PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies

Getting lots of FREE traffic to your website and/or blog is great!

But do you know what’s even BETTER than that?

Getting tons of Free TARGETED traffic!

Let me show you how I’ve been doing just that…

A Quick Question For You…


What if your blog traffic CONTINUED growing like this:

potpiegirl pinterest success strategies - how to use pinterest for massive blog traffic

and became a speed train just growing and growing…

would you like that?

That’s exactly what my Pinterest Success Strategies will show you how to do for YOUR website.

Would you like to have stats like THIS inside your Pinterest Analytics?

That’s right, my pins are seen /engaged with by over 7 MILLION Pinterest users!

And it’s all FREE traffic =)

Would YOU Like More FREE Traffic?

For the last hundreds and hundreds of hours,
I have been completely immersed in learning, testing
and finally breaking the code to get a
VERY effective and totally free traffic generation site
to send me TONS of free traffic.

Andie's success with PotPieGirl's Pinterest Success Strategies


What Site Have I Figured Out?

It’s a little site named:


Perhaps you’ve heard of it? {grin}

When you use effective strategies,
Pinterest is a POWERHOUSE for
generating free traffic to your site(s).

And the traffic from Pinterest has a much
stronger “commercial intent” than from almost
any other social media site.

that means they buy stuff =)


I’ve been watching bloggers absolutely killing it
with their Pinterest strategies, but truth be told…

I just didn’t get it. – how were they doing it?

Plus, unlike many of the Power Pinners on Pinterest,
I am not pinning JUST for page views –
I am pinning for SALES from those page views.

Pinterest Strategies for Affiliate Marketers?

Let’s be honest… We’re affiliate marketers, right?

We make money from Amazon’s affiliate program and others like it.

Sure, tens of thousands of visitors per day is awesome,
BUT, if those visitors aren’t buying anything…
why bother, right?


That made me wonder if Pinterest was good for
anything more than JUST page views.

Pinterest had become super confusing to me
and it never seemed to work for me the way
others claimed it was working for them.

Sure, I’ve pinned stuff to Pinterest before…

but I never really saw any good results from doing it.

…until not too long ago when I figured it all out.

Michelle's success using PotPieGirls Pinterest Strategies

My Strategies DO Increase Affiliate Sales!


The traffic Pinterest sends is VERY commercial in nature –

But you have to present that traffic from Pinterest
with the types of affiliate links they are comfortable with
(and the ol’ traditional “Best Blender Review” type of content
doesn’t really cut it for the Pinterest folks).

Do My Pinterest Success Strategies Actually Work?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so…

Let’s take a look at my incredible 30-day improvement just from using
my own personal techniques to generate massive traffic from Pinterest.


BEFORE Applying My Pinterest Strategies:

First 10 Days of August:


AFTER Applying My Pinterest Strategies

First 10 Days of September


That is a DRASTIC and Jaw-Dropping Change!

Fact is: My Pinterest Success Strategies DO Work…

and they KEEP working!

MORE Massive Growth in the Next 10 DAYS:


..And STILL Growing!

Four days later… stats for ONE DAY:


And then, only 2 short weeks after that…


PotPieGirl breaks 3 MILLION on Pinterest!

And then…just a few days later…

I Broke FOUR Million

and sneaking up on 5 MILLION =)

potpiegirl breaks 4 MILLION on Pinterest

and then… BAM!


I’m tellin’ ya – this stuff really works!

And my traffic KEEPS growing:

My traffic from Pinterest keeps growing and growing since doing THIS!

Yep, I had the normal “after-holidays” traffic dip like everyone has in January…
but while so many others are complaining about having horrible traffic from Pinterest in February, I had my best month EVER!

Lots more traffic from doing Pinterest like PotPieGirl does

PotPieGirl's Pinterest Success Strategies




Does Pinterest Really Send a Lot of Traffic?

Oh it sure does… when you know how to do it.

Let’s take a look at how the traffic to just ONE of my sites
has drastically improved since using my personal Pinterest Strategies.


That graph only shows the first 13 days into September…
and as you can clearly see in that chart of my traffic improvement,
September is almost better than all of August already!

In only 13 DAYS.

Then, in only NINE more DAYS…

BOOM, my site traffic for only 22 days of September
is DRAMATICALLY better than all of August!


My August traffic MORE than DOUBLED
in only the first 22 days of September
resulting in thousands and thousands more visitors to my site!

And my traffic KEEPS growing…

Now look at 4 days later…. 26 days into the month:


And YES! I’m absolutely LOVING it!

(note: I also figured out ANOTHER free-to-use site
which really helped spike my traffic –
I’ll share that with you as well)

How Much More Free Traffic Did I Get?

