How To Start a Blog for FREE and Make Money (even if you’re BROKE)

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Today’s Question..

“How Do You Create a Blog for FREE and Make Money?”

Free stuff for bloggers happens to be my specialty – so let’s talk about free blogs that are GOOD for making money and where to get them.

note: Even if you are an experienced blogger, you still might want to read this. Free resources that are truly GOOD for helping us make money are rare around here.

How To Start a Blog for FREE and Make Money (even if you're BROKE and living paycheck to paycheck)

Can Ya Make Money if Ya Ain’t GOT No Money?

(how’s THAT for proper English? Did you hear my Southern accent as you read that? haha!)

I know many think I’m kidding or exaggerating when I tell them that I had NO money at ALL to spend on anything blogging or internet marketing related when I first started all this over 11 years ago.

But I’m totally serious.

I had NO ‘extra’ money –

zero, zilch, nada…

nuttin’ honey =)

Living “paycheck to paycheck” would’ve been AWESOME back then, but I didn’t even have that going on for me – I was just plain broke.

Most people in my shoes would rather quit or give up because they insist on believing that tired old saying that “it takes money to make money”.

That is so NOT true in this business!

I started out using all free resources, free tools, free ANYTHING I could get my hands on.

And YES, I used free websites too.

(and I STILL use them to this day! I’ve been blogging for over 11 YEARS and I still LOVE me my free blogs! I use them for uhhh… “announcement blogs” and for testing plugins and testing themes…and when I find keywords that rank easy AND convert to sales… I use those free blogs to make MORE blog posts targeting those same keywords. You can NEVER have too many resources in this business!)

I don’t care what anyone else says:

There is NOTHING wrong with using a free blog…

Especially when you’re just getting started and learning…and trying to make that first money.

But here’s the “secret” to using free blogs…

Don’t use just ANY ol’ free-to-use blogging platform – Use the GOOD free blog option that is available to you and get it going.

Why Not Use the “Other” Free Blogs?

Simple – because those “other” free-to-use blogs will LIMIT you and make it very difficult – if not impossible for you to MAKE MONEY with that blog.

Here’s something great that is FREE:

Did you know there is this free training center that anyone can join?

You’ll get lots of training and tools…

LOTS – and you’ll be part of a thriving COMMUNITY that helps each other… and will help YOU.

Oh, AND you get TWO free blogs of your own!

And get this: they WANT you to make money with your free blogs!

They even teach you HOW to make money blogging!

They do all the “heavy lifting” FOR you.

Just pick a name, pick a theme – and start blogging.

Seriously, it’s that easy – they build your blog FOR you!

See how it works here

Or try it right now – your new blog could be live in just a few minutes from now with absolutely NO stress on your part!

And… it’s FREE

There is NO REASON to make your blogging journey harder, or more expensive, than it needs to be.

Especially when you have THIS available to you for free.

I started off using everything and anything that was free.

Then, when I started making some money, I kept some (because I sure needed it!) AND I invested some back into ME and my new online business.

I joined this training center in 2008…

Almost exactly 10 years ago as I type this – and I’m STILL a member.

I can’t believe it’s been a DECADE since I found them, but wow, I guess time sure flies when you’re having fun, right?

You know what?

I am STILL a member there, too.

Now, when I joined, there wasn’t a free membership option – so I had to PAY to even get in the door.

I’ve been paying to be a member here every month for the last TEN YEARS.

Here’s Some Good News:

Know what the good news is for YOU?

YOU do NOT have to PAY for it…

you can join for free here

and stay a free member for as long as you want.

Nothing to risk – nothing to lose – just sign up GET STARTED.


What’s The Catch?

Well, there ISN’T a “catch”.

Seriously – no “catch” at all.

You do NOT have to give credit card info or any of that kinda of crap.

Just create a free account with your email and you’re in.

Of course there is a paid upgraded Premium Membership option, but you are not required to ever upgrade – ever.

Now *I* pay for the Premium Membership because I am completely aware of the tremendous value.

In fact, I owe a lot of my success and knowledge AND business contacts/friendships to this training community.

That’s why I’ve been a member for 10 YEARS.

Here’s my member profile page.

Go ahead and look – see the date I joined.

To be blunt – if you’re having a tough time getting started or feel as if lack of money is holding you back from being successful online…

There is NO EXCUSE to not at least sign up for free and SEE what is available to you.

And they’ve got a LOT for you.

As a fun extra perk:

Every member there gets an additional “personal blog” as well.

You don’t HAVE to use it (but dang, Google sure loves those blog posts – hint hint)

But you can use it to share you progress, share tips with other members, talk about your day… whatever.

Here are 2 new personal blog post from other members I just read:

Ranking #1 Getting 100’s of Visits a Day

$300 in NEW Payments Today!

Want More Info on Blogging for Money?

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PS – Here’s a secret…

IF you decide to upgrade to a Premium member like I am…

You can get your first month for only $19 here

(that page is pretty hidden, but I wanted you to know it’s there. It’s a GREAT deal AND allows you get to get access to EVERYTHING – including Live Help – to really make an informed decision)

And speaking of “secret” –

I also qualified for their Private Super Affiliate conference in Las Vegas 2 years in a row (and I do believe I was the first girl to qualify too – yay me!)

Here’s a video I made out in Vegas that first year I went.


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