Pinterest Slapped By Google ( No! You Will NOT Build a Wall! )

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If you’re a Pinterest Marketer, like I am, you might be wondering…

What in the WORLD happened to my Pinterest traffic???

Something BIG happened, folks… BIG.

Let’s talk about what happened.

Pinterest slapped BIGTIME by latest Google algorithm update from @potpiegirl

Why Pinterest Traffic is Dying from @potpiegirl

Before I even dive in to what happened with Pinterest and Google, let me say this –

Pinterest is a powerful force with or without Google.

As of my last check, Pinterest reports over 200 MILLION people using Pinterest every month – source

That is mind-boggling!

As an online marketer, that is a HUGE resource of targeted traffic for many, many bloggers and e-commerce sites.

Now, let me throw a few more little stats at you about a little search engine named Google:

“Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.” – source

40,000 searches every SECOND!??!

Mind. BLOWN. boom!

When it comes to all the magical traffic bloggers can get from Pinterest, I have noticed the majority of Pinterest Marketers have focused on the INTERNAL traffic from Pinterest (ie, from logged in users).

Where the REAL magic of Pinterest traffic came from is NOT the INTERNAL traffic from those 200 million monthly Pinterest users…. it’s from that little search engine called Google.

Personally, I think the Pinterest folks should send a HUGE gift basket to Google for helping them build that massive user-base they now have.

I’ve been watching Pinterest for a good while now – and anyone that has gone through my “P.I.M.P.” training knows that I’ve paid a LOT of attention to how Pinterest pages rank in Google.


Because when your pins hit a certain authority for ranking in Pinterest search, they were featured on a certain type of page that Pinterest created for Google – and those Pinterest pages ranked like CRAZY in Google.

Remember those 40,000+ Google searches every SECOND?

Well guess what? Those Google searchers are NOT all Pinterest users!

(Yes, I know – that was a “Captain Obvious” statement, but still thought I should mention it.)

What I didn’t ever say out loud was:

“I wonder how long Google will let Pinterest get away with this?”

Well, I got my answer this week.

Looks like Google has officially said, “That’s enough of THAT, Pinterest!”

Google rolled out a BIG update – and Pinterest got nailed.

Google confirmed rolling out a “broad core algorithm update”:

Google confirms algorithm from @potpiegirl

But what I’m about to talk about next has NOT been confirmed by Google, by anyone at Pinterest, or by anyone (that I’ve found so far).

Here’s what I think happened to Pinterest in this March core algorithm update Google confirmed.


Pinterest and Google Rankings

In the Fall of 2015, Pinterest really started upping their “SEO game” – and it worked great for them.

In late 2016 or so, Pinterest upped their game again with their “explore” pages (landing pages they made just for Google) and got a HUGE boost in the number of keywords they rank for in Google.

Here’s a little visual for you from my SEO tool:

Pinterest takes a nose dive in Google from @PotPieGirl

See how WELL that all worked for Pinterest?

Ranking for over 68.8 MILLION keywords!

And for BIG, highly-searched keywords too!

But now me draw your attention to that “little” dip there at the very end of that graph.

Do you see it?

Don’t be deceived – it’s NOT little, by any means!


What Pinterest Did Wrong

This brings me to the part that I could not believe Pinterest was getting away with on Google.

Ready – here’s how it went.

– a NON-Pinterest user searches Google for ‘bedroom ideas’
– Pinterest had an /explore page ranking on Page 1 for that query (bedroom ideas)
– Google searcher clicks that search result
– Google searcher is presented with a BIG page of pictures (pins)
– Google searcher CLICKS one of those pictures (pins)
– Google searcher then sees THIS:

Why your Pinterest traffic is DOWN from @potpiegirl

That is called “Gated Content” – it forces those Google searchers to either log in to Pinterest or forces them to SIGN UP FOR A PINTEREST ACCOUNT in order to see or do anything else.

Now, Google searchers CAN hover over a pin image and click the url that is attached to that pin.

In other words, if it’s YOUR pin, a Google searcher CAN easily click the pin url and go to your blog/site.

Believe it or not, we Pinterest Marketers got a LOT of traffic from Google searchers that very way.

But if that Google searcher clicked ANYTHING else on that page they found through Google, they were forced to log in or create a Pinterest account.

Big nosedive in Pinterest traffic for Pinterest marketers from @potpiegirl

That blue arrow shows how a user can hover over a pin image and go straight to the external blog/site that pin is from.

But notice that big red “view” button?

It’s deceiving because you think you’re going to VIEW the web page for that pin… but nope, you’re forced to log in or create a Pinterest account.

Now, let me ask you this:

How many NEW users do you think Pinterest accumulated from ALL that Google search traffic?


How much traffic do you think YOUR site received from Google searchers clicking your url on your well-ranking pins?


Have you, as a Pinterest Marketer, really LOOKED at your analytics lately to see WHICH pins have slowed down traffic-wise… or come to a grinding halt?