Take a look at how September closed out…

15,167 more visits in September than in August!

PotPieGirl TRIPLED her site traffic with Pinterest

I’m sure loving me some Pinterest!

Do YOU Need More Free Traffic?

If you want… NEED…. lots more FREE traffic,
you simply can’t beat Pinterest.

Well, if you know how to do it in a way that WORKS =)


And shortly there after…

Yep, with the right strategy, I was quickly getting Twenty THOUSAND blog visits from Pinterest… all for FREE!

Best Part Of All?

Learning how to get massive traffic from Pinterest means…

You no longer need to be overly reliant on Google!


Like you, I also became super frustrated
with Google’s quirks and algorithm changes.

ONLY relying on Google for traffic
is way too dangerous these days!

You MUST have multiple sources of free traffic.

Pinterest is your ticket to relying on Google LESS.

BUT – There IS a Very Pleasant “Side-Effect”
When Doing Pinterest MY Way…

Nope, I don’t have to rely on Google for ALL my traffic anymore…

But take a look at this wonderful ‘side-effect’ when I worked Pinterest MY way:

PotPieGirl's Pinterest Success Strategy also helps rank more keywords in Google

My Pinterest test site now is ranking for a LOT more keywords in Google – and continues to be found ranking for more and more…and more every day.

THAT was a very pleasant side benefit of the way I “do” Pinterest!

Who Is PotPieGirl?

Why Should I Learn From Her?

Hi! My name is Jennifer – known as ‘PotPieGirl’ online.


I started working online wayyyy back in 2007
and have been making a nice living via the internet ever since.

I am a BIG fan of FREE resources and traffic sources
to help boost my affiliate marketing earnings.

Here’s just a quick sample of some of my results:


I’m one of those weird teachers online
who not only teach profitable marketing techniques
but I also DO what I teach – every, single day.

I had been “using” Pinterest for years
hoping for all that free traffic to magically show.

Guess what?

It never happened – I got virtually ZERO traffic
from Pinterest – what was going on?

So, in typical ‘PotPieGirl’ style,
I dug my heels in, put my head down
and went to work figuring out how to
MAKE it work for me.

Remember my Pinterest Before and After Results?

Just a few days later…

I Broke TWO MILLION Viewers in ONE Day!

note the date range…
that number is for one DAY


THAT is the beautiful thing about Pinterest…

It keeps growing and growing and GROWING
long after the “work” is done =)

The “work” part is long done, but –
just 14 short days later…


PotPieGirl breaks 3 MILLION on Pinterest!

Why Pinterest Didn’t Work for Me Before…

…and why it may not be working for YOU

Pinterest didn’t work that well for me when I used to use it because…


After complete immersion into learning Pinterest
and their “Smart Feed” Algorithm…

and countless hours and hours of reverse-engineering
the many super-effective strategies the Power Pinners use,
it became crystal clear to me:

I had been doing it all wrong


I was making 8 FATAL mistakes with Pinterest –

No wonder it didn’t work for me back then!

I had so many “A-HA!” moments as I uncovered what the
really successful Pinterest users were doing…

and figured out how to tweak it to work for ME.

Best of all, when I applied my OWN versions of their
Pinterest strategy ideas, Pinterest started working
REALLY well for me.

Really, REALLY well!



Just How Well Do
My Pinterest Success Strategies Work?

Take a look at this chart of my Pinterest growth
over only the last 2 months –


It’s VERY exciting – I LOVE free traffic!

Especially traffic that clicks and buys stuff!! =)


So Now, I’m Ready To
Teach YOU How To Do This, Too!

Would You Like To Learn How I Did This?

PotPieGirl's Pinterest Success Strategies


Is Pinterest confusing for you?

Maybe you’ve pinned things and never saw any
decent results from it as well?

If that describes YOU – please listen up…


Pinterest can send massive traffic to your site(s) –

If you think you’ve “tried Pinterest”
and it didn’t work for you before,
it’s not your fault…

No one really spells out how to MAKE it work.

I do =)

And I’d sure love to share that information with you


Is This Pinterest Training Package Any Good?

I truly believe this will be…

(and please pardon my “french”)

The Best Damn Pinterest Training You’ll Ever Read


How can I be so “boastful” and say this?


It’s the organized and actionable information that
***I*** sure wish I had to learn the RIGHT way
to make Pinterest work for me from the start.

Instead, I had to spend hundreds and hundreds
of hours learning it and figuring it out all by myself.

Which, turns out to be GREAT news for both of us.

I’ve figured it out –
and YOU get to know what I figured out.


What’s INSIDE of PotPieGirl’s
Pinterest Success Strategies?

This is a BIG training package… BIG and MEATY.


