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Let’s talk about Pinterest TRICKS for Bloggers and Pinterest Marketers!

As Pinterest Marketers, we need all the tips and tricks possible so we can get the most out of Pinterest, right? If you’re using Pinterest for business (ie, you’re a blogger), then you’ll love these 3 simple Pinterest hacks below.

I’ve previously shared ALL kinds of Pinterest image tricks – with everything from how to hide an image inside your post, to having a small image show in your post but readers can pin the full size image, etc.

The Image Tricks post is here – LOTS of helpful tips and tricks.

But let’s talk some 3 other handy-dandy tips and tricks for Pinterest Marketers.

Pinterest Tricks for Bloggers - how to: reduce your bounce rate from Pinterest traffic, hide pin images in your blog post, and a cool Group Board Pinterest trick from @potpiegirl

I found the hidden pin image on PotPieGirl's blog!

Here’s a quick overview video of that we’ll be talking about in this post:

Alrighty, let’s jump in!

1. Pinterest Group Board Trick

Have you ever wondered how often there are NEW pins to a Pinterest Group Board? How quickly a board moves can be a very important metric to your pinning strategy.

Now, if you use this tool, you get all kinds of info about Group Boards in your analytics.

But if you do NOT use that, how can you know how often a Group Board pins?


Now, this only works (for me) in FireFox, ok?

Every Pinterest Board has its own RSS feed =)

Simply take the Group Board url, like this:


then, remove the trailing slash and add .rss to the end, like this:



On that RSS feed you can see the times and dates of the last 20 pins to that board.

If the last 20 pins are all in the past hour or so, that Group Board moves QUICKLY- which means YOU can pin to it more often (within the rules of that Group Board)

At this present moment (and we all know Pinterest changes things ALL the time) every board has its own rss feed.

You can check the rss feed for ANY board – it doesn’t HAVE to be a Group Board – but this is helpful for evaluating Group Boards you’re on… or thinking about joining (since you already know how often you pin to your own boards, right?)

If you want more in-depth stats about your Group Boards AND you entire Pinterest account…

Use This.



2. Hide Pinterest Image Trick

Yes, I’ve shared this before, but there are still so many bloggers who don’t know how to hide Pinterest images in a WordPress blog post and still have it be a pinnable image on their blog.

Having multiple pin images for the same post is a GOOD thing.

But – there will be times when you do not want ALL of those pin images SHOWING in your post (yet you still want your readers to have the choice to pin them).

All you have to do is add a tiny bit of code around the image code and those pin images will be hidden in your post.

Just upload your post pin image as normal, then you’ll switch to the text editor and add code like this before and after the image code:

How to hide a pin image in your blog post and other Pinterest Tricks for Bloggers from @potpiegirl

(note: if you’re wondering how to hide a pinnable image in Blogger, that HTML code above works for your blog, too)

I’ve hidden at least TWO images in this post, but you can still pin them =)

Click the button below to see my hidden pin images.

(go ahead, try it… click it and see what happens…)

Nifty, right?

Did you see my silly hidden pinnable image? lol! I crack me up!

A side note to those who worry about WHICH image people choose to pin from their posts: Don’t worry about it! People pin what matters to THEM – it’s not about YOU. If you don’t want people to pin an image, don’t have it in your post. Remember, Pinterest is personal – it’s not about what YOU like… it’s about what your readers like and find useful.
Pinterest Tricks for Bloggers and Pinterest Marketers - How To Hide a Pin in Your Blog Post from @potpiegirl
Pinterest Tricks for Bloggers and Pinterest Marketers - How To Hide a Pin in Your Blog Post from @potpiegirl



3. Reduce Your Pinterest Bounce Rate

Did you notice what I did above with that BIG ol’ button that you could click and pin any image from this post?

Yes, I know it’s big and obnoxious…. but I want you to try it and then keep that big, obnoxious button in your mind.

When is the last time you pinned FROM your blog via the Pinterest app on your phone?

(you DO realize that 80% or more of your Pinterest traffic is coming via the Pinterest mobile app, right? Pinterest traffic is OVERWHELMINGLY mobile!)

You also may have noticed that Pinterest traffic has a HUGE Bounce Rate – visitors come from Pinterest and bounce right away, don’t they?

Here’s WHY Pinterest Traffic Has Such a HIGH Bounce Rate:

You know those cute hover images we put over our pins that allow our readers to pin an image on our post?

When’s the last time YOU used one of your image hover pin it buttons to pin from your own blog via the Pinterest mobile app?

Do you know what happens?

I’ll tell you what happens when a Pinterest mobile app user pins via a hover ‘pin it’ button on your blog:

  1. Pinterest user is on their Pinterest mobile app.
  2. Pinterest user sees your pin.
  3. Pinterest user clicks through to your blog post.
  4. Pinterest user sees an image on your post they want to pin.
  5. Pinterest user clicks your hover “pin it” image.
  6. Pinterest user saves that image to their board.
  7. Pinterest user is instantly taken back to Pinterest.

That’s right – they’re GONE!

Hello, Sky-High Bounce Rate and Lost Traffic, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they stayed ON your blog post after pinning an image?

My BIGGEST tip for you right now is this:

Get on your phone, open the Pinterest app, and click through one of your own pins to check the experience your readers are having.

Try ALL pinning options on your posts and then REMOVE the options that take the traffic AWAY from your blog.

Think about it…

You work SO hard for that click FROM Pinterest TO your blog…

Don’t you want those visitors to STAY on your blog?

Think about it, TEST IT for YOUR site, and then see what works best for YOU.

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Pinterest Tricks for Bloggers - how to: reduce your bounce rate from Pinterest traffic, hide pin images in your blog post, and a cool Group Board Pinterest trick from @potpiegirl

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Pinterest Tricks for Bloggers - how to: reduce your bounce rate from Pinterest traffic, hide pin images in your blog post, and a cool Group Board Pinterest trick from @potpiegirl

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