOU get your blog post pinned.


PotPieGirl on Pinterest


What Topics Do I Pin About?

Every blog post shared down in the comments area will be shared to my new Pin Party Pinterest Board.

However, if your blog post is also on a topic I pin about, I just might be repinning your pin to another board of mine.

What Other Boards?

I pin FOOD… lots and lots of food {grin}

I also love to pin Home Decor Ideas, useful and nifty DIY ideas, I love to pin things that make me laugh, pool ideas, info for those like me that have a diabetic cat, University of Alabama stuff (Roll Tide!), and I LOVE pictures of Before and After decor and projects.

I also have a special board for anyone who “blogs about blogging”.

It’s my board called What I’m Reading – Blog Posts I’ve Read and Love, and if I really like YOUR blog post that is on the topic of blogging, then I will pin it there.

You can see all my boards on Pinterest here.


How Many Posts Can I Share With You?

Now, let’s not get greedy, ok?

But I guess some ‘rules’ are a good thing so things don’t get out of hand.

The Rules

First, it would be awesome if you’d follow my PotPieGirl’s Pin Party board (tho it would super awesome if you’d follow my whole account) and when YOU need things to repin, you’ll look and repin cool stuff from that board.

That helps us all out  =)

Please do NOT share more than 2 comments/2 blog posts from the SAME SITE.

If you’d like me to REpin a pin you already have on Pinterest, please put the url to that pin in your comment area.

note:  please, no adult topics, no affiliate links…. let’s keep this family friendly.

All that said, I am not PROMISING that I will pin what you share with me, ok?

Also – be sure to click and visit OTHER posts shared down in the comments below – you just might find some awesome things to pin  =)

So… got all that?


Share your blog posts with me in the comments below.


Why not follow me on Pinterest?


Or, follow my “What I’m Reading” board on Pinterest

that’s where I share all the great posts I’ve read lately.

Maybe your post is on that list  =)

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