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Finding Keywords That WORK on Squidoo –

Yesterday, I did a quick video about the effectiveness of Squidoo these days since I have been hearing lots of “Squidoo doesn’t work anymore!” comments thru-out my travels on the internet. In that video, I showed a technique I use to get keyword ideas for Squidoo lenses that are original to the Squidoo site (which should help the chance of your lenses being indexed…and STAYING indexed). Now that there are over 1.5 MILLION pages from squidoo.com found within the Google index, it more important than ever to give Google something unique from the Squidoo site. Prepare to be DAZZLED by my incredible video and graphic skills once again…

How To Find Keywords For a New Squidoo Lens

Before we start, if you have NOT watched yesterdays video about the death of Squidoo, please watch it first (or else this video may not make as much sense to you).

First…. I get to ramble about my emergency today….

I meant to post this video earlier today, but I had an emergency. Yes, an EMERGENCY!!!

The TV in my office just stopped working. Blank screen…nothing..nada… a goner.

Now don’t laugh… this is serious (said in my best “mean mom” voice…haha!)

Yes, this IS an emergency…at least THIS week it is. This is Masters Week. If you follow PGA golf at all, you know this is THE week that golfers wait for all year long. No TV in the office meant I either work… or watch The Masters…but I couldn’t do both.

During this one week of the year, golf would totally beat out work , so I knew I had to take immediate action. Ok, golf beats work most of the time anyway…but very rarely golf on TELEVISION =)

Nobody panic! All is right now. I went and got a new flat screen for the office….and now I may NEVER come out….haha!

OK – my rambling is over now…

Let’s talk about keyword for a Squidoo lens.

Better yet, let’s talk about finding keywords that give you a better chance of getting and keeping your lens in the Google index. Squidoo is a BIG site…. 1.5 million pages or more. We have to find a way to get keywords that DON’T bore Google… we need to give Google something unique.

In short, we need to give Google a REASON to index our lenses.

Here is a more in-depth look at one keyword research technique I use before ever making a lens on Squidoo.

Squidoo lenses still work, IF you’re not doing the same ol’ thing that has already been done thousands of times on the squidoo.com site. Not only is this better for the Squidoo site, it will also make your effort of getting indexed and ranked MUCH MUCH easier.

For those of you that have lenses that are having a hard time getting love from Google, have you looked into what kind of competition you have within the Squidoo site?

Does Squidoo Still Work?

Squidoo is still PLENTY effective, BUT – only as effective as the keyword research put into making the lens and the uniqueness of the content. A little research before ever making a lens can go a long, long way.

In fact, this same concept happens on many big sites that have user-generated content. This is not unique to Squidoo.com. I remember doing this same basic concept for my research when writing articles for Associated Content. The articles that had topics/keywords that were NOT already covered on the AC site did much, much better.

Your thoughts?

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