Here’s a brief run down of the contents of the package:

The Core of a Successful
Pinterest Strategy

This first guide skips the fluff and dives right into the core of a successful Pinterest strategy.

In this guide you will see my diagrams of how Pinterest boards work best – how they need to be organized and named for the best results.

Once you understand and SEE how it is all laid out, you will be ready to dive in and put all the steps into action.

The Main Guide (which is HUGE… over 130 Pages!)

This guide is jammed PACKED with everything you not
only need to know about marketing with Pinterest, but
the things you must UNDERSTAND to see success.

It is literally an organized Brain Dump from my notebookS
full of all the notes and techniques and tricks I’ve learned.

I also list out the BIG MISTAKES I see people making on
Pinterest that brings their chances of success to a halt.

how do I KNOW these things are ‘mistakes’?
Simple reason: I made the mistakes, too –
now I know better!

An In-Depth Get Started and Growth Strategies Guide

This is a very actionable training guide with exactly what
you need to get started, and grow BIG TIME.

Steps and tips for setting up your account, creating your boards,
how/when/and how often to pin, and much more.

I also literally list out the step-by-step plan to create a magical
type of blog post on your site(s) that Pinterest users LOVE –

with an in-depth explanation of WHY and HOW you do the
things I am teaching you.

I also give you copy/paste html code TEMPLATES to
use to MAKE these posts – just paste the code in and then
you simply fill in the blanks.

AND printable calendars that **I** personally use
to keep track of everything.

An ADVANCED Pinterest Tips & Strategies Guide

In true PotPieGirl fashion, I have figured out and
learned some really nifty tips and tricks for getting
even better results from Pinterest.

This Advanced Guide is my Brain Dump of the
extra-awesome things you can do with Pinterest.

A Personal Invitation to Pin To
My Private Pinterest Group Boards

I work HARD (and spend good money) to keep my
private Pinterest Group Boards engaged and moving
with great pins so YOUR pins will do well there.

My Private Group Boards are NOT open to the public –
Only those that have gone through my Pinterest Training
have an option to join any – or all – of my Group Boards.

I currently have 20 Private Group Boards – and YOU
will have the option to pin to any – or ALL – of them
with your board-relevant pins.

(note: these group boards are an optional perk of being a customer –
you are NOT required to participate on these boards.)


Access To My Private Support Group

I have a wonderful and supportive Private Google+ Group
for my Pinterest Success Strategies members.

Inside the private group, you can get help, ask questions,
share with others, get tips and advice, etc etc.

You will get a personal invite to participate
in our Private Support Group if you’d like to –
it’s not required…
just another perk because I’m cool like that =)

More Guides, Tips, and Strategies

Are you a T-Shirt creator/seller with Amazon Merch
or another print on demand t-shirt company?

I am too!

And Pinterest is AWESOME for getting targeted
traffic to your shirts…

In this additional special guide, I’ll show you strategies to
get t-shirt sales from Pinterest.

hint: just pinning pictures of your shirts does NOT work…
I’ll show you how it DOES work.

Do you like making niche sites? I have an additional
special guide that teaches a little Pinterest strategy
that I have named “Niche Boards” – it’s pretty nifty.

Do you promote seasonal/holiday stuff? Ever wondered
WHEN you should be posting and pinning for that holiday?

I have yet ANOTHER additional guide that will walk
you through the best way to promote seasonal things.

Whew! That’s a LOT, isn’t it?

It’s a big and THOROUGH training package:


Listen, This ain’t no little $7 ebook
this is a massive, in-depth training resource
that took me an enormous amount of time
to learn, test, and put together for you.


My Pinterest Success Strategies Package
is a smart INVESTMENT in your business
that you will use to improve your traffic results.

Successful marketers make smart investments in their business, right?


I don’t know any successful and serious marketers who
do NOT invest in their business.

Are YOU ready to crack the code on Pinterest
and get massive free traffic to your site, too?

I can’t wait to show you how it all works!

PotPieGirl's Pinterest Success Strategies


PotPieGirl's Pinterest Success Strategies

Super fast results…

5 New Sales for Judith!

That KEEP ON coming!


Lots of RE-Pins, too!

lots of REpins for PotPieGirl's strategies!

Don’t want to do EVERYTHING I Do?

That works, too!

Big Pinterest results from PotPieGirl

We learn and help each other inside my Private Pinterest Success Strategies Group (that YOU will be invited to when you join us).

I love to share new bonus guides in there…

Where PotPieGirl's Traffic Spikes Came From

and I share videos, too =)

Pinterest training videos from PotPieGirl

YOU really should join in on the fun (and the RESULTS!)

PotPieGirl's Pinterest Success Strategies



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