You might want to.


How Badly Did Google Slap Pinterest?

I’m going to share some visuals from this ranking tool so you can really SEE what’s going on.

But I need to explain what you’re about to look at.

This graph depicts a day by day Gain and Loss of keywords ranking in Google for the site.

The blue is NEW keywords.

The red is LOST keywords.

Now, this does NOT mean that their rankings improved or declined – it DOES mean….

Blue: NEW keywords that Pinterest just started ranking for.

RED: Keywords Pinterest does NOT rank for AT ALL anymore.

The graph below is over the past month.

Why your Pinterest traffic is down from @potpiegirl

Notice that the bottom indicator line on that chart means 5 MILLION keywords – and how the red bars go further down past that 5 million line for the past few days.

5 MILLION keywords LOST on those days.

This is a BIG hairy deal!

Just to illustrate this further, I pulled a report of Pinterest’s LOST keyword rankings in Google that have the word ideas in the keyword phrase.

Those were the MAGIC and MONEY keywords for Pinterest – and big traffic keywords for many Pinterest Marketers.

Here’s a little snippet of that report I ran for just keyword phrases with the word ideas in them.

In blue is the keyword phrase.

The Volume column indicates average monthly search volume.

and here’s the important part –

a dash (-) means NOT RANKING ANYMORE (at the tools last scan – and they scan a LOT)

The number in parenthesis shows what the ranking USED to be for that keyword.

Got all that?

Now – take a look:

Pinterest loses Google rankings for thousands of keyword from @potpiegirl

Holy WOW, right??

For example, from that image above, let’s use fundraising ideas.

That keyword phrases is searched for, on average, about 74,000 times a month.

Pinterest USED to rank #10.

Pinterest, as I write this, does NOT rank for that keyword anymore (with that specific url – an /explore page)

Or how about bedroom ideas

That keyword phrase is searched for an average of 60,500 times a month.

Pinterest USED to have a /explore page ranking #5 in Google for that keyword phrase.

Now that Pinterest page does not rank at ALL.

You might still see pin urls ranking or board urls ranking… but those /explore pages are disappearing.

(you know, the special pages Pinterest made to rank in Google that FORCE Google searchers to create a Pinterest account?)

And then it snowballs into a BIGGER mess!

For example, that one /explore page in Pinterest that was ranking for fundraising ideas – – that url ALSO ranked for a LOT of other keywords on that topic… and those rankings are ALSO all disappearing on Google.

I’m tellin’ ya, Pinterest enjoyed MASSIVE exposure on Google for a long time.

And we Pinterest Marketers sure have enjoyed “piggy-backing” off that exposure in Google.

I feel as if Pinterest knows something is up (I sure hope they do!) because I see some changes.

While that complete content GATE does still exist in some situations, I’ve noticed more and more ranking Pinterest urls having more of a “nag” then a complete wall that FORCE users to log in or create a Pinterest account.

I’ve also noticed many ranking Pinterest urls that have that WALL the FIRST time you click, but after that, it turns into a “nag”.

A “Nag”?

Yep, a top bar that “nags” you to sign up/log in – but doesn’t FORCE you.

Pinterest "nag" bar

Pinterest has also added an “x” option to make it go away – but it’s still a “nag” –

You know, like Google Chrome nags the heck out of you when you use Internet Explorer?

(and it doesn’t matter HOW many times you click “No, Not Interested” – ugh!!! annoying!)

Google Chrome NAG

Even though Google is all about User Experience, a “nag” is NOT a “WALL” (like Pinterest has been doing for quite some time).

A “nag” doesn’t FORCE a user to take an action – it just… well, it just nags the heck out of you until you either DO it…. or stop using the site/tool that is nagging you.

I feel that if Pinterest STOPS with their Gated Content WALL strategy, that Google will bring their rankings back – eventually. It appears as if Pinterest is already making some adjustments – hopefully because they are well-aware of this situation.

Yes, Google is GREAT for bringing traffic to HELP build your business, but I really don’t think Google wants THEIR customers (ie, Google searchers) to be FORCED to build YOUR business.

To me, it’s either “bye-bye wall” for Pinterest… or “bye-bye Google traffic” (AND all the new users that traffic will still bring).

If I owned Pinterest, I’d be tearing that wall down SO quickly!

(and if I owned HomeTalk – or any site that FORCES Google search traffic to sign up/log in – I’d be paying CLOSE attention to all this.)

So, if you’re a Pinterest Marketer, wondering what happened to those pins that USED to send consistent traffic – this is what I firmly believe has happened.


Pinterest Traffic Tips for Bloggers - Why Pinterest Traffic is Dying from @potpiegirl
Pinterest slapped BIGTIME by latest Google algorithm update from @potpiegirl
Why Pinterest Traffic is Dying from @potpiegirl
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