How To Add Amazon Affiliate Product Image Links to WordPress Posts (the EASY way)

Want to display “clickable” Amazon product images on your blog that are YOUR affiliate link?

If you’re using a WordPress blog, let me show you the EASIEST way to do it that will save you a lot of time and frustration.

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How To Add Amazon Affiliate Product Image Links to WordPress Posts (the EASY way)

If you’re an Amazon affiliate (Amazon Associate), you probably know that you’re not supposed to download product images from Amazon and then upload them to your site, right?

If you want to use Amazon product images in your blog posts, you’re supposed to use the “Site Stripe” tool for each product you want and then paste that code in for each image you want.

That means you have to leave your blog and do these steps for EVERY SINGLE product image in your blog post:

1. Go to the product page on Amazon

2. Click the “Image” Option on your Site Stripe tool

3. Pick what size image you want (and you only have ONE choice of image to use)

4. Copy the code Amazon gives you

5. Go BACK to your blog post

6. Switch to the Text Editor

7. Paste in the code

8. Go BACK to Amazon and repeat for any other product images you want


You can use this simple little plugin and skip ALL those steps

Once the plugin is installed on your blog…

– You’ll never have to leave your blog to insert affiliate-linked product images
– You can choose from MULTIPLE product images
– You can choose from multiple product image sizes
– You can easily align the images left, right or center in your post
– Your images are instantly ‘clickable’ with YOUR affiliate link

And yes, it IS compliant (it uses the Amazon Advertising API as required).

Just install the plugin and you can then search for AND insert Amazon Affiliate picture links into your post VERY easily right from your WordPress editor screen as you’re writing your post.

Just watch how easy it is:

video not working?

watch the demo video here instead

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I was one of first users of this Amazon affiliate plugin and I LOVE it!

Such a time saver AND…

It really improves my Amazon affiliate earnings =)

Readers LOVE images – especially PINTEREST traffic.

If you think about it, it makes total sense.

Pinterest users are coming FROM a site where…

They click PICTURES!

Product images get clicks and…

Clickable product images make sales.

Be sure to use product images in your blog posts that are CLICKABLE with your affiliate link.

You can do it the hard way as I detailed out above.

Or do it the EASY way with this Amazon affiliate plugin.

You will LOVE it!

Have a great day!


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