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Straight Talk Newsletter: Issue #4
    Straight Talk with PotPieGirl
Straight Talk About Internet Marketing -

Because it's about time SOMEONE talked straight about it!

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Welcome To Issue #4:
Straight Talk with PotPieGirl
Issue 4... Already?!?!  Wow, where does the time go?  I sure hope you've been enjoying my issues of Straight Talk with PotPieGirl as much as I have truly enjoyed making them.


We've got a lot of cool stuff today, so let's get started!




Ho Ho...... Huh????

Tis the Season to get MARKETING!

Yes, the holiday season is upon us, and for those working online, it is time to kick it into gear and prepare for all that wonderful online shopping!

Afraid this is gonna cost money?

Well you're wrong!

Jackie from the One Week Marketing Training Center has a great gift for everyone today....and it's goooooood stuff.


Go here to get your free copy of:


Easy Christmas Cash with Squidoo


Trust me... you'll love it!


Thank you, Jackie!



The Best Tutorial I Ever Made

By now it's no secret that I am a huge fan of Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been a very active member of this private community for over a year now...and I love it more and more each day.


Recently, Kyle and Carson (WA Owners) gave a complete make-over to the Wealthy Affiliate site and we now have Wealthy Affiliate Platinum!


One of the cool things about WA is that we members can share valuable learning and training resources with each other - in a private and safe community.  Knowing that it's private frees me up to talk a little more honest and share some more "secret" stuff than I share on my blog.


Today, I spent a few hours putting together a very in-depth tutorial that specifically geared at those that are feeling wayyyy over-whelmed and don't know what to DO to get started making money online.


Learning is great, but we all need to be DOING in order to get those commissions coming in, right?  Right!


So I put together a very simple, step-by-step plan to get web pages made and online.  It also has videos and shares some of my little tricks for finding what really SELLS online.


This is great for experienced marketers, but it is REALLY great for newbies who are looking for that first actionable plan to get started making web pages - and MONEY - online.


I am very pleased with it - and so far, the feedback from fellow Wealthy Affiliate members has been excellent.


I am really excited to announce that until Tuesday, September 29th at noon EST, you can become a Wealthy Affiliate member for only $1.


That $1 will get you a one week pass with all the rights and privileges of a full-time member so you can check out everything WA has to offer.


I made a quick video for you that takes you on a brief tour of Wealthy Affiliate Platinum, shows you where stuff is.... oh, and where to find that awesome tutorial I just added (which goes PERFECTLY with the Christmas Cash report you got above!)




Don't Forget....


Become a Wealthy Affiliate Member for $1 (and get a free gift) by clicking this link BEFORE Tuesday, September 29th at noon EST

(don't wait til the last minute on this one, folks... it's going FAST)


How To Make Your Squidoo Lens BETTER


I made what I feel is a really good post that let's you take a look into the brain of PotPieGirl (ack!) and see how I decide how to improve a Squidoo lens that I already have. 

I walk you thru my stats... show you the tools I use to see what keywords my lens already ranks for, how to choose what to optimize my lens for, how to see if I can rank for other keywords... the whole thing.

If you haven't read it yet, this post is definitely worth the read. 

note: this info works for ALL web pages.... not just a Squidoo lens.


Squidoo Lens Google Ranking Case Study



Soooo... My Blog Got Hacked


Yup, it's true...  I woke up one morning and all the posts on my blog were GONE.

POOF.... gone!


The post I just linked to above was made by me in the wee hours of the morning last Thursday.  I went to bed about 4:30 am or so, and when I turned in for the night, all was fine in PotPieGirl.com land.

The next morning, I woke up and started my day.  When I went to moderate blog comments, I typed in PotPieGirl.com and....

- no posts found -

What a SICK feeling!

Two plus years of work... GONE?!?!?

Can you imagine?


Here is a reality of working online...


Blogs Get Hacked.


Think it could never happen to you?




I don't want this to happen to you. 


The "good news" is that I was prepared for something like this in case it ever did happen to me.  I have a simple little plug in on my WordPress blog that allows me to set it up so that a complete back up of my blog is emailed to me EVERY NIGHT.

I have this back up file emailed to a gmail account and have a rule set so it automatically goes into a separate folder so I never even think about it coming in or see it coming in.

In fact, I hadn't even THOUGHT about it.... until last Friday morning.


Because of the simple 5 minute set up I did quite some time ago, I was able to restore my blog completely in less than 10 minutes... and half that time was reading how to do it!


How To Back Up Your WordPress Blog

This is soooooo important folks - and a simple plugin eases your mind that if your blog is ever hacked or messed up, you can fix it with a few clicks of your mouse.

Get this plugin called the WordPress Database Backup:


Install it, choose to email, and give it an email address. As I said, I have mine sent to a free gmail account and it works great. I'm sure I have well over a year's worth of nightly full backups of my blog in that email account.

It is a painless set up, but worth its weight in PLATINUM =)

What I Did To Restore My Blog (and protect it further)

I went into my gmail account and downloaded the latest database backup I had. Didn't take long at all to download (I thought it would take forever, but the file is compressed somehow or something).

Went into my cpanel for my site, clicked on MyPhpAdmin, and then clicked import. Chose the database file I just downloaded and then clicked 'ok' or 'go' (whatever the word was...lol).

Within a minute or two, all content was back on my blog.

Complete details are here:


Please don't think this could never happen to you - it can.  With a simple 5 minute process you can protect your work.

PLEASE take the time to do it TODAY.




I'm #2?!?!?

At one time, I had #1 locked on this poll, but hey, I am SUPER proud to be #2!  Heck, I'm really just thrilled to even be on the list!

What the heck is a "PotPieGirl" anyway....lol!




In Closing
Time for me to wrap up this third edition of Straight Talk with PotPieGirl.  Don't forget to get your copy of the Christmas Cash BluePrint, check out Wealthy Affiliate for $1...and don't forget to back up your blog!


In closing, I'd like to remind everyone to keep your eye on your goals and your dreams in your heart.  Never forget that behind every reader of your web page, and every sale that you make, there is a real person.


Make a difference - don't just make money.


I grew up watching Will Smith on TV and in the movies (Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, anyone?)

This multi-talented actor has become quite an inspiring role model...

Love him or hate him.... I think we all can get something out of what he says....



There's No Reason To Have a Plan B -

It Only Distracts You From Plan A

~Will Smith



Keep Moving Forward!

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  • Sooooo.... My Blog Got Hacked!
  • I'm #2 ?!?!


  • ...and a little Will Smith


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