Squidoo Earnings – January 2008 Payment – Part 2

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Earlier today I recapped my payment from Squidoo that I received last night. My payment from Squidoo (for November earnings) was $43.90. That amount reflects Squidoo’s co-op payout and had no reflection of how much I earned from sources OTHER than Squidoo. I have since received a couple emails asking how much I made in the month of November as a direct result of having pages on Squidoo.

Excellent question and definitely a Squidoo question that has kept me busy here for a little bit as I attempted to figure it all out. You folks got me to dig out my November spreadsheets and take a good hard look at what earnings I made as a direct result of a Squidoo lens.

PotPieGirl – November on Squidoo

So lets start with my number of lenses. Currently, according to SquidUtils, I have 70 lenses. Only 62 of them were active for the November earnings calculations. After a brief review, I see that I have about a dozen lenses that were created expressly to earn revenue. Thats only about 19% of my lenses…. does that sound low?

Thing is, I create lenses for many reasons. Sometimes I create a lens purely to drive traffic to a niche site. Other times, I create a lens just because I feel like it. Yes, I have lenses that are about things that matter to me (such as conserving home energy or recycling cell phones) and things I am a fan of (such as Tim McGraw and Alabama Crimson Tide Football – Roll Tide!). Yes, these fun lenses have been monetized with earnings modules, but I didn’t create them solely for that purpose. Every once in a blue moon, I see those lenses make some extra money, but not often at all.

Now, one more thing. The amounts I list out below for money made with Squidoo in November are earnings that are a direct result of activity ON that Squidoo lens. I didn’t count traffic that went from a lens to a niche site and made a purchase. Solely earnings from the lens. Clear?

Ok – let’s see how I really did.

Money Made from Squidoo – November 2007

Payment from Squidoo – $43.90

Commission Junction – $35.00 (I just started really working on cj in mid November so thats not too bad)

Amazon – $77.74 (earnings from my Amazon affiliate link on Squidoo pages)

ClickBank – $ 257.07 ( ‘Tis NOT the season for digital products! Yuck! Usually MUCH better than this)

eBooks – $269.85 (Other digital products not thru ClickBank)

Total Squidoo Earnings November – $683.56

Squidoo Earnings Review

So, since I have 12 of what I consider “money-maker” lenses, they were each worth about $57 a month to me (if all things were equal). Obviously, some lenses are worth much more to me than others, but all-in-all, that is a good rough estimate/average.

I’m sure some folks are wondering, “Gee, why not make ALL your Squidoo lenses as “money makers”? Think how much you could make!”

That is a valid point. 62 lenses each earning me an average of $57 a month would be pretty sweet.. well over $3500 a month. I just don’t “do Squidoo” that way. However, if one wanted to make some serious money on Squidoo, it totally can be done, can’t it? Perhaps I need to re-read my Squidoo Profit System and get back on the ball!

Thing is, Squidoo only accounts for about 1/4 of my monthly online earnings. It is one stream of income that I took the time to learn and develop to enjoy rewards now. All of my work on Squidoo is on auto-pilot now. Yes, I still create a 2-3 lenses a month, and yes, I go in and ‘freshen’ my lenses from time to time. But all-in-all, my Squidoo lenses work for ME now while I am actively working on other projects.

Try Squidoo. Put a few weeks effort into a healthy Squidoo dashboard and see how it goes.

Try it— you’ll like it!

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