How To Succeed as a Blogger

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My #1 Tip For Success As A Blogger •

In this Quick Tip, I’d like to get into your brain a little bit. I know how badly you want to succeed as a blogger, however I also know firsthand that becoming your own boss and working from home can require a BIG ‘mind shift’ for so many of us.

(I sure had to go through it myself)

What I’m about to share with you below is what I feel is the #1 reason people succeed in this blogging business –

and it’s also the #1 reason why many DON’T.

How to succeed as a blogger - blogging success tips

What Does It Take To Succeed as a Blogger?

I like relaxing days like this when I can just share my thoughts with you

(and maybe you won’t think I’m TOO weird lol!)

Let me ask you a random question…

Do YOU wear glasses?

I do – I can’t read a thing without them.

Well, I probably *could* see to read things without my glasses, but it sure would be difficult – and painful – without them.

One thing I know for sure is…

NOT wearing my glasses would definitely make my life harder.

So today, I put my glasses on to get to work doing the simple little process I do to optimize my existing posts for more Google traffic.

(btw, that is THE most powerful thing I do for my blogs)

Naturally, my glasses were dirty so I slipped them off to clean them…

and this crazy thought came across my mind.


Glasses Are a Choice

I wear glasses by choice because it enables me to SEE better and makes my life easier and less painful.

I don’t think twice about putting my glasses on when I need them, do you?

If I want to see, I put my glasses on.

It’s a choice I make.

Simple as that.

It just makes sense, right?

So when it comes to blogging and reaching your goals, WHY do you hesitate to put your “glasses” on?

Now I’m talking about ‘Success Glasses’


Success Glasses?


Your Success Glasses are what you put on to make your blogging life easier, much less painful and MUCH more effective – and they enable you to SEE the path to your success.


People Who DO Have Their ‘Success Glasses’ ON –

#1 Absorb any and all information that is offered to them in order to improve their skills which enables them to see a clearer path to their success – and get there faster.

#2 INVEST in Knowledge, Strategies, and Tools.

#3 Realize and embrace the reality that THEY are The Boss of their own business now – and they act that way by doing “boss things” to improve their business.

And they do it all by choice.

Simple as that.

It just makes sense, right?


Now, on the other hand…

People Who Do NOT Have Their ‘Success Glasses’ On –

After doing this for 11+ years, I can read an email or message from someone and know within a few seconds if they have their Success Glasses on.

It’s glaringly obvious when they do NOT.

While I’m not going to make a huge list of the negatives, I will say those that are NOT wearing their ‘Success Glasses’ tend to use the phrase “it’s not fair” quite often (or a variation of), tend to use the word “scam” often (or some tense of the word as in “I can’t succeed because everyone is scamming me!”), they tend to use words from a victim standpoint, they seem to expect that others should share everything (they took the time to learn) for FREE – and, even though they are trying to make it in a marketing world, they get ALL kinds of bent when someone tries to market TO THEM.


In short, the big difference between those that succeed as a blogger – and those that don’t – all comes down to Attitude, Accountability and ACTIONS


While I CAN teach you things like:

how to pick keywords for your blog post

how to improve your Pinterest results

how to make more money from your blog posts, etc –

it’s really hard to teach Attitude, Accountability and Actions.


Are YOUR Success Glasses On?


Do you have what it takes to be a successful blogger?

Just something to think about =)


Have a great day!


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How to succeed as a blogger - blogging success tips

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